Bepanah Pyaar 10th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati realises Raghbir is innocent


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Bepanah Pyaar 10th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati is clearing the mess when she notices someone approaching the door. The ring is lying nearby on the floor. Aditi enters and picks her phone. She picks up the ring lying on the floor. How did it come out of the locker? Pragati is hiding behind the bed. Aditi thinks it might have fell down while taking out jewellery. She wears it as she heads outside. Pragati picks the bag on her way out of the room.

Aditi asks Raghbir if he had a word with Harshit. Raghbir nods. Pragati also joins them. They head out with Ganpati idol for visarjan. Pragati wonders where the ring could be if not in the locker.

Everyone is at the ghaat. Harshit also joins them. He shares that there was too much traffic. Tina’s flight might have reached Shimla before I could come back. Aditi says there is traffic

during this time. They do puja one by one. Raghbir glances sweetly at Pragati but makes a blank face when she looks at him. Pragati requests Lord to help her. Make me find the culprit now that the video has been found. Raghbir goes Ganpati Visarjan. Traffic police asks Raghbir to move his car aside. Raghbir goes with him.

Pragati steps on the edge of the floor absentmindedly. This isn’t my battle but a battle between truth and lie. You fought with your father for truth and I am fighting with my husband. I don’t know about the consequences but please don’t let me break apart. Nakul notices it and calls out to her startling her because of which she falls in the water. Nakul shouts for help. Everyone rushes to his side. The men lean forward while shouting her name.

Pragati notices a chain in the water. She realises that someone was wearing the ring around their neck. Thank you Bappa! Raghbir jumps in the water to save her. She looks up and realises that Raghbir has come from another direction. She notices Devraj, Gopi, Nakul and Harshit above her and passes out. Raghbir brings her out safely. He puts pressure on her stomach and she spits water relieving everyone. Pragati looks at Raghbir’s expressions who walks away a little. Dadi asks her if she fine. Thank God, you are safe. Pragati’s eyes are fixated on Raghbir. She recalls what she had just witnessed in the water. It wasn’t you? You weren’t wearing that ring? Why would you have saved me if you wanted to kill me in the first place? It means it wasn’t you who wanted to kill me in Manali! I was wrong.

Pragati tells Raghbir to leave her. I am fine. He helps her lie down on the bed. You just spit 150 kilograms of water. Why does everything wrong happen to you? She reasons that no one does that intentionally. They argue cutely over it. He tells her to drink water. You don’t know swimming and tried to do a water stunt. She insists she dint fall intentionally. I slipped. He gives her a towel. You will fall ill. She calls herself strong. He says I don’t sneeze in front of you as you are so thin you will fly away. She tells him to wipe himself clean too. You are also wet. You can also fall ill. He says ladies first. I am not a lady. She heads to the bathroom. I thought the chain fell from your neck but it wasn’t true. You haven’t killed me. You have saved me every single time! Maahi Ve plays.

Priya says of course Bhaiya saved Bhabhi from drowning. I wasn’t there but just imagine Bhaiya fell in water for Bhabhi. Made for each other! Dev says everyone is like that. We should meet too. Shall we go out on a date? She makes an excuse and ends the call. I am sorry Dev. I cannot convince myself for such things. I can’t go with you. I am sorry.

Next morning, everyone is playing bluff. Badi Ma asks Pragati about her health. Gopi insists upon making up for his loss during Janamashtami. Gopi and Shalu are in one team while Harshit and Nakul are in one team. Harshit increases the amount to 15k. Pragati is looking at everyone. I wonder who amongst them is actually bluffing. Harshit catches Gopi red handed. Shalu asks her husband why she dint check Harshit’s cards. He was bluffing since long. Gopi calls him confident. Harshit says some games are played confidently so the opponent does not doubt him. Right, Pragati? She excuses herself to speak to Prashant. He asks her if she found a proof. She denies. I am certain that Raghbir isn’t the killer. It is someone else in the family. Prashant insists that he may have pawns in the family. We must keep an eye on Raghbir till the time we find the real culprit. She agrees and ends the call. Why would Raghbir save me if he wanted to kill me? She recalls her father’s words. I don’t know if I was wrong in doubting him or if she is making a mistake by not doubting him anymore?

Pragati notices the mess in her room. Raghbir steps out of the bath in a towel. She is complaining to herself. He covers himself using a cushion. She asks him if he wants to create any more mess. Leave it. Even a kid can take care of his stuff but you cannot do anything yourself! Raghbir thinks he is feeling so shy but Pragati isn’t feeling awkward at all. He covers his chest using his hands. Give me my shirt. She realises that he is standing bare-chest and gets conscious. She turns her back to him. How did I forget that it is normal to see him as Baani but not as Pragati? Raghbir asks her if she dint take too much time in figuring out things. She holds out his shirt avoiding looking at him and ends up keeping her hand on his chest. They share an eye lock.

Precap: Pragati drops a water bottle on Aditi’s feet. Are you hurt? Show me. She kneels down to check. Aditi says I am not hurt but you are at the right place right now. Stay there only! Harshit is on call with someone. It will be done. I will do it myself. Pragati leaves in a car and realises that that the brakes aren’t working.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Tooo much confusion in mind of writers which will lead to spoil show…

  2. Atleast now Pragati realised that maybe she is wrong and Raghbir is not the killer..But I mean so typically..While drowning she was thinking about the chain and from where it would hv fallen…Huff…
    Bw thanks for the updates…😊😊

    1. Pooja

      Always welcome Riya 🙂

  3. The episode is really very nice today. Pragati finally realized that Raghbir is innocent. But after that prashant again raised a doubt in her mind and again she started thinking. Please do not show again that pragati still doubts on Raghbir. She should trust Raghbir and should start loving him.

  4. Wow what an episode, watched it more than 3 times already and still can’t get enough, precap is super scary 😱 but glad that now pragati thinks that raghbir is innocent. Eagerly waiting for the next episodes and thank you so much for the updates ☺️

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Khushi 🙂 It is getting excited day by day !

    2. Priyanka Aggarwal

      Even me🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️😂😂😂

  5. Humayra Jaman

    Please, Pragati Ji Ap Raghbir Ji Ko Shak Karna Ab Banth Kijiey,Kyuki Bo Bakasur Hai. . . . . . . .Raghbir Ji Sachmay Bani Ko Bohat Pyaar Karta Hai

  6. Shakibul Hasan

    Ap Log Bohat Assay Hai

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