Belan Wali Bahu 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: All men of family become saints

Belan Wali Bahu 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada says to family that we should leave life like a king while smiling, our head saint told us this lesson, find out who you are, he leaves. Lata says to Roopa where did you send Dada to? Suzzi says Dada doesnt need me anymore, I am leaving, she leaves.

Roopa sees ad again and says it says leave and I thought it was live life king size. Laddo’s ghost comes to her and says what did you do Dada? you killed me and now you are making prepare for his ever after, I should touch your feet. She moves away from him. Jitendra comes there and asks why she is running alone in room? Roopa says it was a lizard, it left. Jitendra says I will beat the saint who made Dada like this, Roopa says he will be fine soon.

In morning, Dada is trying to do meditation. Family comes there and sees him sitting on one feet. Dada laughs and hoots, he ask them to wake up their souls. Dada says we will do laughing yoga, all start laughing. Dada says now hug your earth, they all lie on floor. Prem says to Lata that we have to do something about Dada. Roopa says you should go and meet that saint who did this with Dada, Jitendra says I will go with him. Laddo’s ghost says I will go too. Prem says I will ask him to make Dada fine.

Dada is in kitchen. Lata says to Roopa that Dada is not letting me work, he is boiling water since morning. Roopa asks Dada why you are boiling water? Dada says it will evaporate and become a droplet that will be my food for today. Shalini says to Roopa that Prem and others have gone to find solution for Dada.

Dada is doing prayers and says to women that my saints group is coming. Prem, Jitendra and Naren comes home and they all are dressed as saint. They all say who we are? Prem says we are ready for our ever after, we have found new path in life. Naren says we have promised to become saint for life as this is how we all should live.

Dada says to family that we should to leave to find ourselves. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that what has happened with all? Laddo’s ghost says who I am? Roopa says you too? Lata says we have to handle all men.

Scene 2
Prem is doing meditation, Lata comes to him and asks him to stop this joke. Prem says who I am? who are you? she says I am Lata. Prem says you should look deep in your soul and ask who are you? Lata asks him to stop it. Prem asks her to not show anger, when you leave this world, all this anger will be questioned. Lata is frustrated and leaves from there.

Jitendra is praying. Shalini tries to take selfie with him but he doesnt look at her, Shalini asks him to stop it, you are a suspended policeman. Jitendra says there is no suspension, we have all left worldly things. Shalini says what? Naren comes there and asks Jitendra to come for prayers, Jitendra leaves with him.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost why did you go there? Laddo’s ghost says we have no value in this world, pour my kalash in water and free me from this world, she says what are you talking about? what about me? Laddo’s ghost says I am sorry for everything I did in this life with you, I am touching your feet devi. Roopa moves away from him. Lata comes there and asks what she is doing? She says killing lizard. Laddo’s ghost says we want freedom from this world. Lata says Prem doesnt want to change, Roopa says he too. Lata asks who? she says no one.

Women of house see all men eating veggies. Lata says they are eating without cooked veggies. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost why he is sitting alone? he says I have left worldly things.

PRECAP- Lata says to Roopa and Shalini that we will become Mainka to bring these saints back to world.
Lata wears saree and asks Prem to tie her dori. Prem starts tying dori of curtain, she rolls her eyes.
Shalini seductively dances around Jitendra but he keeps praying.
Roopa is trying to seduce Laddo’s ghost and dances around him on terrace, she says I will see how you dont open your eyes but he keeps praying. Scrap seller comes there and sees her dancing alone, he says Awasti family see what your daughter in law is doing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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