Bepanah Pyaar 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Happy Ending

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Bepanah Pyaar 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti finds Harshit staring at her. What is it? He asks for his share in property. She tells him to have patience. Everyone gets what they deserve. He argues that he deserves it. I have worked so hard for this company. I want to rule now. She begins to say something but he tells her not to lecture him. I have a right on this company before Raghbir or anyone else. She speaks of the fruit of patience but he insists upon having his share.

Raghbir is driving. He keeps thinking of Malhotra family’s concern for her and how he has seen Pragati taking care of everyone. She suddenly stops her car in front of his. She shows him a video. Flashback shows Nakul recording Kunti and Harshit’s conversation. He sends it to Pragati.

Kunti says you are very smart Pragati but not more than me. I was sure you will show it to Raghbir surely but I treated that convo in a way which will only prove Harshit wrong and not me. Raghbir says Badi Ma isn’t saying anything about money. Why are you trying to frame her? She is the only one who I trust so I even gave her my company’s shares. It is good that she showed him this video. I was driving and feeling so guilty. I was in guilt wondering why I left you but I was right. I am right to leave you. She atleast cares for me. Pragati requests him to hear her out but he begins to go. She sings Kya Hua Tera wada song sadly. Raghbir looks at her for a moment but then drives away. He keeps glancing back at her in the car’s mirror though. She sits down on her knees sadly and cries.

Pragati looks at the divorce papers. Aditi tells her not to sign them. I am sure Raghbir will understand. Devraj says I wish we knew their truth earlier. I would have thrown both of them out then. I destroyed my house by bringing them here.

Kunti is sipping on tea when she receives Harshit’s call. He informs her that Devraj has thrown him out of the house. I cannot work. Give me my shares. She mocks him. how could you even think like that? I will not give you anything! He says you cannot break the promise to your son. She tells him to forget her. Don’t try to contact me again! He breaks the phone angrily. Not fair Kunti Malhotra!

Nakul calls Raghbir. Mom, Dadi and Bhabhi left for Manali but they have met some accident. I am sending you the location right away. Raghbir thinks how to inform Badi Ma. She is still in Rishikesh. I will call her on the way.

Raghbir reaches the same spot where he had come for his honeymoon with Baani. Her words echo in his head. He experiences flashes from his past. He suddenly sees everything clearly. Pragati has re-created the entire scene to help him regain his memory. He holds her hand just in time. He hugs her tight. She looks at him. He regains his memory. I remember everything. She says I had to bring you here to jolt your memory. He says you might have fallen from there. She says I was sure you wont let me fall. He says you have been through enough. I wont let you bear any of it anymore. Badi Ma will be punished for her misdeeds. They notice Kunti smiling at them as they turn.

Kunti says what the hurry is. How can there be so many coincidences? I knew it that Pragati laid a trap for me. There cannot be a better place than this to kill you both. Kunti says goodbye to Pragati as she reaches out for the trigger. Raghbir questions her but she says Pragati was of no use to me anyways. Now I don’t need you either! Harshit moves her hand away thereby throwing the gun aside. She asks him if he has gone mad. He says I was mad but not anymore. You used your son. it is his turn to answer you. Right, Pragati? Pragati tells Badi Ma not to be shocked. He chose to support you when he found out your true intentions. Flashback shows Harshit admitting everything in front of Malhotra family. He throws aside his stick as well. I did it all upon Ma’s askance so I could gain everyone’s sympathy. Devraj is relieved. Harshit says Raghbir was so good in whatever he did that no one ever paid attention to me. My mistakes are unpardonable but I can atleast make amends. I have brought all proofs against Ma including her medical reports. Flashback ends.

Pragati tells Kunti police will come very soon. We will get property and company back as soon as it is done. Kunti threatens to hit her but Raghbir warns her not to even think of doing it. If this is how a mother is then all the kids are better off without a mother! They hear the siren of police jeep. Raghbir holds Pragati and Harshit’s hand.

Raghbir asks Pragati what they have to do now. Pragati says we have to get Dev and Priya married. We have to also find a life partner for Nakul and Shefali. He teases her by asking her if she has planned something for the neighbour too. I was talking about myself. She says I want to go on a world tour with you. We will grow old together. He says I will never grow old. She says I want to see you that ways. He asks her who asks for this wish. She says the one who loves you. He says so even I want to see you grow old. They discuss their life plans sweetly and promise to love each other till their last breath. She gives him mangalsutra. Maahi ve plays as he makes her wear it and fills her hairline. You look so beautiful this way. He kisses her on her forehead. You have proved your love. It is my turn now. I will set a new definition of love now. We will tell stories of our love. They lean closer for a kiss.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I will miss this show on Trp charts one of the top shows which ended a sad ending would have been much better than a happy one I hope we get a season 2

  2. Miss this show

  3. Yvone valeria

    We will miss you Ishita Dutta and Pearl Puri

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show ended on happy note, but it had so many unfolded things that what happend to Dev and Priya, Shefali secene, harisht, his baby and wife etc..
    Though show was sweet and ended without much dragging but tooo much over dramtic secene for the last week….
    1. Suddenly memory loss
    2. Regain memory with in seconds
    It was expected show started at Manali so it aslo ended at Manali

    1. Verma4

      ghajini effect. good to see it come to an end because no more Kuti.

  5. Will miss the show a lot 😞 at least Pragati and raghbir had a happy ending ❤️

  6. Yvonne Codner

    I was hoping that we would have had a few more episodes after Kunti gets her comeuppance (Prison) for all her evil deeds. But alas, we got a cliffhanger, like the ending was a little hurried. Maybe there will be a season 2. There really should have been a love story between Pragbir, there was absolutely none. Out of 10, I will give it a 7 because of the non-love story!

  7. It was not the ending I had expected I wanted more anyways will miss this show I am happy Harshit saw his mom true colours.

  8. Will miss the show a lot.

  9. Will miss the show a lot

  10. Amrit Kharghoria

    Love u Pragbir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️miss the show alot

  11. BalajiMurugadoss

    Ekta Kapoor has given a show without much draggings or unnecessary kidnaps or major logical errors. Especially, this show has more screenspace for romance than villian’s plotting. Good attempt to end this show anyways.

  12. Nyc ending will mic this show big tym. At least the memory loss story didn’t drag much

  13. Shakibul Hasan

    I Love This Show.I Like This Show.Now I Miss This Show.

  14. Shakibul Hasan

    Now I miss This Show

  15. Shakibul Hasan

    Pearl Ji may Apki Bohot Bari Fan Hu.Ap Jaldi Ek New Show Kariy Na Please………….

  16. Shakibul Hasan

    Pearl Ji Ap Bohot Assa Ho

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