Bepanah Pyaar 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sahas’s indifference sends Pragati on a guilt trip

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Bepanah Pyaar 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahas drops melted wax on his arm. Nothing pains me more than losing you. You are in my every breath. I love you so much. How can you go away from me then? He throws the candle away. You don’t trust my love, right? I will show you today! He comes to his room and looks at the wall where his photos with Pragati are hung. I have made a special world for you. He caresses the pillow which has her photo. We are one. No one can separate us! You are in my life just like you are in every corner of this room. I love you so much. Why is my love not enough for you? You dint do the right thing by staying with Raghbir. He throws the stuff angrily and hits his hand repeatedly on a table. I am crazy in your love but I am not a fool. I made a mistake once by losing you to Raghbir but not this time. I can do anything to gain you, even if that means I have to kill someone for that.

Akshay thanks Priya for giving him a chance to explain himself. Time feels less when you are with me. I don’t know how time passed. She hides her smile. She asks him to stop the car a little before her home. He offers to drop her home but she reasons that she is engaged to someone else now. Whatever we had was our past. He tells her to reconsider. I am sure no one had that kind of a past. Thin seriously. She nods and heads home. Her family and Dev’s family is chattering happily in the living room. Nakul notices Priya and brings her inside. aditi teases Priya to not make Dev wait so much. He will change his mind so much. Dev says it wont happen. Shefali speaks about change in their wedding date. Kunti says the wedding will happen after 15 days. Both the families are thrilled except Priya. Kunti tells Dev to take care of Priya. He nods. Priya receives Akshay’s text. Dev pats at her shoulder but she shakes her head. nakul clicks a family photo.

Kunti is not able to get in touch with Raghbir. Is he with Pragati? Harshit reminds her that she sent Sahas to take her out on lunch. They notice Sahas just then. Kunti notices his wounds. How did it happen? He calls it normal. She reprimands him for not keeping Pragati away from Raghbir. How will we implement our plan otherwise? Sahas tells her to understand he isn’t her pet dog like Harshit. Harshit tries to hit him but Sahas holds his hand. I am tolerating Raghbir for Pragati’s sake but I wont do any mercy on you. Kunti tells them to stop fighting with each other. We will fail if that happens. She sends Sahas to his room. Harshit tells her not to give too much freedom to Sahas. She tells him to think with an open mind. Sahas is a fool. They hear a car honk and look outside. Both the cars come after another but one car comes only with the driver whereas Raghbir and Pragati are in another car. Kunti decides to make amends.

Pragati tells Raghbir she will drive the car tomorrow. He shakes his head but seeing her stare at him, he tells her he was kidding. They go inside. Pragati heads upstairs noticing Kunti. She enquires with Raghbir if there was a meeting. He nods. We have to show to the investors that we are together or they will cancel the deal. She nods. Go and rest. Raghbir heads inside humming to himself. Kunti is puzzled at the change in his behaviour. Are they both up to something? I must do something before something happens!

Pragati goes to meet Sahas. She is shocked to see his wounds. I will do it. He denies. I can take care of myself Baani. Let me be. She is taken aback. He says I am sure you dint like it. You don’t know how I felt when you refused to come to meet me when I needed you the most. I am a doctor but sometimes even I need some help. She apologizes for leaving him alone today but he points out that she has always chosen Raghbir over him since college days. Don’t do any favour on me. I don’t want to have faith on a friendship where someone else takes decision. I feel I have been acting like a puppet in this house. I did whatever you told me to. She tells him he is misunderstanding. My friendship with you and love with Raghbir is different. He asks her to leave. I don’t want to hear or understand anything right now. She leaves reluctantly. Sahas notices her standing outside the room and closes the door on her face. He smirks as he turns.

Pragati comes to her room. Sahas’s words echo in her head. He has always helped me whereas I hurt him today. I too would have reacted like this if I was in his place. He has no one but me. Someone pats at her shoulder. She takes Sahas’s name. Raghbir is taken aback and turns to go but she speaks of Sahas’s situation. He asks her if she will leave everything and tend to him every day. He isn’t a kid. she reasons he is her best friend. He has always supported me so I should also take care of him. Raghbir tells her to take care of Sahas then. Don’t tell me about any of his problem after today! He walks out of the room upset.

Sahas thinks his anger on Pragati wont go waste. She must be feeling bad. She will come soon to apologize. He hears a knock on the door and smiles. I know you very well Baani. He opens the door and it is indeed Pragati. She apologizes to Sahas for hurting him unintentionally. You know I care for you just as much as you care for me. You are my best friend. He thinks I want to be your lover and not friend. She asks him if he wont forgive her. Change your shirt. He pretends to be helpless. She helps him change his shirt. Raghbir watches them from the window. Sahas thinks she kept a hand on his heart. You just have to fall for it. It will happen soon.

Precap: Raghbir fights with Sahas. Your reality is written on your face. Stop your drama or! He hits Sahas. Pragati tells him to stop. He is hurt. Raghbir says he wasn’t hurt till now but he will be now. He breaks a bottle on Sahas’s hand shocking Pragati.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. No comment really for yesterday’s episode. Only loved Pragati and raghbir scene for about 3 mins than Sahas again 🙄 but precap I am excited finally he deserved it let’s see what happens 👏🏼😍

  2. Nakabugo Irene

    What a precap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 waiting for tomorrow

  3. Yvonne Codner

    Pragati has been in Sahas’ room a number of times, has she not seen the shrine he has of her on his wall? Or does Sahas have two different rooms? One where he lives every day and another where he has her pictures? Has she not realized that Sahas is totally obsessed with her and every time she tells him her plans she has been defeated! How long will this go on? This nonsense with Kunti, Harshit, and Sahas is so boring. Don’t Tina and Parth need Harshit, he spends all his time with his Mom instead of his wife and child. Doesn’t Tine find it strange? Now Sahas is sending Pragati on a guilt trip with his emotional blackmail. Pragati, how much will Raghbir bears watching dressing Sahas all the time? Come on Pragati, don’t you see that Sahas is playing you?

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