Belan Wali Bahu 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa ends saint’s game

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Belan Wali Bahu 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada, Prem, Jitendra and Naren takes bath from icy water, they come out and are shivering. Prem says it was nice to take bath from icy water and it was a good challenge. Lata says taking a bath at 4AM is a challenge. Roopa says I have made a tea, I will bring it for you. Shalini says yes you should drink otherwise you can get ill. Dada says no we cant drink tea. Prem says tea is intoxicating and we cant have it. Lata says to Roopa that they are not falling in our trap. Dada says we cant break, we have to bear this challenge. Prem says we will make our bodies stronger to sit on Himalayas. Naren says we will not move back. Shalini says they failed our plan. Roopa says one more plan is remaining.

In morning, Laddo’s ghost, Dada and other men come in lounge and greet women. Roopa says your head saint called and said that to become ultimate saint, you have to pass this small challenge. Lata says he will take you to the path of God but before that you have to walk on this path. They see path of burning coals and get scared. Roopa ask them to walk on them. Jitendra says this? Shalini says I am sure you can walk on burning coals. Lata says we want to this miracle of saints, walk on them. Scrap seller asks Dada to walk on this path first then I will be set too. Prem asks how? he says Dada will pass away and I will get Suzzi. Dada is about to slap him but Prem stops him. Laddo’s ghost says to them that dont be scared my saints, this is a challenge for us. Roopa hints that they cant hear them. Prem asks Dada to walk first, Dada asks him to walk first, Prem asks Jitendra to walk on coals first, Jitendra says no Naren do it first, they keep asking each other. Dada says Roopa make us walk on ice but not coals. Lata says but this is head saint’s order, you have to follow it. All women try to stop them but they runaway. Laddo’s ghost walk on coals as he cant burn and ask them to not be scared. Roopa says to Dada that why are you scared? your head saint that you are ultimate saint if you walk on coals. Dada says to hell with that swami, he sits in AC and wants us to walk on coals. Jitendra says he sleeps on bed and made us sleep on road. Naren says he made me lose my girlfriends too. Dada says to hell with Swami. They all take off their swami costumes and says to hell with saint. Katori comes there and asks if they are fine? she walks on burning coals, takes sugar. She sees men in tanks and shorts only and ask them to wear some clothes, she leaves. Dada says she walked on coals? she is a real saint. Roopa says we are saints too. Roopa walks on coals, Laddo’s ghost asks her to stop it. Lata and Shalini walks on coals too. Dada says nothing happened? Shalini says these coals are fake. Dada says why? Lata says we wanted to show you the path, you went before a saint and left your worldly relations and duties. Roopa says you can pray while fulfilling your worldly duties. Dada says you are right, I was happy with Suzzi’s duties, where is she? Roopa laughs and asks Laddo’s ghost to laugh some.

Scene 2
After some days, all men are fine. Suzzi is laughing looking at her phone. Dada says you forgot to give me medicine, you are always busy in your phone. She says you are busy in newspaper, he says I am solving a puzzle and crossword. Suzzi says since when you have been solving these? he says for 25 years, I got a pen once, Suzzi says just a pen? he says I will get a big gift one time, I keep submitting them.

A courier man comes to house and says to Dada that you wont a smartphone by solving our crossword, our company launched 2 months back. Dada thanks him for the gift and says I have been filling them for 25 years, he gives him 10rs tip, courier guy leaves. Dada says to family that I got my gift. All come there and ask what happened? Dada says I got a phone in gift, its a smartphone, all look on. Dada says I have been filling this crossword for 25 years and this is my first gift. Naren says this is latest smartphone, its the fastest phone in market. Suzzi says this phone is very advance, you can give this phone to me and take my phone. Dada says I wont give this phone to you. Shalini says its camera is so good, selfies will be so good, will you give it to me? Dada says I wont give it to anyone. Prem says Dada you dont know how to use it. Jitendra says Dada you dont even know how to use TV remote, how will you use this phone? Dada slaps him and says nobody will touch this phone, day after tomorrow is my birthday so this is my gift to me, I will learn to use it, Roopa says man can learn anything. Laddo’s ghost says you had to learn how to use balen to make roties but what did you learn Roopa? Prem says they should have sent Geeta to Dada, Jitendra says mobile have Geeta too, Prem slaps him and asks him to not interrupt him.

Dada looks at phone and says why its not switched on? I should use a big battery so it will work better, he takes out a big battery and says how will it fit? I should ask Prem.

Dada comes to Prem with his new phone. Dada shows big batter cell to Prem. Prem says you will put this battery in this phone? dont know what is wrong with you. He takes out cell from watch and says slim battery will fit. Dada says you are right. Prem tries to fit it but says where will it fit? we have to open it. Dada says cant we do it without opening it? Prem says we have to be smart. Lata comes there and sees Prem trying to open his phone. Lata says what are you doing? this battery cant fit. Prem says dont teach me, I know what to do.

PRECAP- Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that everyone has decided what to give to Dada on birthday, they have all planned to wish him nicely and he will cut cake made by me.
All family members prepare for Dada’s birthday surprise, they ask to bring cake. Roopa brings her cake which is all messed up, melted and falling down, she puts a candle on it and smiles. All family members look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I watched this sitcom in the hope that it would improve with time, but I was wrong. Firstly that irrating woman called Roopa that constantly talks to the ghost of her dead husband coupled with her clumsiness is taking this show into the doldrums. The old Grandfather has ambition of having s*xual relations with his nurse. The so called incense factory business is never attended by any member of the family and added to this nonsense all the members seem to turn to Roopa for advice, who in turns gets the advice from a ghost, who according to earlier episodes should have been taken by the God of Death.

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