Belan Wali Bahu 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost proves his loyalty to Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa says to family that what kind of hotel is this where is no entertainment? Chandani says dont worry, you want entertainment so I will provide it.

Chandani turns hotel into bar. Chandani starts dancing as bar dancer. All family members are dancing and singing with her. Laddo’s ghost says truth will come out now. Chandani is dancing in skimpy clothes. Laddo’s ghost stares at her, Roopa glares at him. Chandani sees Tunno about to break another vase, she runs to him and says dont break it. Inspector comes there and says stop it. Roopa whispers to Laddo’s ghost that I called inspector as you said. Inspector says I heard that you people are partying without permission. Prem says no we were just enjoying. Chandani comes there and asks what happened? Inspector says you? she says you? Prem says why you are staring at her? she is our daughter in law. Inspector says whom you are fooling now? you lied that day, you lied to me about that night too. Chandani says no I never lied about that night. Prem says you are our daughter in law, what lie? Chandani says I am not your daughter in law, this inspector is my husband but he doesnt believe that I didnt lie about that night. Flashback shows Chandani met Laddo in a hotel, Chandani says I am here to sing in a party, Laddo says but your husband doesnt like you sing, Chandani says I didnt tell him, I like to sing so I will sing in party tonight, Laddo says okay I will come there. Later Laddo comes to Chandani’s room and says there is a police raid in hotel, I was running and entered this room, this is your room? she says what will happen now? Inspector comes there, Chandani covers her face. Laddo says I am here for a meeting and we are husband and wife. Inspector sees Chandani’s face and says you here with another man? Chandani says Vishal you are wrong, he is my college friend. Vishal says enough, we dont have relation anymore, you are free now, he leaves. Chandani says to Laddo that this inspector is my husband, why did you say that we are married? I have 4 month old baby, how will I raise him now? Laddo says I am sorry, it was my mistake, I will send money monthly for your baby. Chandani says it doesnt matter, now this talk will be spread and my honor will be destroyed. Laddo says I promise I wont tell anyone about what happened here, flashback ends. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I wanted to show you this truth thats why I turned house into hotel, Roopa emotionally looks at him, she says to family that I wanted Chandani to tell everyone about that night thats why I turned house into hotel, she asks chandani why she said that Tunno is Laddo’s son? Chandani says I didnt plan it when I came here but when you all thought Tunno is Laddo’s son so I thought that it will make my son’s life better so I let you all believe it, I am sorry. Roopa says to Vishal that this all happened because you didnt trust your wife, if you had trusted her then this wouldnt have happened. Tunno comes there. Vishal hugs him. All forgive Chandani as she reunites with her husband. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you were asking Vishal to trust his wife but you kept doubting me, Roopa says I am sorry, I doubted you, doubting is bad in relation but why Tunno have curly hair like you? Laddo’s ghost says you are doubting me again? Roopa says sorry, Laddo’s ghost runs behind her, she runs away.

Scene 2
Lata shouts that train is passingby, all family members run to hold things down. Dada asks Suzzi to leave Lajjo’s photo and hold her things. He gets up from his chair and tries to hold her photo, he gets back pain and falls down. All rush to him. Jitendra says you shouldnt do all this old age, Dada slaps him. Prem asks him why he tries to show stunts. Lata says when Suzzi is near him, he have to act all hero, Prem says you shouldnt do all this, you are aged. Lata asks him to remain in room, you can eat in your room. Dada gets angry and leaves from there. Prem says he should understand that he is aged. Roopa asks Prem to stop it, Dada left after being miffed at him. Roopa thinks that Dada really felt bad, I will pacify him with morning tea.

In morning, Roopa is waiting for Dada with tea. Laddo’s ghost asks why you are standing? Roopa says I am waiting for Dada to return from morning walk. Prem comes there and says he will return later as Suzzi is with him. Lata asks they have been gone for much time. Prem says they must have stopped to eat somewhere, Lata murmurs that I hope they dont do anything else. Suzzi reurns home. Suzzi says I left Dada in garden to go and buy his medicine. roopa says why you left him in garden? Suzzi says he asked me to leave and he will return. Roopa says why he didnt return till now? Prem says he must have been with his friend, he will comeback, they all have breakfast.

Some time passes, Naren calls Dada’s friend, Naren says no Dada is not there. Prem and Jitendra goes to search for Dada. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost to do something, he says what can I do? Jitendra and Prem comes back home. Prem says we searched everywhere but he didnt find Dada. Prem asks Jitendra to call police. Jitendra says I am police here. Prem slaps him and says I am asking to call real police. Suzzi says do whatever you want fast, I cant Raj(dada) here. Prem asks Shalini to call police, she calls.

Inspector comes to their house and asks when Dada left? Suzzi says early morning but didnt comeback. Inspector says its evening now and you are telling now? Jitendra says I told them that missing report can filed after 24 hours. Inspector says but police starts working before 24 hours. Inspector asks if they have his photo? Roopa says I will bring it, she brings his photo. Inspector sees Dada’s photo and says he is your Dada? he looks very young. Prem says we dont have his recent photo, he doesnt like his old age photos so he burned them all. Inspector asks if he ate something before leaving? Jitendra says missing case have no relevancy to eating? inspector says he was hungry then he might have gone to his favorite street vendor to eat something but you are suspended so you wont understand that. Inspector gets a call and says you found someone? he says he is little heavy, wearing white shirt.. all family members say that yes Dada is like that. Inspector says congrats we have found your Dada, they all hug each other. Roopa hints Laddo’s ghost to hug her, he shrugs because he cant.

They all are waiting for Dada to return. Inspector says he will comeback soon. Policeman bring someone on wheelchair in house. Shalini says Dada is back. Police show the old man to them.. all are stunned to see its not their Dada. Jitendra says he is out our Dada, all looks on.
PRECAP- Inspector says to family that he is your Dada, he is wearing same hat, same shirt, same height, you have to adjust a little. Prem says I cant adjust for my father. Jitendra says I want my real Dada back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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