Bepanah Pyaar 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir brings Pragati back home

Bepanah Pyaar 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati meets Prashant and asks him why he called her? Prashant says Sanket found some clue related to killar. Sanket starts going to them but a car hits him. Prashant and Pragati runs to him.

Doctor comes to family and says Priya is our of danger, she will be under observation, she leaves. Shalu and Mama says we will stay here tonight. Harshit says Dhruv’s family left from venue.

Sanket is injured. Prashant and Pragati comes to hospital. Prashant asks her to leave. Pragati hides seeing Raghbir’s family coming out. Aditi finds Pragati’s bangle there, she is shocked but leaves from there.

All family members come home. Raghbir sees a shadow walking. All look on. Shadow comes in light and its Raghbit’s badi Maa. Raghbir hugs her and says you here? Are you fine? Doctor says she is fine now, her reports are fine too, dont give her a shock, she is mentally stable. Badi Maa says to Raghbir that I am miffed with you, you were getting married? This is your wedding venue? Where is your bride? Make me meet her, where is she? Raghbir looks away.

Bua says to family that how to tell truth to Badi Maa, we cant tell her about Bani’s death, cant tell her about Priya. Beeji says if Pragati was here then problem would have been solved. Raghbir says there is a way.

Pragati comes home. Father asks her what she is going to do? Pragati says to father that fate brought me to him so I will see where fate takes me now. Raghbir comes there and says my home. Pragati is surprised to see him.

Scene 2
In morning, Nakul plays guitar for Badi Maa. Harshit says she is like a kid, I remember time with her. Badi Maa calls Devraj and says you didnt feel bad about me coming back? Devraj says Kuldeep this is your home and all are happy to see you. Kuldeep goes to Harshit and says you are tall now, she sees his crutch and asks if he is fine? He says yes. Badi Maa says where is Raghbir? I want to meet his bride. Raghbir comes there and says she is here, your wife and daughter in law. Pragati comes there. Flashback shows how Raghbir told Pragati that he is taking her back because of Badi Maa, she made him happy and at peace after Bani’s death and she wants to meet his wife so he is taking her back, flashback ends. Kuldeep says to Pragati that you are so pretty and you will love Raghbir a love, Raghbir can give immense love. she asks Raghbir to keep her happy.

Prashant is with Sanket. Doctor checks him and says he is not alive. He is dead now. Prashant cries and says no..

Kuldeep comes in lounge. Devraj says I am sorry, I couldnt come to meet you. Kuldeep says its been years since you didnt come, I went from here to not give tension to anyone but since I am back, I feel like something is wrong. Like everyone knows about it but nobody wants to talk about it, you are silent too. Aditi hears it.

Pragati comes to Raghbir’s room and sees wine bottles, she says he doesnt stop drinking.. She says to herself that why I am doing this? He brought me back for his Badi Maa only, I am just an employee whom he can throw out easily but I cant leave him from my mind, what I am doing? She cries.

PRECAP- Kuldeep asks Raghbir how he met Pragati? Raghbir says like perfect husbands, she was perfect wife material, she has so many qualities, when she is beside me, I dont need anyone else. Kuldeep says this is love. Pragati stares at him and smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nice episode

  2. Nice episode

  3. I have a strong feeling that kuldeep is the Culprit and harshit would be supporting her.

  4. Nice episode

  5. The latest promo shows Raghbir has Bani’s murderer.

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