Bepanah Pyaar 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir gets angry for Bani

Bepanah Pyaar 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghbir shouts at doctor and ask him to leave. Pragati comes there and says you have to bear a little to become fine, he is here for your good. Raghbir angrily leaves.

Chachi tells Aditi that girl is become a danger, today Raghbir wanted to throw doctor out, he doesnt listen to anyone but he calmed down listening to Pragati. Devraj says thats good. Bua says she feels someone is here, she thought someone was in her room. Devraj says she takes care of Raghbir. Chacha says she can ask questions. Bua says can we let her find out what happened to Bani here? Aditi says never.

Pragati stops doctor. Doctor says Raghbir is living in his past, do you want certificate for him? Pragati says I am his wife, I want to make him fine, he sees Bani everywhere, his family is worried, he is

a nice person. Doctor says his mind has Bani only, one way is that you become Bani. Pragati is shocked.

Raghbir comes to his room but Harshit stops him from drinking. Harshit says you are destroying your life, what has happened to him? Raghbir says you want me to follow your orders like a monkey? Harshit says you need to have a will to become fine. Raghbir says you people dont ask me what I want, you all decide what is good for me, I married Bani and loved her, I dont want to be normal. Aditi comes there and says why they are creating noise? Raghbir laughs and says go to sleep. Aditi leaves.

Doctor says to Pragati that Raghbir is searching for Bani everywhere but if he finds Bani infront of him then he will stop looking and will focus on present, this way we will be able to treat him, are you ready to become Bani? She recalls Beeji’s words that their love was incomparable. She says yes.

Priya gets ready for marriage proposal. Chacha asks if she knows Akshay? Priya says no, he was in my college. She leaves from there. Chacha asks Chachi Shalu to let her be.

Scene 2
Akshay’s family comes to Devraj’s house. They talk. Akshay says I will join my father’s business. Priya is tensed. Akshay’s father asks about Raghbir but Devraj says he is not feeling well.

Raghbir decorated small hosue for Bani and says I have to go downstairs for Bani, I have to surprise her for her birthday. Harshit tries to stop him but he doesnt listen. Pragati says you dont have to go down. He says no its Bani’s birthday, he leaves. Harshit tries to stop Raghbir but he comes to lounge, all guests are gone from there.
Raghbir comes in hall and ask everyone to decorate, he says Bani will come at 12am, he asks Nakul to work fast.

Akshay’s parents are looking around in house with family. Aditi says lets go from backside, they hear some noise and says we should check. They all come in lounge to see Raghbir there. Raghbir says to family that today is Bani’s birthday so I have made this house for her. Akshay’s mother says Bani is dead. Raghbir gets angry hearing that. He shouts that how dare you say that Bani is dead, he tries to attack them but Harshit push him. Akshay and family leaves. Chacha says now you are happy? They all leave. Harshit says stop this non-sense about Bani, she is dead. Raghbir screams at him.

PRECAP- Priya gives Bani’s saree to Pragati and says these will help you, I dont know what you will do but I am with you to make Raghbir fine. Otherside Raghbir is waiting for Bani.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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