Belan Wali Bahu 29th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa tries to get rid of trashcan

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Belan Wali Bahu 29th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada asks Prem to find newspaper from trashcan. Prem says its very smelly here. Prem asks Jitendra to find newspaper from it. They make Jitendra jump in trashcan. He finds newspaper. Prem and Dada leaves Jitendra in trashcan. Katori comes there and asks Jitendra to find spoon from it, Jitendra finds it and asks her to bring him out but Katori leaves. Shalini comes there and takes selfie with Jitendra in trashcan and leaves. Jitendra jumps out of it.

In house, all family members are smelling from trashcan. Suzzi says I cant live like this.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that are you happy now, trash is not falling on you. Train passesby house, family members hold things. Roopa says trashcan must have fallen from train passing and smell will spread. Jitendra says we have to make people stop from throwing garbage in it. Lata says all are habituated to it. Prem says we have to keep an eye on trashcan and not allow anyone to throw garbage in it. Shalini says Jitendra can guard trashcan. Jitendra says I alone cant do it. Shalini will be with me. Dada says yes they both will guard it.

Jitendra and Shalini are guarding trashcan. They start taking selfies. People keep throwing trash behind their back.

Prem and Lata are guarding trashcan. Lata says this is all happening because of you, I am not staying here, she leaves. People keep throwing trash in can. Prem tries to stop them but cant.

Dada says you people are useless, cant even stop people, get habituated to smell this, if Laddo was alive then he would have handled everything. Roopa pouts at Laddo’s ghost. He says dont even think about it, how can I stop anyone? I cant hold anyone, hear anyone. Roopa says dont worry about it, I will handle it. Prem says what will you do? Roopa says I will do something.

Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you want me to guard trashcan? Roopa says all have done it. Laddo’s ghost says I was a businessman, I cant do this, I am not even seen. Roopa says please do it, I have given commitment. Laddo’s ghost says you are making me get stuck. Roopa says please go and call me if someone tries to throw trash in can. Laddo’s ghost sees balen in her hands and says okay.

Scene 2
Laddo’s ghost is guarding trashcan, people come there and keeps throwing trash in it, he tries to stop them but they cant see him. He calls for Roopa but till she comes out, people are already gone. Laddo’s ghost shouts for Roopa. Roopa is serving food to family and says someone is throwing trash in can, she runs away. Lata says how does she know?

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost, he says that someone threw trash but you came late. Roopa says call me fast next time. She leaves. Someone throws trash again, he calls for Roopa but she is still late.

At night, Roopa is sleeping in her room. Laddo’s ghost comes to her and says someone is throwing trash in can. Roopa runs to stop that person.

In morning, Katori comes to trashcan. Laddo’s ghost says all are throwing trash in it, please stop them. Katori doesnt see him and throws trash in can. Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says Katori threw trash in can.
Roopa comes to Katori’s house and says we told you to not throw trash in trashcan. Katori says I didnt throw trash in it. Laddo’s ghost says she is lying, Roopa says you are lying. Katori says do you have proof? Roopa says yes.. I have camera.. Lata comes there too. Roopa says she threw trash in trashcan. Katori says yes I threw in it, this is for throwing garbage, she leaves. Lata says she is right, we have to get this removed. We have to talk to municipal officer.

Lata and Roopa comes to municipal office. Roopa says we are sorry again for throwing mud again, please we are living in hell. Mohan says you made things difficult for me too, how will I get stains removed from shirt? Roopa says please solve our problem. Mohan says its not my problem. That trashcan wont be removed from there. Mohan gets call and says yes I sleep till 9AM. Roopa mistakenly throws water glass and water falls on Mohan. Roopa says sorry, very sorry, she runs away with Lata.

Prem says to family that this Mohan wont agree, he wont remove this trashcan. Dada says we are getting insulted too, our address is also linked with this trashcan. Prem says we have to find a solution. Jitendra sees a bee sitting on Dada’s bald head, he tries to kill it but hits on Dada’s head. Dada slaps him. Prem says we have to treat this Mohan.

PRECAP- Roopa says to family that I have found Mohan’s house address, we will go to his house tomorrow and become Gandhi there.
Dada slaps Jitendra and says if Mohan slaps you then present your other cheek to him. All family members come to Mohan’s house. Mohan slaps Jitendra. Jitendra presents his other cheek. Mohan keeps slapping him making Jitendra dizzy, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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