Believe Me(swasan ss) by Mars Shot 10

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Believe Me(swasan ss)
Shot 10:
Malhotra house:
Swara is sitting in the room and seeing Sanskar’s interview on her mobile. Where he had confessed his love in front of the whole world.
Reporter: Sir who is Swara?? Her name is in your every song.
Sanskar (smiles): she is love of my life.
Rep: where is she??
Sanskar: even I don’t know. I had lost her bcox of my stupidity.But will soon get her.
Swara was lost in his words. Don’t know how many times she had listened this interview just to confirm that he says that he loves her.

Manik came inside and saw her.
Manik:Again u r watching the same interview. Why don’t u accept that u love him.
Swara: yes I do love him but what about him??
Manik:and I assures u he loves u madly. In his every song he takes your name and no. of times he had confessed on TV also. What else he should do. Why are u so scared.
Swara:I m afraid what if he will not accept me.
Manik: He is craving for you. U are very near to him but he is finding u like a mad. He has huge girl fans but did he ever cared??? He could have got many girls but he wants you. I m fed up of making u understand. U r giving pain to him and yourself also.
Swara(divert the topic): when nandani is coming back.
Manik:don’t change the topic.
Swara: plzz manik.
Manik: she will come tomorrow.
Swara: hmm.
Manik: Swara we have to go for shopping. Mahi is sleeping when she will wake up make her ready.
Swara: okay
Manik left from there.
Swara got lost when she left sanskar that morning.

Swara’s POV:
After leaving sanskar,I talked to manik and as he was known to my university authorities, he helped me in transferring from mumbai to Kolkata. My parents were really worried for me and they want me to study there.So I left to Kolkata and completed my graduation. From last six months I m working with manik in his company. I was always in contact with manik and kavita. Even I came on manik’s marriage. Yes he got married to his lady love Nandani. And now they are blessed with baby girl. Kavita also got married two months back with pavan whom she met at her job place. And we had made our gang. Me manik nandani kavita and pavan. We used to have so much fun. Sometimes I think how nice it would be if sanskar will also be with us. They are such a cute couples. I also wish sanskar would take care of me as manik and pavan take of their wives. But Alas!! Everything is not so simple. As manik says today also I can go to sanskar but he is not same sanskar infact rock star will he care for a random girl like me. As he used to say I don’t care for random girl.
Don’t know what is written in my destiny.
Swara’s POV ends.

xyz Mall:
Manik and swara with mahi went to nearby mall. Even sanskar has come to same mall for some meeting.
Swara and manik were moving inside with mahi in manik’s hands. Then only swara strike with someone.
Swara:I m sorry.
The person looked at swara in shock.
He was Sanskar followed by his bodyguards.
He was so shocked to see her that he merely whispers her name.
Now swara can’t run away. Even destiny wants them to meet.
Sanskar hugged her tightly.

Swara’s shoulder got wet as he was crying. Tears fell from her eyes also.
Manik smiles that finally they met. He was requesting swara to meet Sanskar as he was regretting. He knows its necessary to take out swara’s fear that Sanskar don’t love her. He smirks as something pop in his mind.
Swara broke the hug and saw sanskar and she could only see love and loneliness which shows how much he want her.Their eyelock was broken manik.
Manik:Hi Sanskar
Sanskar looked at the manik and the baby in his hand.
Manik:well now u become quite popular but still single strange.
Sanskar was hell confused that why he is saying like this as he know he love swara and was waiting for her.
Sanskar: means.
Manik;I mean see me and swara got married and she is our daughter mahi. So u should also find your life partner.
Sanskar got minor heart attack that swara is married ???? And have her baby??? No never. She is only his then how can she do this.
Swara was also shocked at manik’s fake words.
Sanskar was staring swara as his throat was dry to say anything. Swara was shocked to see his blank eyes. He looked hopeless within seconds like he don’t have anything to do on this earth.
Manik:okay bye sanskar will meet later.

Manik held Swara’s hand and took her out. Sanskar rushed to his house not caring about the people around.
Swara jerked manik’s hand and shouted
Swara(angry): what the hell u said to Sanskar why u lied to him that we are married and mahi is our daughter.
Manik;I helped you
Manik: now he will stop thinking about you and u will be free.
Swara’s hands are shivering and tears following from her eyes.Manik saw her condition and said
Manik:I did this to proof you how much sanskar loves you.
Swara looked at him blankly.
Manik: just go and see his condition at his home then it will be clear to you what’s your importance in his life.
Swara really want to see him but was not having courage to go.
Manik signed and played his last cards.
Manik(seriously): I think u should go swara what if he try to commit suicide or something.
Swara shivered just thinking about it.
Swara:I should see him.
Manik: all the best.
Swara nodded and went to meet sanskar.Manik smiles and left with mahi.

Maheshwari house:
Swara stopped the cab and saw the gate closed and watchman is present at the gate. As watchman saw her he opened the door as Sanskar has told all his workers that she is going to be Mrs Maheshwari(very advance)
Swara came in hall and after knowing from servant he went to sanskar’s room.

Sanskar’s room:
Swara opened the door slowly as it was not locked. She with baby steps enter inside and saw whole room was dark.
She switched on the lights and was shocked to see the room. It was completely messed up. Vase was broken, things were scattered here and there. Sanskar is sitting on the other side of the bed burying his face in his knees.He was immersed so much in his pain that he didn’t realized that someone has came inside.
Swara went near him and was shocked to see blood flowing from his hand. Then she saw smashed mirror as if he had punched it. She quickly sit near him on floor and put her dupatta on his hand to stop the blood. Feeling soft touch Sanskar looked at the person.

His eyes were red puffy, tear stained face, messy hairs all scattered on his forehead.Swara looked at him while he smile sadly thinking that he is again hallucinating her.
Swara place her palm on his cheeks.
Sanskar realized that she is really there.
He instantly got up and moved back.
Swara:what happened sanskar??
Sanskar: why u did this with me. I was screaming in front of media that may be u will listen and know that I m waiting for you but no u married manik. How can u forget me so easily.u used to say me that u love me truely then how can u move on.
Swara: Sanskar….
Sanskar (cut her); and why u came now to see that i m broken or not then listen Miss ohh no Its Mrs swara Right??yes I m broken bcoz I lost my love. The hope which I was having from two years that I will get u one day is crushed…
He take out all his pain he has buried in his heart for two years.
Sanskar: swara just go from here before I do something.
Swara(cross her hands on chest): do what u want to do.
Sanskar: u will regret.
Swara: no I won’t.

And the next moment her back hit the wall and he smashed his lips on her. She was so shocked to react that she didn’t opened her mouth. Sanskar bite her lower lip and she gasp giving way to his tongue to entangle with her. She closed her eyes and let him dominate her and sanskar kissed her passionately showing how much he was craving for her. Sanskar broke the kiss when they find it difficult to breathe. He joined his forehead with her.
Sanskar: u belong to me then how dare u to marry manik(dangerously).
Swara:I didn’t marry him.He lied to you.
Sanskar: and that baby.
Swara:she is daughter of manik and nandani,his wife.
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: why he lied??
Swara told him why all this manik did.
Sanskar:if you would not have come then I would have committed suicide.
Swara keep her palm on his mouth.
Swara:don’t say like this.
Sanskar: my life is nothing if u r not there in it. I madly love you damm it.
Swara: I love you tooo
Sanskar: I know u can never stop loving me.
Swara smiles.

Sanskar all over again place his lips on her and this time both kissed softly. Breaking the kiss, Sanskar picked swara in his arms and place her gently on bed. He started kissing her neck but stopped and looked at Swara who was gazing him confusedly.
Sanskar(whisper): not now, firstly I will make you Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari then I won’t leave u on our first night.
Swara blushes and yes he was really changed. Earlier he used to force her but now when she herself surrendered and he didn’t took advantage.
They were lying in each other’s arm but then swara realized his wound.
Swara:Sanskar let me do first aid.
Sanskar: its fine swara.
Swara:no it will cause infection.
Soon swara bandaged his hand and he took her in his embrace.
Sanskar: don’t u dare to run in the morning.
Swara(astonished): u remembered that i was there.
Sanskar (nuzzle in her neck): yes
Swara: I won’t run now.
Sanskar: I know.
Soon slept took over them and it was as if they slept peacefully after ages.

Precap:Epilogue (all are invited on Swasan marriage zarrur ana)

Finally done with last shot only epilogue is left
Many of you thought manik and kavita as couple but manik and nandani is real couple and i don’t want to hurt any fandom by pairing randomly.
Swasanians don’t imagine anything u know what I I bought pavan for kavita.
Manan and kavita and pavan will come in epilogue.
Tell me how’s the part.
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