Bepanah Pyaar 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir behaves nicely with Pragati

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Bepanah Pyaar 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghbir asks Pragati to not wear that saree. He makes her sit in car and says you are stressed about kidnapping? Pragati says I was worried for you too as you were drunk and driving. Raghbir asks who were they? Pragati thinks I cant tell him. Raghbir asks why were you in house? Pragati says you brought me here maybe to impress me. Raghbir looks at her saree and recalls Bani. He says you shouldnt come anywhere I call you, it was dangerous. I am sorry. Pragati says sorry is not important, rectifying is important.

Raghbir brings Pragati home and says dont wear this saree again, they both come in house. Aditi says where were you both all night? we were worried. Raghbir says we went on long drive, he asks Pragati to go and sleep. Pragati leaves. Raghbir says call Akshay and his family to meet, he leaves.

Pragati recalls doctor’s words. Shifali comes there and asks what happened? did it work? Pragati says he didnt like my saree but I will keep trying.

Raghbir comes to Priya and says you seem sad? I was thinking to meet Akshay but you dont seem him. Priya says really? She gets happy and says thank you, you are nice this way. He says I drink a lot, sorry. Priya says you can change it, Raghbir recalls how Pragati said same thing and says we will meet Akshay, Priya hugs him. Pragati sees it and smiles.

Raghbir comes to Pragati and says Akshay’s family is coming so you be there too, we should look like a family, she says sure. He leaves. Pragati smiles.

Raghbir comes to lounge and ask for everything. Aditi says all arrangements are done. Raghbir asks about gifts and food. Devraj says this Raghbir is nice. Chachi says it would be nice he doesnt drink today. Raghbir leaves from there.

Raghbir comes to his room and opens wine bottle, he says no.. not today, everything has to be perfect, everyone will be there, I have to focus. He hides all win bottles.

Scene 2
At night, Raghbir gets ready in three-piece suit and recalls flashback in which Bani tells Raghbir that he looks nice, hot and handsome in formal, Raghbir says so I will keep wearing it all the time, flashback ends. Raghbir says I have to focus, I promised Priya.

Raghbir comes in lounge, all are there with guests. Raghbir meets Akshay’s family, they are tensed but he hugs Akshay and sits with them. Raghbir says I didnt know about you all last night. Akshay’s mother asks where is your wife? Raghbir says she is getting ready. Woman says she must want to look prettier than your old wife, whats her name? Raghbir tries to control his anger and says Pragati.

Pragati is getting ready in her room, she sees Bani’s saree gone from her cupboard. She feels someone in room and asks who is there? She looks around.

Family talks about wedding date. Akshay’s mother says that Raghbir match kundlis but what happened? his wife died, what happened to her? People talk different things about her, some say it was car accident, other say she feel from roof. We were sad so Raghbir must be devastated. Aditi says let bygones be bygones. Akshay’s mother asks about Pragati. Raghbir asks where is Pragati? Harshit calls her but she doesnt pick up. Raghbir is angry. Nakul goes to check on her.

Pragati feels someone going. She follows shadow and comes near secret door. She recalls Prashant’s words an is about to open the door but pigeons fall out of room and she sees silhouette of some girl in red saree in darkness. Pragati screams.

Raghbir tells family that we will start ritual. Pragati runs there and is scared, she says I saw a girl in basement in red saree and she was singing kiya hua tera waada.. Raghbir is shocked.

PRECAP- Aditi says Pragati must have seen our maid only. Akshay’s mother says she looks like she saw a ghost. Raghbir and Pragati comes in basement to check.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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