Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 9)

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hi guyzs iam back with the next partif of my ff . guyzs i want ur support and i want u all the resond my ff . whether u liked it or not. so lets beging

zoya_ followed adi to hut  they entered the hut

zoya_ya allah its so dirty how can we stay here

adi_ oh nobprincess a five star room in ssry zoya but u have to stay here only

zoya_ i cant tolerate u even for a minute

adi_ok then( joining his hand )  plzz do me a favour leave…

zoya- yes  u want that only na that i should die and then u will achieve ur goal  i. i won’t let that happen so soon

adi_ plzz god save me.. this mad lady will make me crazy

zoya_ im going to sleep on it( pinting towards the only matrix)

adi_oh hello i found this place .. i will slleep on it

zoya_ur manner less person im a girl iam going to sleep on it

adi_ if thats the condition for letting me sleep then i will sleep on floor

zoya_ ok then good night( jumped on mayrix)

adi_ good night.

after few minutes

zoya_ adi …aditya.. shurmurgh.

adi_ huh…

zoya_ im feeling cold

adi_ so what should i do…

zoya_i cant sleep lije that

adi_ ( giving her beer bottle) drink this u won’t feel cold

zoua_ keep it away i won’t drink it

adi_ then shiver in cold and now dont u dare to disturb me.. sleep quitelzoya_ shuturmurgh

they both slept


zoya woke up and found that was covered by adis blanket

zoya_( in her mind)  aditya . … u did it na.. after suffering a lot u still care for others u are like coconut. but i pronise the day u will come to know ur pooja was not cheating on u . u will accept everything and u will became the old aditya hooda once again

after sometime adi woke up

adi- ( crassig his own head) zoya… zoya.. where are u ..zoya.. oh god where is she   ( his life was struvk in his throat )


zoya_ aditya. u woke up..

adi_ zoya are u mad or what .where were u . ha. u are such a irresponsible girl. u are a bane in anybody’s life thats the reason yash cheated on u. u know what that u dont deserve to be in someones life if u will be in someones life u willbmake it hell.

zoya_ thats not fair aditya. i went to call dr  who resides near by . i knew him . i thought that u are injured badly so its not good for u to stay undresed for so long . and i bought these fruits for u.i dint tell u becoz u were in deep sleep. and did it for u becoz u saved my lige. but now i know that u really hate me hereaftwr i will not troble u aditya

zoya_ dr dress him and mr hooda these are tge frits plzz eat them tgen we will leave im waiting

she left

adi_ srry zoya( she dint hear thst as he said really slowly)

zoya went out and cried a lot adis words for echoing in ear

after sometime dr and adi came out

dr_ i have done girstaid plzz visit once more after reachibg city.

adi- signalled in yes)

dr_ shall i drop u guyzs

zoya_ yes dr plzz thanku

she left wiyh dr adi also followed them quitely

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  1. Aafiya

    Superb.. Post the next update as soon as possible…
    Take care…

  2. Lovely episode ?? please post next asap…

  3. Fenil

    Superb !!

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