Bepanah Pyaar 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Raghbir’s blood report stuns Pragati

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Bepanah Pyaar 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harshit and Kunti raise a toast. He offers a glass to Sahas but he does not take it. Kunti says I agree my method was wrong but Pragati’s insult will be in our favour eventually. Raghbir will be out of her life very soon. Sahas asks her when he can take Pragati from here. Kunti says very soon but you must wait for a while. Pragati will leave the house definitely and you will take her with you but that will take time. Harshit and Kunti resume drinking.

Devraj tells Pragati they understand what she is going through. We cannot really fathom why Raghbir is doing this. Pragati says I want to be alone for some time. Aditi, Devraj and Shefali leave. Pragati cries thinking of Raghbir’s behaviour. Why is there so much hatred in your heart for me? Sahas says the one who has never loved you will hate you after all. She asks him to leave but he refuses. He doesn’t deserve to be with you. You should be with the one who will shower you with happiness. She ends up shouting at him to leave her alone as he pays no heed to her requests. She closes the door and cries. It is my fault. Raghbir told me so many times but I dint realise what Sahas’s real intentions are. He is supporting Harshit Bhaiya and Badi Ma who actually want to kill both of us! I am not able to do anything even after knowing the truth! How to save Raghbir?

Everyone is discussing Raghbir’s behaviour downstairs. Kunti says he will be in this condition till the time Pragati is with him. aditi says she isn’t to be blamed for what happened. He quit drinking since she came home. She has
Harshit says she is also responsible for the downfall in business. Investors have fixed a meeting tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. Shefali says the news has reached Priya’s in-laws too. Aditi hopes this does not affect Priya’s life in some way. Mr. Khanna calls Devraj and informs him that someone made a video of Raghbir in the party. Our shares are dropping every single minute!

Raghbir wakes up and sits with a start. How did I come to my room from the party? Nakul asks him if he has any idea what he has done. Raghbir shakes his head. Nakul tells him everything. Raghbir asks him what he has done. Nakul shows the video to him. Raghbir looks at it in disbelief. Nakul asks him if he really doesn’t remember anything. Raghbir nods. I cannot remember anything. Nakul shares that everyone is upset with him. No one expected you to do this. Raghbir asks about Pragati.

Pragati is near the pool. Why do you always do this to me Raghbir? He comes there just then. I am sorry for whatever happened. She walks away a bit. He begins to explain but she says I wont forget the pain of your words ever. How does your anger supersede your love for me always? There is a rule of pain. It stays with only those who can bear it. She walks away ignoring his sorry. He thinks she is right. It was my fault! What am I doing?

Pragati is still disturbed by the entire incident. Kunti walks inside stealthily and pours wine over her. Pragati sits up with a start. Kunti says you are in too much shock as you dint realise when I came in. Now you are in your senses. I enjoyed seeing Raghbir insult you! He called you cheap and characterless! I dint know you have so many qualities. She holds Pragati by her chin. Wont you lecture me on true love now? Pragati says I was preparing for that only. I will eventually find out you are responsible for whatever happened today! Kunti laughs. You are right! Prepare well or you might fail! Wish you all the best. She leaves. Pragati wonders how to expose Badi Ma in front of everyone.

Raghbir is disturbed thinking of Pragati’s words. How can I do that? Why don’t I remember anything? I keep forgetting everything! What is going on with me? He picks up a glass of water but feels dizzy. He drops it in a second and holds his shaking hands. I forget stuff. While removing tie, he ends up suffocating himself! He shouts for help. He is about to call Pragati but then notices himself in the mirror. He opens his tie. Who was I calling? Why can’t I remember anything? Why do I keep forgetting everything? He hears his conscience calling him loser. Raghbir shouts against it but his conscience reminds him how he misbehaved with his family and guests today. This is what losers do! You couldn’t be a good human being, son, husband or a brother. You are useless! God shouldn’t give a brother, husband or son like you to anyone! Raghbir throws glass angrily. His conscience disappears. Raghbir breaks down.

Raghbir is walking absentmindedly on a road thinking. His convo with Pragati also flashes in his mind where she was very much hurt because of today’s incident. He meets with an accident.

Malhotra family is unable to find Raghbir. Kunti hopes nothing happens to Raghbir or they will be in trouble. Pragati receives doctor’s call. Is everything okay in the blood reports? He says nothing is normal. We found some samples in his blood which hints at a drug which damages brain cells. He names the symptoms as well. I am sure you would have noticed it. Patient gets confused between reality and illusion under its influence. She ends the call in shock and looks at Kunti. It means you are giving him a medicine which is driving Raghbir insane? She decides to file a complaint but Devraj says I had a word with Commissioner already. A guy brings Raghbir home. Devraj asks him where he found Raghbir. The guy shares that Raghbir came in front of his car. A collision was about to happen but the driver stops his car just in time. Raghbir has passed out on the ground. Passerby’s help him in making Raghbir sit in the passenger seat. Devraj thanks the guy who leaves.

Kunti shows fake concern to Raghbir. He walks up to Pragati instead. I am sorry for whatever happened. I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me. Pragati is in tears.

Precap: Pragati shows Raghbir his blood report. He says I haven’t taken a drug in life. She says it was given to you by Badi Ma. He shouts at her for doubting his Badi Ma. Kunti tells Sahas it was Pragati’s plan. She has understood that you are with us! Sahas fumes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Pragati, you are fighting a losing battle with Raghbir and his Aunt. He will never believe you. He will not remember that every time she gives him something to drink he goes off crazy. But I guess when he realizes it may be too late. Thanks, Pooja!

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