Belan Wali Bahu 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa loses her memory

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Belan Wali Bahu 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada says to family that I will cut cake and leave for my party, Jitendra lights candle on cake, Dada blows it and leaves. Roopa is sad.
Dada comes out of house and sees a big car, he says see this is called a party, driver opens car door for him. Dada says they are not bore people like you. Suzzi says I am coming with you, Dada says I have medicines with me so I am going alone, dont wait for me, he takes his selfie and says out to party, Dada sits in car and drives away.

Dada comes to a party, its in night club, people are dancing and drinking there. Dada says wow party should be likes this, girls wishes him birthday party, they make him wear cool glasses, all rush to him, they cut chocolate cake for him, Dada says I want to go live on Facebook.He takes selfies with girls.

Prem says to family that Dada left his own birthday party, Lata says we gave him foolish gifts, if we had something new then he wouldnt have left, Jitendra says I will join that group too, Roopa says think if Dada reached there or not. Naren plays his live video, they see Dada enjoying in a club with young people, Jitendra says he is our Dada? he looks happy. Prem says atleast he is celebrating, we should eat now.

All family members are waiting for Dada. Lata says he has been gone for 6 hours, Naren says he is not online and his phone is switched off. Prem says we should go and find him. Dada comes there in only shorts and tanks. All rush to him, Jitendra asks where are his clothes? Prem says what was the need to do this? Dada says they robbed me, party was going on then flashback shows. Dada getting drunk in party, he faints, when he woke up, he was tied to a chair with all his clothes and things robbed and all gone, he took lift to came here, flashback ends. Dada says that group was a robbing group. Dada says party’s theme was gold so I wore gold chains, 4 gold chainrs. All are stunned. Dada says I wore some necklaces too. Prem says you costed us a lot. Roopa comes there and says I brought jewelry back, Dada asks how? Roopa says I felt something fishy so I followed Dada, flashback shows some people leaving party after robbing Dada. They see a girl lying on road, its roopa lying on road. They comes out of car and checks her but Roopa grabs one man and says I am a police, give me thinks which you robbed otherwise I will shoot you all, they give her jewelry back and runs from there. Roopa was acting she is pointing gun at them but it was balen hidden under her saree, flashback ends. Dada says wow Roopa you did a nice work. Roopa says its our hard earned money and we have to help each other. Shalini says lets take selfie now, they all go to enjoy, Roopa smiles. Laddo’s ghost says you got praises, Roopa says you did all that using your mind. Flashback shows Laddo’s ghost followed Dada in party, Roopa saw him in Dada’s live video. Laddo’s ghost was dancing in party and hears some men saying that they will rob Dada. Laddo’s ghost says to Dada that dont drink this wine, you will faint. Roopa saw that live video and he asking her to save Dada. Flashback ends. Roopa says we did it together, lets have Dada’s party now.

Scene 2
Dada comes to his family party wearing kurta Prem gifted, he thanks everyone for the gift, he says I will cut Roopa’s cake, he cuts it, all wishes him birthday. Shalini says lets take selfie. Dada says keep this phone away from me. Dada asks to keep phone away from him, it all all bad things. Roopa says it was not phone that did bad, we should decide how much phone we should use. Dada says lets do something which everyone will like, he says lets take family photo. Roopa hints Laddo’s ghost to come too. Shalini asks Suzzi to take photo, Dada says Suzzi is family too. Shalini puts phone on auto mode. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that no one can see me in photo, she says look from my eyes, I see you everywhere, he smiles. They take family photo.

Laddo’s ghost is in kitchen, Roopa is working there. Laddo’s ghost asks her to come sit with him on terrace, she says I have work. LAddo’s ghost sees a cockroach, he screams. Roopa screams too, he asks her to kill him. Roopa takes an old balen and tries to kill it but it runs away. Roopa says you got killed from balen but he didnt, Laddo’s ghost says your balen killed me, he leaves. Roopa says who dies from balen? she mistakenly hits her head with balen and faints. Lata comes there and asks what happened? She runs to call everyone. Laddo’s ghost comes there and sees Roopa fainted with balen, he says you died from balen too? now you know you die from balen? where is your ghost? he searches for it. Lata calls family there. Jitendra says Roopa killed herself with balen, Suzzi checks her pulse and says she is fainted, she will wake up.

Family sprinkles water on Roopa, she wakes up. Doctor comes there. Roopa says what I am doing here? she calls Lata aunty and asks where is Nirupa? she must be with her husband, I will go, she goes. Doctor says this is a serious case.

Roopa comes to her room, Laddo’s ghost says no one can see you now. Roopa says jiju what happened to you? he says why you are calling me jiju? Roopa asks where is Nirupa?
Doctor says to family that Roopa has lost some of her memory, she has gone to time when Laddo got married to Nirupa. Laddo’s ghost hears it and looks on. Lata says how will she be fine? Doctor says it can take much time, do as she says, do as she thinks, her mind can go blank if you give her shock, from today Roopa is your daughter in law Nirupa’s sister and Laddo is her jiju, he leaves. Roopa comes there and says Jiju was asking me to sit on terrace with me. Lata thinks to follow all her talk and says Laddo listen to her. Roopa asks where is Nirupa? Jitendra says she is on terrace. Roopa goes to check but comes back and says she is not there. Prem says she has gone to mandir, Roopa says we can talk about her till she doesnt return. Lata says daughter in laws should be like Nirupa. Roopa says my sister is the best, she says their wedding was so good. Dada says yes snacks were so good too. Roopa says why I am wearing saree? Lata says tea fell on you so Nirupa gave you her saree, Roopa says I will wear a suit, she leaves.

Roopa comes to her room and says I will wear a suit. Laddo’s ghost is there, she asks him to go out, she has to change, he says but I am? she asks him to leave, he leaves.

Scene 3
Roopa comes to family wearing a suit. Roopa asks where is Nirupa? she didnt comeaback from mandir till now? Dada says she might be returning soon, you shouldnt leave now. Roopa says my head is hurting, Dada asks her to relax, she will comeback soon. Roopa says Nirupa doesnt have much photos and most are in veil. Jitendra hints at Shalini to wear a veil and come as Nirupa. Shalini comes there in a veil and says Roopa I am here, she hugs her and says I am here, Roopa asks what happened your voice Nirupa? Shalini says I drank bad tea, Roopa asks why she is wearing a veil? Lata says its a tradition? Dada says our new daughter in laws remain in veil in initial days here.

PRECAP- Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you are thinking wrong, Nirupa died way back, whom you think as Nirupa is actually Shalini. Roopa sees its Shalini behind veil. Laddo’s ghost says and person acting like Shalini is Naren in saree, Roopa sees his face. Roopa faints hearing it, all rush to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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