Belan Wali Bahu 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dada makes online friends

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Belan Wali Bahu 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lata sees Prem trying to put a watch cell in Dada’s phone. Lata says this battery is not used for this phone. Prem says dont disturb me, Lata says but.. Dada asks Lata to leave, she leaves. Dada asks Prem to open his phone. Prem is trying to open Dada’s phone using many tools. Lata comes there. Prem asks her if she can open it then open it, Lata says you think I am your servant. Dada ask them to stop fighting, he takes his phone and says you cant do anything, he leaves. Lata and Prem argue.

Laddo’s ghost is staring at Roopa in kitchen. Roopa says first you used to not like my food and now I cant eat your food. Dada comes there and asks how to open this phone? Roopa switches on his phone, she says when you get a call, if you press green button then you can take call, Dada asks about other options. roopa says I need to cook. Dada takes phone and leaves.

Dada asks Shalini to teach him how to use smartphone. She says there are any apps in phones, first I will teach you how to take selfies, there are two cameras in phone, front and back. She teaches Dada to pout and take selfie, he takes it. Shalini says now you can put it on Facebook, he asks how? she says I will teach later, she leaves. Dada says I will learn this for sure.

Naren is talking on call with his girlfriend, she asks for gold chain, he says I dont have money, she ends call. Dada comes there and asks him to teach him how to use internet on phone. Naren says if I teach you in two-three days then what will I get? he asks what you want? Naren says I want gold chain, Dada thinks and says okay you will get it.

Naren starts teaching Dada how to use phone, he says we will make your profile on Facebook, lets find your friends, he sees that most of them are dead. Naren makes his account. Naren takes Dada’s photo and uploads his profile photo. Naren teaches him all features.

Dada starts using snapchat features too. He shares his photos with Suzzi too.

Scene 2
At night, Dada is laughing and watching movies on his photos. Suzzi asks him to sleep. Dada says you sleep, I am watching this movie. Suzzi is irritated with his laughter.

In morning, Suzzi says Dada has gone mad, he has been using his phone too much. Dada comes there. Prem gives him newspaper but Dada says I read all news on my phone. Prem slaps Naren and says you made Dada learn all this. Lata says its not his fault, she says stop using too much phone, your eyes are swollen. Dada says dont worry about it, he searches for treatments for swollen eyes. He says I am #independent, he leaves.

Roopa is sitting on terrace plank with Laddo’s ghost, she says why did you call me here? He says I am worried about Dada. Laddo’s ghost says he doesnt leave phone for even one second, Roopa says he is learning nice things. Lata screams that train is passingby. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to keep sitting, all family members run to hold things. Dada is busy taking their photos and videos. Jitendra has fallen down but Dada is not helping him. Jitendra asks him to give hand but Dada says I have phone in hand. Dada says now I will post it on my social media, he leaves, all look on. Prem says we should take Dada to doctor, Jitendra says nothing can happen. Lata asks Roopa why she is sitting on terrace plank, she says I just felt like, I wanted to see how house looks from here, I mean I thought to clean cobwebs from here, I am coming down. Prem says what is happening in this house?

All family members are in thoughts, Jitendra says I talked to a doctor, he asked to give electric shock to Dada, Prem slaps him. Roopa says soon he will throw his phone, right now we have to thought think about his birthday. Lata says we can plan a surprise, where is Dada? Jitendra says busy on phone. Dada comes there with headphones on, he says to his friend that we will chat, bye. He ends call. Dada takes picture of food to send to his friends. All look on. Prem says Dada you have changed, he says no generation changed so we have to learn new things, you guys said I couldnt learn it but I learned it. Roopa says we just think that you are using it too much, he says no I dont think so. Prem says society people came. Dada says you people talk so much, make a group on phone, we will talk there, I have joined many groups.

Scene 3
Naren asks Dada if he can take his slipper, his slipper broke. Dada says no I want it. Naren leaves. Prem comes there and says I need your kurta, I have to go out, my kurtas are not washed. Dada says our sizes are different. Prem says I will get it tight, he takes his kurta. Lata comes there and asks if he wears blanket or quilt? he says light quilt. She leaves. Suzzi comes there and asks if he likes lavender oil? he is busy on phone and says its good. She says okay and leaves.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that everyone has decided to give to Dada on birthday, what should I give to Dada? Laddo’s ghost says make him leave his phone. roopa says let him enjoy, everyone will wish on his birthday, Dada will cut cake.. I will make cake for him, Laddo’s ghost says thats great idea, make ajwain cake. She says what are you saying? you are a ghost. she leaves. He says this is her respect? calling me a ghost? Roopa comes back and says I am sorry, I can never think bad for you, you are my husband as it is you are, they smile and blush at each other. She says okay cutie, she leaves, he smiles.

All family members are preparing for Dada’s birthday, they have decorated lounge. Prem asks Roopa to bring cake. Roopa brings cake, its all melted and messed up, she puts candle on it. Prem says where is cake? Roopa says I made cake but it messed up a little. Jitendra says did you press it with balen? Shalini says Dada wont even post its picture. Naren says she made it with heart. Roopa shows them a picture of cake and says I tried to made something like this but it messed up. They see Dada coming. They all hide. Dada comes there wearing a suit. All come out and says surprise. Dada smiles. They all sing happy birthday to him. They all give him gifts. Dada says to Prem that my phone wont match your kurta gift, he says to Naren that you could give me something else other than a slipper, he says to Suzzi that instead of massage oil you could have given me a perfume, he says to Jitendra that you could have given me a coupon for online shopping, Dada says to Lata that I dont need quilt everytime, Prem says he didnt even check their gifts. Dada says you people give me same gifts everytime. He sees Roopa’s cake and asks what is this? this is cake? Jitendra says but you got ready for our surprise. Dada says I didnt get ready for you people, I did it for my online friends, they have arranged a special birthday party for me, YOLO. Dada says I have got one life and I will live it, I am going to my surprise birthday part arranged by ‘dil se dosti’ group. Dada hears a horn and says they sent a car for me. Roopa says what about our surprise birthday party, Dada says okay burn candle, I will blow on it. Roopa sadly looks on.

PRECAP- Dada shows a big car to Dada and says this is called my birthday party.
Dada comes to a club, all young people are dancing there, he says its a good place, birthday parties should be like this.
Lata says to family that Dada should comeback, its been 6 hours since he went for that party, Prem says he never remained out for this long.
Dada is tied to a chair with only shorts and tanks on in club.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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