Bepanah Pyaar 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sahas apologizes to Raghbir

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Bepanah Pyaar 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati helps Sahas change his shirt. Raghbir watches them from the window. Sahas thanks her. Raghbir walks in and drags Sahas downstairs with him pushing Pragati aside. She tells him to let go of Sahas but in vain. Raghbir pushes him on the ground. Pragati asks him what he is doing but Raghbir shouts at Sahas. Your truth is written on your face. Do you think I will be a mere spectator of your drama? Stop your drama or! Sahas asks him what he will do otherwise. Raghbir hits Sahas. Pragati tells him to stop. He is indeed hurt. Raghbir says he wasn’t hurt till now but he will be now. Raghbir breaks a bottle on Sahas’s hand shocking Pragati. He raises his hand to hit Sahas again but this time Sahas hits him back. Kunti and Harshit come there just then. Kunti thinks God shouldn’t make someone fall for someone. He ruined our plan. Harshit thinks it is good that Raghbir is beating Sahas. He was beating me a while ago. Kill each other. It will clear my way atleast. Malhotra family comes and separates the duo. Kunti takes Raghbir with her. Everyone leaves except Sahas and Pragati. She asks him why he did this. He blames Raghbir. She points out that Raghbir never cannot control his temper. You could have atleast told him the truth. Sahas retorts but then goes quiet thinking he would have killed Raghbir just now if it wasn’t for her. you are right. I should have thought about it. Go and check on him. Pragati leaves.

Kunti asks Raghbir who fights like that. What has happened to you two? Aditi says how dare a gardener’s son raise his hand on you? Devraj asks Raghbir why this happened. Kunti blames Pragati who enters just then. Should I call doc? He denies. Sahas apologizes to Raghbir. I had a rough day. Please forgive me. Shall I clean your wound? Raghbir thinks I know you are changing so Pragati will forgive you. I wont let you create any differences between me and Pragati. try as much as you want to. Sahas sits down to nurse Raghbir’s wound. Aditi questions him. He repeats he made a mistake. I apologized already. He tends to Raghbir’s wound. Devraj asks them what started the fight but Raghbir says he has already apologized. Let bygones be bygones. Everyone heads to their respective rooms to sleep.

Pragati comes to Raghbir’s room and it is all dark. Where did he go? Raghbir switches on the lights. I am right here. Is your friend fine? She tells him to understand that Sahas is all alone. He has no one. Raghbir says why we always talk according to him and not according to me. Do you realise how it feels when you are near him? She says changing someone’s shirt does not mean I love him. You are my life. No one can take yoru place in my life. We had a deal about spending time together. How did Sahas come between us? We can talk to each other about each other right. She holds her hand. He understands she has a headache. It is because of stress. Take medicine and rest. She says spending time with you is my priority. He says I am right here. We need to do a lot more than just talk to spend time with each other. She shoots him a confused look. He brings medicine for her. you can take it and rest while I can put you to sleep while massaging your head. He helps her lie down and switches off the lights. He massages her head. Romantic song plays in the background. He stares at her sweetly as she sleeps. Next morning, Pragati wakes up and smiles seeing Raghbir sleeping next to her. She caresses his face. She is about to kiss him on his forehead when Kunti knocks at the door. She wakes up Raghbir who hides his face in the duvet. She points out that she is the one who should be hiding. Our plan will be over this way. Do something. She pushes him down the bed. He says I am not used to all this. They start looking for a place for her to hide. Outside, Kunti wonders what’s taking Raghbir so long. Raghbir locks Pragati in a cupboard. Don’t scream even if you see a lizard.

Raghbir asks Kunti why she brought this here. you could have sent the servant. Kunti reminds him that this is their regular Sunday ritual. Pragati rues that this was going to be their plan but Kunti has ruined this too. Maybe she dreams of such things too. She notices her slippers near Kunti and texts Raghbir. Kunti drops tea. She starts looking for tissue but he helps her instead. He hides Pragati’s slippers while cleaning the floor. He suggests drinking tea downstairs with the family. She looks at him proudly. They head downstairs. Pragati steps out of the cupboard and wears her slippers. This hide and seek is fun if you don’t get caught. Sahas notices her walking out of Raghbir’s room and is curious.

Raghbir is in the kitchen. I want to spend time with you just as much as you want to. He tells his mother not to work. I will do it. She is surprised. You will? He nods. Pragati will help me if I need anything. She asks him if he is fine. He nods. You know what a good cook I am since childhood. She nods sarcastically. You both continue but please don’t forget cooking while doing something else. She leaves. Pragati asks Raghbir if he is sure. He nods. She asks him to cut veggies. Kunti and Harshit are watching them from outside. She wonders what Raghbir is up to. Harshit calls it Pragati mania. Do something to separate the love birds. She nods. Do as I say.

Raghbir makes a smiley face. Pragati tells him to cook food first. We can do all this. He tells her to spend time with him first. We will do the rest later. Harshit tells Raghbir he is feeling chest pain. It might be the stitches. He offers to call doc at home but Harshit says I don’t want to bother other family members. Raghbir takes him to hospital. Kunti thinks Pragati will keep trying to pull Raghbir towards her and I will push him away from her. Let’s see who will win!

Precap: Raghbir enters and notices Pragati hugging Sahas. Kunti smiles from far. Electricity comes back. Pragati steps back and is shocked to see Raghbir standing at the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Today’s epi was amazing. After so long raghbir and Pragati together. Loved the first half when raghbir hitting sahas 🔥 but don’t like that Pragati still does not believe that her friend is only using her..when will badi maa and harshit truth will be revealed. Waiting for that day but overall good episode 😍

    1. Verma4

      They will get exposed in the last week when they are about to wrap up the show till then sit tight.

      1. There’s nothing about the show wrapping up yet..just want at least one of them to be exposed then it will be good

      2. Nothing about it being wrapped up yet which is good but just want at least one of the them to be exposed

    2. Nakabugo Irene

      I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow Coz it’s like acough in action precap oohoo no that too in darkroom let’s see Raghbils reaction this time

    3. Nakabugo Irene

      Only God knows how pragati will exposs Badi maa and we sahasz truth to be known by pragati

  2. story line dragging on too long .fed up now

  3. Verma4

    Don’t tell me Pragati you do not know how your Husband feels and smells like ?? you didn’t even care to ask ??

  4. Samragni sengupta

    I wish to see mahir and bela or surbhi and pearl together again in any other shows or in naagin 4. They are the best couple ever and is better than raghbir and pragati. Well today’s episode was nice and better than the previous ones. Behir fans love u.

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