Bepanah Pyaar 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir gets jealous seeing Sahas and Pragati’s proximity

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Bepanah Pyaar 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati says you could not even hurt Baani so how would you kill her. It is definitely someone else and I will expose that person very soon! He asks her if she is showing a favour by not filing an FIR. She reasons that she came to join relations again. He asks her why she does not quit office then. She thinks of Badi Ma’s words. Raghbir says I know you came back for money. You wont leave office. You have showed me down already! She says you gave bribe to the doc. He blames her while she tries to explain to him that she did everything for him only. They share an eye lock. Raghbir advises her not to waste time. You must be getting late for office. Look at the time. She blames him for the delay and rushes out.

Shefali notices Raghav hugging a girl inside his car. He also changes his leather jacket and dons a khaki jacket as soon as he steps out of the car. They have a savage face off about the lies they have been saying to each other all along.

Pragati is washing her face but the tap runs out of water. She knows it is Raghbir. Flashback shows Raghbir cutting her room’s water supply. She finds the plier in his hand. You disconnected my water supply right? He feigns ignorance. You look cute this way. He leaves. Sahas asks Pragati why she is shouting. He laughs noticing her thus. She complains of Raghbir’s actions. He tells her to take bath in his washroom. She readily agrees and goes with him. Raghbir fumes.

Everyone is seated for breakfast. Sahas is excited to see aloo parathas but Aditi offers that plate to Raghbir instead. Devraj gives parathas to Sahas who requests him to feed him. Raghbir asks Sahas if he has no work to do. You are always seen around Pragati. Sahas says people don’t leave my side when they come to me once. Raghbir says it might be because they don’t recover ever. Sahas reasons that even if it is that, he must go as he is a doctor. Pragati joins them. Sahas suggests eating outside. She denies but he convinces her. Raghbir spoils her dress intentionally. Gopi hides his smile. Raghbir tells Pragati not to worry. You will get a new one. You are 51% shareholder after all. He sings Aa Dekhein Zara as he leaves.

Outside, Raghbir punctures Pragati’s car with a nail. Pragati tells Sahas she knows that Raghbir wants her to reach late. I will still prove him wrong. Sahas notices the flat tyre. Pragati fumes while Raghbir smiles. He shows thumbs down as he drives away. Pragati steps on something and winces in pain.

Raghbir reaches office. It will be great when the 51% shareholder will miss a very important meeting. He is shocked to see Pragati in the meeting room with the board members. You got really late. The meeting is already over. I will share the minutes of meetings with you. Everyone else leaves. Raghbir asks her how she reached office before him. She says you might not prefer to travel in metro but I prefer it. The result is right in front of you. Raghbir asks Pragati how she dare sit on his chair. She reminds him that she is 51% shareholder in the company. This is my chair now. I have majority of shares. Raghbir summons everyone. Mishra remarks that the company is gone now a girl is running it. She fires him on the spot. Anyone who seconds his thought is free to leave. No one steps forward. She asks Mishra to leave asap. The employees leave. Pragati turns to Raghbir. You are shocked more than me. He says one should only fly as high as they can handle. You will fall on the ground very soon. He is about to stumble but she holds him. Handle yourself first. People make more mistakes when they are angry. Take care.

Priya congratulates Shefali for being free finally. Shefali is miffed with Raghav for calling her mad. Everyone looks at her because of her loud reaction. Priya tells her to calm down.

Kunti asks Sahas why he supported Pragati instead of Raghbir. Sahas says I will support the truth. He blamed her falsely. Pragati was about to go to jail! What she did to you all was wrong but she does not think ill of you. I will never forget what you have done for me but I will only support whoever is right. Pragati isn’t a bad woman. Please don’t stop me. Aditi fumes seeing him turn his back on them.

Raghbir notices his stuff all packed and summons the guard. Who touched my stuff? Pragati steps forward. I did. You seem to have forgotten the basics of business. Let me remind you. She closes the door of his cabin as everyone is watching them. As majority shareholder, this director cabin is mine. Raghbir says one must not fall in their own eyes but you are way ahead that phase now. Pragati replies that she dint fall. I raised my bar a little. You have already performed the last rites of the old Pragati. Now this Pragati will fight for her rights on her own so she can get what belongs to her. Raghbir says Badi Ma is right. You are so unexpected! She asks him to leave. I have a lot to do. I will send your stuff to your cabin. He tells her it wont be required. He picks it himself and leaves. Pragati looks at him sadly. I am doing this with a heavy heart. I wish I can get you back one day.

Precap: Raghbir pushes Pragati. She gets hurt. Later, Raghbir is headed to Pragati’s room with a spray but stops in his tracks upon noticing Sahas with Pragati. Sahas asks Raghbir why he brought the spray when he hates Pragati. Pragati rejects Raghbir’s presentation. He challenges her to make a presentation. We will see who is better.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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