Bepanah Pyaar 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragati chooses Raghbir over Sahas

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Bepanah Pyaar 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati is upset that she couldn’t expose Harshit today. The footage would have been deleted by now. What’s happening? Sahas says you are turning old. There are wrinkles on your face. Look at yourself. She says what else can I do. I don’t understand how the footage changed. I am sure Bhaiya would have done it. He says I have a solution to your problem. Doctors believe in science but we also believe in God sometimes. There is a Nilgiri temple. Everyone’s wish comes true there. She is touched that he thinks so much for her. He holds her hand. I will do anything if you are with me. She nods. They decide to go to temple. Pragati asks him if he can drop her to office. He agrees to take her after visiting the temple. Raghbir notices them leaving together and wonders where they are off to.

Pragati and Sahas are in temple. Raghbir looks at them from far. They begin to go as pundit ji does their tilak. He holds her hand as she was about to slip. Sahas shows extra concern to her. Raghbir feels bad. Pragati tells Sahas to relax. I am fine. He helps her wear her sandal. They hear some commotion and go to look. Raghbir follows them. Baba says Ma Bhawani will fulfil everyone’s wish if they will walk on the burning coals barefoot. Sahas thinks of how Malhotra family misbehaved with Pragati. pragati calls it madness. God wont hurt anyone to fulfil their wishes. She asks Sahas to come and begins to go but Sahas removes his shoes. I too want to walk on this. Pragati runs back to him in shock. What are you up to? He says all wishes come true if you walk on burning coal with a pure heart. She asks him what he wants. He says you. Raghbir looks on. Sahas says I want to pray for your well being. She assures him she is fine. Come. She drags him from there. Raghbir follows them yet again.

Pragati reprimands Sahas who tells her he can do anything for her well being. She asks him how he can believe all this being a doctor. I am fine. I will leave if you will say anything like this again. He gives in. They leave. Raghbir mimics Sahas. Stay like her friend if that’s what she is. Why are you crossing your limits!

Raghbir gets into the lift. Pragati is also inside but notices him
He says you will feel bad if I will talk to you. I
How can you be so dumb to ignore what he feels for you? She says he is concerned for me. He argues with her. She tells him not to say anything without reason. He says it is a different thing for me not to like him but what he does is something that a normal friend doesn’t. She tells him that Sahas knows your place in my life. Light goes off. He asks her why she gives attention to him over him. Why do you give him more attention than me? She replies that this hasn’t happened with her. Maybe your love has weakened for me. Have I ever questioned you? Why don’t you give me a chance? He asks her what she means. She says you still have that same look on your face. I am trying to fix everything between us. Give me a chance to prove it. Let’s begin with friendship. We wont tell anyone about this. They shake hands. She thinks this is to be kept secret so Badi Ma and Harshit Bhaiya wont find out about us. Raghbir is glad thinking Sahas will not know about this if they will keep it a secret.

Priya meets Akshay. He gives her a bouquet and her favourite chocolates. She is surprised that he still remembers it. He nods. I was away from you but I couldn’t forget your choices. Thanks for coming. You made my day. She notices him still wearing her gift. He says another flattering line to her. He holds her hand when her phone rings. It is Dev. He asks her if she is still upset with him. Priya lies to him and ends the call. Dev decides to pacify her today itself.

Raghbir is in his cabin. Pragati enters. Did you call me? Is it something important? He nods. It is very, very important. I thought we should have lunch together following your advice. I ordered your favourite food from your favourite place. She asks him how he knew she wanted to eat this today. He says it is telepathy. I understand what you want to say to me. I also understand what you don’t say to me. She calls it guesswork but he denies. Sahas calls Pragati. Raghbir puts the call on speaker. He asks her to come for lunch. Raghbir makes a face. Pragati tells him to wait for a minute and tells Raghbir not to focus on Sahas’s words. Raghbir shakes his head. you have a choice. You can have lunch with Sahas. Pragati says I don’t have to choose but tell. She tells Sahas she is having lunch with Raghbir. We will go some other time. She ends the call. Sahas fumes. You will only choose me out of Raghbir and me! What should I do that Pragati will leave everything and come to me?

Pragati is about to make Raghbir eat a bite when Sahas calls again. Raghbir puts the phone on speaker. Sahas pretends to be unwell. She asks him if something wrong happened in hospital. He says you understand everything. He cooks an emotional story. Only you can take care of me in this condition. Raghbir puts the call on hold to talk to Pragati. there is a difference between helping someone and shouldering someone for life. You are doing wrong by making Sahas dependent on you. It’s okay if you want to do it. Pragati apologizes to Sahas. I cannot come right now. Go home. I will meet you there. Raghbir switches off the phone. Pragati thinks Raghbir is right. Sahas cannot be a kid at this age. He should be strong. Pragati and Raghbir resume their lunch.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yesterday was ok episode. Mostly Sahas drama, I don’t know why Pragati does not even know that Sahas is using her and just wants her, she is going way far as a friend. I mean she should do all that with Raghbir but Sahas 🙄 getting really annoyed with this Sahas. Hope next few episodes will be better..but glad there was few scenes of raghbir and Pragati together 😍

    1. Nakabugo Irene

      U know what Khushi we should know that both of them are not seeing there bad side pragati is not notesing Sahas and Raghbil is not notesing Badi maama and almost his bro Harshard!! they only need trust and leastening to each other for there relationship to stay intact and praghti must be strong enough to show what going on to Raghbil

      1. Yes you are right but still it’s a bit annoying because everytime Pragati spends time with Sahas even though Raghbir is her husband. They both know that they won’t cheat each other so that’s enough. I am sure upcoming episodes would be interesting to watch

  2. Verma4

    Sahas ,ouch.

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