Belan Wali Bahu 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa turns house into hotel

Belan Wali Bahu 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chandani says to family that I dont want to bother you people with DNA and stuff, I will leave from here. Dada says DNA is just formality. Lata says dont ask to leave, you are our daughter in law and Tunno is ours, Prem says dont go. Chandani says okay I will stay here as elder daughter in law of house. Chandani thinks I will not let this DNA test results come, I will stay here. Jitendra says lets find Laddo’s hair somewhere.

Lata is seeing bangles, Prem says why will this have Laddo’s hair?

Jitendra says to Roopa that give hair brush of Laddo. Roopa says his hair was not brushable. Jitendra finds a hair, Roopa says its big hair, its mine. Jitendra finds a curly hair. Roopa says this is dog’s hair, she glares at Laddo’s ghost and says I couldnt recognize my husband but I can recognize his hair.

Family sits together and says we couldnt find Laddo’s hair so Chandani will stay here and Tunno is his son. Roopa says also decide if Chandani will live in this house or me. Jitendra says we can do toss. Dada slaps him and says you will do toss for that? Dada says to Roopa that you are not Roopa.. you are heart of this house, we cant be without you but I cant let Tunno go because he has Laddo’s blood and if he stays here then his mother will stay here too so.. I am sorry but Roopa you have to leave this house, all are sad. Laddo’s ghost says tell them that this is not my son. Roopa sadly leaves.

Roopa is leaving house. Shalini says we have to take elders’ decisions, I will take last selfie with you, she does it. Prem says to Roopa that when you want to come to see Jitendra getting slapped then come here. Lata says I cant stop you but I can bless you. Laddo’s ghost says why Roopa has to leave? Lata says you can live with Chandani as a sister. Roopa shakes her head and leaves.

Roopa is leaving house. Laddo’s ghost stops her and says please dont leave, I cant tell you truth but please listen to me, do what I say once, he sits on his knees and tells her some plan.

Scene 2
Roopa comes back home and says to family that I am not going anywhere. Lata says you can live with her as sister. Dada says its good you are back. Laddo’s ghost says say what you want. Roopa says this is not my house anymore, this is hotel for me. Prem says this is house. Roopa says I have no relation with you people so this is hotel for me, my mother is out of city so I will stay here but I want this as hotel, I want all perks of hotel otherwise I will call police. Lata says whats our mistake? Roopa says you threw your daughter in law out to keep some outsider in house. Roopa says this is hotel for me, she says manager Prem bring water for me in room, she leaves. Lata says why Roopa is behaving like this? Shalini says we will be hotel staff now? Jitendra says we dont want to go to jail.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost what is all this? hotel and all? Laddo’s ghost says just keep doing it. Shalini comes there in hotel staff’s uniform, she does Roopa’s foot massage, Roopa says it was useless, leave. Jitendra brings almond for Roopa, Roopa asks where is my cake? She calls Prem and says I want almond cake. Suzzi and Dada are chefs. Naren is housekeeping. Roopa says I want to sit in lounge so clean it, Naren does.
Lata comes to Roopa and asks if she needs anything? she says dont disturb me.
Shalini is doing Roopa’s head massage, she keeps taking services from them. Laddo’s ghost says start working on your plan.

PRECAP- Roopa says to family that this is useless hotel, there is no entertainment. Chandani says you want entertainment? I will arrange for it.
Chandani gives house bar like theme and starts singing and dancing like bar dancer in skimpy clothes. All look on. Police comes there and ask them to stop all of it. All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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