Bepanah Pyaar 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragati plays the emotional card

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Bepanah Pyaar 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati says I will make all the changes and inform investors. He recalls that he forgot the car keys. She tells him she will wait. He teases her if she cannot stay away from him. She admits it to be true. He says me too. Heer coughs to gain their attention. Pragati hugs him. Heer says it feels good to see you both together again. Heer invites them for some function. They point out at the resemblance between her and her parents. Heer is in a rush. Pragati goes to drop her off.

Pragati is thinking of her convo with Harshit. He is back in office. I must expose him before he comes up with another plan to cheat Raghbir. She recalls that he had kidnapped her right here in the parking lot. There is a CCTV here. Everything would have been recorded. Why dint I realise this before? She checks that day’s CCTV footage and finds the video where Harshit’s face is clearly visible. I must show it to Raghbir right away. He has gone to attend a meeting and will go home from there directly. She copies the file on a pen drive. Her car has a flat tyre. She decides to book a cab when Sahas stops his car right in front of her. She complains that he will give her a heart attack one day. He says it wont happen. What are you doing here? She tells him of the car puncture and he asks her to sit in his car. He thinks he has to come up with ideas to spend time with her. This was my plan only.

Everyone sits down to have dinner when the lights go off. A projector screen flashes. Devraj demands to know who has done this. Pragati says I did this to show you the proof. Till the time I do it, you will continue to believe lies as truth. She tells Raghbir he is a good person so he believes his family but sometimes truth isn’t what we see. He asks her what is blocking his view. She replies that it is his blind faith. I have a clip which can show you the story of my kidnapping. I have proof which will show that Harshit is responsible for my kidnapping. Kunti tells her to think once before implicating Harshit. You have done it in the past as well. Pragati says I dint have proof back then but now I have come full prepared. Why are you so afraid if your son is innocent? Raghbir tries to say something but she requests him to see the video once. Sahas, Kunti and Harshit stand tensed as Pragati plays the video but it turns out to be another clip instead. Pragati is in disbelief. How can it be?

Flashback shows Pragati telling Sahas in the car that she has found proof against Harshit. He stops the car abruptly. She says I will prove it to everyone today that Harshit was only pretending to risk his life for me. Sahas pretends to be happy for her. They reach home. Sahas changes the pen drive when Pragati goes to freshen up. I have to do it as my truth would have also come out with him. Flashback ends.

Raghbir questions Pragati. pragati says the clip was there. I don’t know how it got changed. Tina tells Pragati she believed her last time as Harshit was wrong. I dint support him at all. She continues to shout / scold her. aditi tells her to relax. Pragati is tensed right now. She does not want to hurt you or Harshit intentionally. Kunti says I don’t know why she is after my son. She keeps blaming him for no reason! Harshit tells her to let it be. Maybe I cannot gain anyone’s trust ever. He tells Raghbir this was the only reason he dint want to come home. I knew that Pragati will never forgive me for what happened. He folds his hands and apologizes to Pragati. I know I have no respect after what I did but Tina and Parth have come home after way too long. Let me be at peace. Pragati thinks to play the game like them only. Kunti thinks Raghbir will now scold Pragati. I will add fuel to the fire so Raghbir will end up throwing you out of the house!

Pragati starts crying. I apologize to you Bhaiya. Please forgive me. I started imagining things after accident and started cooking stories. Please forgive me. Sahas, Harshit and Kunti are puzzled. Pragati apologizes to Tina and all family members. I promise I wont give anyone a chance to complain again. She goes before Raghbir can say anything.

Priya is crying in her room thinking of her argument with Dev. He cut my phone and dint call back to apologize even once. He argues on the same topic again and again! I wont talk to him! Her phone beeps. It is Akshay’s text. She deletes it but he continues to send her texts. I will wait for you at 9 am tomorrow in Sunrise Cafe. She does not respond to any of the texts.

Sahas says I thought you will succeed but Pragati turned the game around by crying. I saved you guys or your game would have been up today! Kunti and Harshit thank him for saving them. We are a team though. Have some patience. Sahas says I will now tell Pragati no one can love her more than me.

Precap: Sahas tells Pragati about a special temple. He is about to walk on the hot coal but Pragati stops him. He says all wishes come true if you walk on burning coal with a pure heart. She asks him what he wants. He says you. Raghbir looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode 🤔 but still don’t like Sahas. If he was a true friend he would not have changed the pen drive and covered badi maa and harshit. Hope Pragati will know about him soon and want raghbir to knock him black and blue 😂 loved pragati acting today against harshit 😂 that was good. Waiting for next week episodes

  2. Verma4

    You know Sahas the first chance Kunti and Harshit gets hey will push you under the bus without a second thought.

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