Belan Wali Bahu 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jitendra fakes Dada’s kidnapping

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Belan Wali Bahu 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Family sees an old man with police and say he is not our Dada. Inspector ask them to compromise a little, he is similar like your Dada. Jitendra says we want our original Dada back. Suzzi says I want my patient back, she gives water to old man, he thanks her saying her as daughter. Old man asks if I should okay this matter? Lata says he called Suzzi as his daughter, we should keep him. Inspector says you will get an old man and he will get a house. Roopa says to old man that I am sorry that you dont have house but we want our Dada back. Jitendra says I will find our Dada, these policemen cant do anything. They take old man from there. Roopa says how will Dada return home? Jitendra says I will bring Dada back in 12 hours.. no 24 hours, I should sleep first, he leaves. Katori comes there to take sugar. Roopa says Dada is missing, Katori says but you have sugar right? she goes to bring it.

Jitendra wakes up. Roopa says will you go to bring Dada? she gives him tea, he says I will bring Dada, I dont have time. Laddo’s ghost asks if he will find him? roopa asks if he can find Dada? Jitendra says I was inspector, he leaves. Roopa says will he find him?

Lata asks Prem why you called Dada aged? he felt bad. Prem says he keeps calling me donkey and jerk. Jitendra comes there and looks around in their room, he finds binoculars, and says I will find Dada using this. He leaves.

Jitendra comes to Dada’s room and thinks he might have left some hint of where he left. He strikes with Suzzi, he asks her to leave, she leaves. Jitendra looks around in his room, He finds a letter, Prem comes there. Jitendra shows him letter. Prem reads it, ‘my love, I feel bitter medicine is sweet from your hands, I love it when you take care of me’. Jitendra says call everyone, I have solved this case.

Jitendra calls everyone in lounge, he brings a sack there, blood is dripping from it and says this is Dada’s deadbody. Prem slaps him. Jitendra says let me explain, he says if Dada was killed like this then killer must have left finger prints on it so Dada was not killed. Prem says you cant find Dada. They get a call. Jitendra takes call. Its Dada, Dada says you people are useless so I left home and went to orphanage, he ends call. Jitendra thinks its time to prove myself, they dont know that Dada is in asharam. Jitendra says Dada have been kidnapped, kidnappers called me, I will go there and bring Dada back. Jitendra thinks that they dont know where Dada is and I will bring him back and they will think I saved him and I will be respected, he takes phone and leaves.

Jitendra comes to roof, Laddo’s ghost is sitting there. Jitendra calls on home landline. Roopa calls Jitendra and says phone is ringing, you asked us to not pick call. Jitendra says you can take call when I am not here, he leaves and goes roof. He calls landline again, Roopa asks Prem to take call, it must be from kidnappers. Prem takes call, Jitendra says I am kidnapper calling, your Dada is in my custody. Prem asks how much money you want? Jitendra says give me 1000rs and take your Dada. Prem says you will get money, make me talk to Dada. Jitendra looks around, he makes noise of beating and says did you hear his voice? I was beating him, he couldnt even talk. Prem says please dont beat him, where we have to bring money? Jitendra says come near tank, he ends call. Jitendra says they will now trust me. Laddo’s ghost hears it all and says why he is doing all this.

PRECAP- Shalini does Jitendra’s aarti, they all cheer for him and asks him to go and bring Dada from kidnappers, he leaves. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that no one kidnapped Dada, Jitendra kidnapped him, she is stunned. Jitendra comes back home and says Dada didnt come with me, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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