Believe Me(swasan ss) by Mars Shot 9

Hello guys!! I m back. This story has really given me headache. In last part most of you felt that I rushed with story after seeing your comments I read it again okay I agree it happened so fastly. Will try not to repeat.
Another blunder I did that I used laksh’s character twice. In first shot he was sanskar’s friend and then I made him swara’s attacker. Here I think no one noticed but on wattpad one reader messaged me personally for this, sorry for it just imagine two different laksh.
So here comes next shot.Hope so u will like it.
Let’s begin:

Believe Me(swasan ss)
Shot 9:

Maheshwari house:
Sanskar has not came from his room after knowing about adarsh. It was really hard for him to believe that his own brother can do all this. Then only swara’s thought came in his mind. How she was requesting him to believe her but no he was so much blind in his brother’s love that he didn’t thought alternatively. He some how composed himself and went to meet swara. He went to her pg as he know only that address. He has very less hope that she will be there but still he have to meet her.
Swara’s pg.
Sanskar is staring at the locked door. He is feeling soo helpless. He always say I don’t care for any random girl but he do and she was not random for him.
Sanskar(mumble): I need you swara plz where are u?
Fresh tears fell from his eyes. He know why ??she will come to him after all insult he did.He could have talked nicely also if he trust his brother but he stoop so low that he threaten her to kill.
What all he did to swara was playing in his mind. Its hurting him dammm very much. He felt like dying. Now the situation was such that he don’t have anyone beside him. He used and took swara for granted and now wishing that she should come and console him. Seriously, Don’t she have any self respect??
Sanskar(crying): she will not come never.
He tried her no. But it was as usual switch off. Then he tried kavita’s no. Even she didn’t received. He was frustrated at himself.
Not able to face the reality, he went to bar and started drinking bcoz that is the only thing which was soothing him.
He keep on drinking till he completely lost his senses.He stopped when the bar man refuse to give him. He took bundle of notes from his pocket and throw at bar man. Stumblingly, he came out. His legs were not supporting him eventually he fell in front of the bar. It has started drizzling and he was mumbling only swara’s name.

Malthotra house:
Guest room:
After dinner, manik and swara are sitting in swara’s room. They are casually talking but swara is not feeling good. She don’t know how will be Sanskar. She is staring out of the window even weather was scary its lightning, raining.
Other side, manager of the bar came out and saw sanskar lying. He took his mobile and saw the dial list. Last call he did was to kavita when swara didn’t received it.
Manager called to kavita.
Kavita’s phone ring, she ignored seeing the caller id.
Swara:kavita who is calling??
Kavita: Sanskar I don’t know what he want now.
Swara:plzz pick up may b he need something.
Kavita looked at swara’s pleading face and took the call.
Kavita: now what Sanskar.
Manager: hello is this kavita speaking?
Kavita:yes but who are u?
Manager: I m manager of xyz bar. One boy is lying outside the bar fully drunkand.your call was last in his mobile.
Kavita:ohh he is sanskar.
Manager: yes plz if u r known to him come and take him.
Kavita: okay.
Kavita cut the call.
Swara: who was there??
Kavita: sanskar is lying outside the bar in drunken state.
She told what manager said
Swara: what he is idiot how can someone drink this much(tenses)
Kavita: just leave him swara I will tell servants at his home they will bring him.
Swara: no how can we leave him like that manik plz come we will take him to home.
Swara started walking towards door when kavita said
Kavita: u still care for him??
Swara: kavita he is all alone he needs me what ever he did it doesn’t matters but I loved him trurly.
She went followed by manik.

Outside bar:
Manik stopped the car and swara came out hurriedly and went where few people were standing. Swara was shocked to see sanskar. He was in semi conscious. Swara sit near him and cups his face.
Swara(crying): Sanskar.
Feeling her warm touch, he opened his eyes half.
Sanskar:swara u came I was waiting for you.
He said in mere whisper.
Swara:yes sanskar I m here.
Manik: swara let’s take him.
Swara nodded and manik and swara made him lie on back seat.Swara was going out but sanskar held her hand.
Swara sit with him only.
Sanskar is crying.
Swara: Sanskar plzz don’t cry.
Sanskar (wipe his tears); okay I will listen to you always.
Tears fell through Swara’s eyes seeing that what he had done to himself.
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: Do you know who is the most stupid person in the world?? its me.
Swara was just staring him.He is not the same Sanskar whom she knows.
His ego, attitude everything vanished.
Sanskar:I was fool to believe my brother and I had hurted you. Becoz of me u had suffered a lot. I made fun of your love. U must b hating me plzz don’t hate me. I need you.
Saying this he fell on swara’s shoulder and fainted.
Swara:manik he fainted.
Manik: don’t worry it’s bcoz of hangover.
Swara: hmm.

Maheshwari house:
Manik and swara took sanskar to his room and made him lie on bed.
Swara removed his shoes and open few buttons of shirt.
Manik: swara let’s go.
Swara nodded and was about to leave when she felt pull as sanskar head her hand.He is mumbling in sleep
Sanskar:don’t leave me Swara plzz
Swara: manik u go I will come in the morning.
Manik left from there.
Swara sit beside sanskar and caress his hairs. She slightly kissed his forehead.She slept beside him.
Next morning:
Swara got up and saw sanskar who is still sleeping.
Swara:I have to go away from you sanskar. I know u don’t love me or u never loved, it was me who was always assuming that may be u love me and now also it’s your guilt who wants me to be with you. But i not that strong to bear all that again. I know u will recover soon and fulfil your dreams and I don’t want to be burden on you. Love u
She kissed his forehead and went down.
Swara went to servant and said
Swara: sanskar should not know that I came here. And plz give him lemon water to reduce hangover.
Swara went from there forever.
Later, Sanskar got up and screamed in pain.
Servant came inside with lemonade.
Sanskar gulp it and felt little better. As he got senses, he looked around
Sanskar:where is swara??she was with me.
Servant: no Sir u were alone
Sanskar:no she came with me I remembered.
Servant: but u came alone.
Sanskar:u just go out.
Servant nodded and went from there.
Sanskar:I know u came to me swara and was with me whole night then why u left. U r mine and u will come to me only.
He was determined in his words.

In the vanity, a man is sitting and staring at the photo in his wallet.
His eyes show love, passion and longing for the person in the pic. Then only one boy came and said
Boy: Sir everything is set plzz come.
Sanskar(still staring at the pic); okay.
Boy left from there.
Sanskar: wish me good luck swara for my concert and my songs as always will be dedicated to you my love. Hope so u also listen them.
He kissed the pic and took his guitar and went to stage where huge crowd was shouting “Rockstar Sanskar”.

On the other side
Malhotra House:
Swara entered inside the room with milk bottle in her hand. She went near bed where manik is sitting holding a baby of about 6 months.
Swara:manik give mahi(baby) to me.she must be hungry.
Manik:okay mahi play with papa later now milk time.
Manik made mahi lie in swara’s lap and swara feed her milk through bottle.
To be continued…..

Precap: swasan first confrontion after leap.

So Sanskar became rockstar but loves swara. Will he get her???
And who is the baby??? Is she swara’s baby??
To know keep reading Believe me.
Thank you
Take care

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