Believe Me(swasan ss) by Mars Shot 7

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Hello guys!! I m giving more updates of believe me bcoz I want to end it firstly otherwise so many stories are creating mess in my mind. So will post my others also soon.
Let’s begin:

Believe Me(swasan ss)
Shot 7:
Swara had told manik everything about her relation with sanskar and adarsh’s cheap activities. Manik was shocked.
Kavita is also present there.
Manik: u know swara Adarsh is my competitor and he is a womanizer.
Swara(astonished): what??? But sanskar used to say he is very nice.
Manik: he never let anyone know about this so Sanskar must not be knowing.
Kavita: they are blo*dy idiots.
Manik(wide eyes): hey don’t abuse to this extend innocent people are sitting in front of you(point to himself and swara)
Kavita glare him while swara laughs.
Swara: when I will go home.
Manik:tomorrow morning
Swara:thank god
Manik:but u have to take complete rest for one week so u r coming to my house.
Swara: no manik I will manage.
Manik: see swara someone is trying to kill u and the person will try again and I can’t take risk so u r coming with me.
Swara: but…
kavita: swara manik is right u will be safe there.
Swara: okay.
Manik: that’s like good girl. I and kavita will inform in your university.
Swara nodded. Both left after making swara sleep.

Mumbai university:
Since morning Sanskar is waiting for swara but she is no where.
Sanskar: I think she won’t come bcoz of yesterday incident coward.
Then he went to his class. Whole day he keep on missing her but his ego is very big
How can The Sanskar Maheshwari can miss that tooo a random girl????

Next morning:
Swara is discharged now and went to manik’s house with him and kavita.
Kavita also didn’t went to university as she was busy in shifting swara’s belongings to manik’s house.

Malhotra Mansion:
Guest Room:
Manik and kavita set swara’s room and she is sitting on bed.
Swara:Manik u r living alone?
Manik: yes
Swara: your parents?
Manik: they are in USA. They visit india also oftenly.
Kavita (teases): and your wife?
Manik: proud to be single.
Swara and manik give HiFi and laughs while kavita stuck her tongue at them.
Kavita: swara Aunty’s call came to me as your mobile is lost.
Swara: what u told ma?
Kavita: I told everything.
Swara:oh no she must be worried.
Kavita: but she should know.
Swara: hmm

Sanskar is waiting again for swara as it is second day when she didn’t came. Now he lost his temper and went to her pg.
After parking his bike, he went to swara’s room and found it is locked.
He angrily hit the door.
Sanskar: where the hell she went?
He called her no. But it is switched off as she lost it.
Even he checked kavita’s room which is also locked as she is also with swara.
He left to his house as he had no interest in going to college.

Police Station:
The same person came to meet adarsh.
Person: bhai your work is done I had killed her.
Adarsh: good let her rest in peace. U r very loyal to me laksh.
Laksj: thanks bhai
(Laksh is right hand of adarsh and handle all his illegal businesses)
Laksh: bhai I had done like that only. She will suspect sanskar as I had worn his watch.
Adarsh: now she is dead it doesn’t matters. It was for that if she was saved then Sanskar should be targeted.
Laksh: when u are going to come out.
Adarsh: tomorrow my freedom will start.
Laksh: okk
Laksh left from there.

Next day:
Days were passing but sanskar didn’t get to know where is swara. He again thought to check her pg.
Alas it was again locked but he saw kavita. Sanskar went to her.
Sanskar: kavita
Kavita looked at him angrily.
Kavita: what??
Sanskar: where is swara??She is not coming to college and her room is also locked.
Kavita: I don’t know.
She was about to leave when sanskar held her wrist. Kavita harshly jerked his hand and said
Kavita(loudly): don’t u dare to come near me I m not swara who will tolerate you. Next time I will just slap you.
Sanskar: shut up kavita
Kavita: no I m not afraid of you and why u asking about swara?? U had killed her right???
Sanskar:don’t speak rubbish tell me where is Swara?
Kavita: I said I don’t know and I warn u that leave her.
She left from there.
Sanskar:where she went yrr and why the hell it’s bothering me.let her go anywhere. Did she went to kolkata.??
Sanskar was getting mad bcoz of her absence.
He went club to drink bcoz he just don’t want to be in senses.

Maheshwari house:
Adarsh got bail today as court was opened and his lawyer bailed him. He came back home.
He is sitting in hall when sanskar came drunken.Sanskar went to her.
Sanskar (hug him): bhai u came?
Adarsh: yes sanskar but why did u drunk.
Sanskar: bcoz I don’t want to be in senses.
Adarsh(confused): why?
Sanskar : bcoz of that swara.
Adarsh got alert that did he talked to Swara it means she is alive.
Adarsh: what she did?
Sanskar: she left somewhere. She is not coming to college and her pg is also locked.
Adarsh sign in relief and now he was sure that swara is dead.
Adarsh: u don’t think about that girl.
Sanskar: yes she is no one to me but I m missing her.
He said all this as he is not in his senses.
Adarsh: u take rest Sanskar.
Adarsh take him to his room.

Malhotra mansion:
Guest room:
Swara is lost in her thoughts.Her mind says that the person who attacked was sanskar but heart is not ready to accept.
Swara(monologue ): sanskar can do anything but he will never kill me.
Her trance was broken by manik who came with juice for her.
Manik:swara have it.
Swara started drinking when kavita came with shomi.
Shomi went and hugged swara.
Shomi:swara how r u?(crying)
Swara(teary eyes): I m fine mom.
She broke the hug and cups her face.
Shomi: what u have done to yourself and from when u started hiding things?
Swara (looking down): I m sorry.
Shomi: now leave it we will go to Kolkata.
Swara:mom I have to complete my graduation.
Kavita: yes aunty let her complete her studies only one year is left.
Shomi: hmm
Manik was keenly looking at shomi and finally said
Manik: shomi aunty.
Shomi (look at him): manik u r here.
Manik:yes this is my house.So swara is your daughter.
Shomi: yes it means u saved her.
Manik: yes
Shomi:thank you so much beta.
Manik:u r like my mother don’t say thanks.
Swara:ohh hello wait ma u know him?
Shomi: yes he is my friend meena’s son.
Earlier we used to meet but now meena went to USA so we never came.
Swara(pout): but I never met him.
Shomi: u don’t remember bcoz u were very small at that time.
Swara: ohh
Manik:so now u both will live here.
Shomi: firstly I was going to take swara but now its Meena’s house so I will also be here. Let me prepare something to eat.
Manik:wow I will be able to eat homemade Delicious food.
Shomi and manik went while kavita sit near swara.
Kavita: swara I want to tell you something.
Swara: hmm
Kavita :sanskar came at pg and was asking where are u?
Tears fell from swara’s eyes.
Swara: now why he is asking?
Kavita:u don’t take stress. He must have to do some more cheap things.
Swara: now he don’t effect me.
Kavita:better now take rest.
Kavita made swara lie properly and went out.
To be continued….

Precap:Swara back to college and Sanskar got shocked to see her injured.

Shattered soul will post tomorrow sorry for the delay as some are waiting for it.

Hope so it was worth reading.
Want next part tomorrow?????
Then don’t forget to comment.
Swasan scenes are coming ahead.
Thank you
Take care.

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