Bepanah Pyaar 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir tries to commit suicide

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Bepanah Pyaar 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati runs to Raghbir. He wakes up and says why did you fight? He gives her necklace. She says lets go to doctor. They sit in car. He drives away but is drunk. Pragati says let me drive. Raghbir strikes with a pillar. Pragati asks if he is fine? She wipes his wounds and says you are accident prone. Raghbir says I like challenging life, I want to make it lose. Pragati says we should go to doctor. Raghbir says I want to go home, where is my home? my life? He faints. Pragati sadly looks on.

Pragati brings Raghbir to his house in his car. He wakes up. Pragati sees him go and says I pray he gets happiness.

In morning, Pragati tries to talk to manager, he says I dont have time. Pragati says today is my wedding so I have to go. Manager says then your job wont be saved, he leaves. Pragati says what to do now? She calls Sanket but he doesnt pick up. Sanket messages her what happened? Pragati says I have to talk to about wedding. He messages that he is eager to marry her.

Sukaniya says to his father that he said yes to marriage in anger, I cant forget what happened between us, I will make him remember.

Raghbir recalls talking to Bani once. Bani says you left your job? Raghbir says my father has money but I will do something on my own. Bani says why you left everything for a girl? Raghbir says I did it for me, no one touched my heart like you, no one can touch my heart like yours, Bani says your heart has so much that it never ends. Flashback ends. Raghbir’s driver apply brakes because a car ahead applied brake fast. Raghbir comes out of car and beats man in other car. Pragati comes there and stops him. She takes him from there and says my wedding is happening today, it was sudden so I need 2 days off. Raghbir says I know about last minute marriage, you only have 7 pheras so one day is fine, comeback to office tomorrow, I am getting married too. Pragati says I cant help you more. Raghbir says congrats, next time we meet, we will be married.. I mean with our respective partners. Pragati nods and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Raghbir comes to his house and sees everyone worried about wedding. They ask him to get ready. Raghbir is drunk and goes to swimming pool. He drinks and says everyone ask me to forget you but you were the only reason of living. He jumps in pool and start sinking. He recalls flashback when he met Bani’s father, he said you are interested my money, Raghbir says I am interested your daughter only. Bani goes behind him. Raghbir says come with me, no one can separate us. Flashback ends. Raghbir thinks that we are made for each other, if we cant be together because I am alive then I can die, my breaths have to stop for me to meet you. Suddenly sees Bani in swimming pool. She smiles and holds his hand. She pulls him for a hug.. it turns out of be his dream. Harshit comes there and pulls Raghbir out of pool. All family members come there. Raghbir wakes up and thinks dying for her is not in my hands too.

Pragati’s wedding starts. Sanket in a veiled turban comes there. Everyone praise Pragati. Pragati’s father says to her that everything will happen for good. Pragati sits in mandap with Sanket. She sees bangle in hand and thinks Sanket’s uncle was wearing it. She tries to see his face but its in veil. Pragati thinks his uncle is not in audience, it means.. She stands for garland exchange and looks on. She suddenly takes off his veil and is shocked.

PRECAP- Raghbir is drunk and says to Sukaniya that I love you. She says you are drunk. Raghbir hugs her and says you are my eyes’ pleasure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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