Belan Wali Bahu 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s soul remains trapped in a dog

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Belan Wali Bahu 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa sets candle light dinner for Laddo’s ghost, she says to dog Daddo that dont be miffed, lets be friends. She shakes hands with him. LAddo’s ghost says okay lets be friends. Roopa says lets go. They sit down for dinner. Naren is passingby her room and knocks on door, he says dinner is ready, come down. Roopa says you people eat it, I am eating with him. Naren says with whom? Roopa says I mean I am eating infront of Laddo’s photo, I miss him a lot. Naren says okay and leaves. Roopa says he left, now we can eat easily. Laddo’s ghost says thank you Roopa, you did so much for me, you do foolish things but you are nice.. what days have come. Roopa looks at dog and says yes, these are bad days for you. Laddo’s ghost says I am talking about you, when I took you to bar, people were seeing you eat alone and now if someone sees you, they will say you are eating with a dog, these are worst days. Roopa says I dont care what people say, if you are with me then I dont care. Laddo’s ghost says promise me you always be with me like this. Roopa says yes I promise to be with you always and never leave you alone. Roopa smiles at dog. Prem comes there and sees her sitting with dog on dinner table. He asks what this dog is doing here? Laddo’s ghost says why didnt you close second door? Prem says Naren told me you are sad so I thought to talk to you but you seem fine and dont let this dog sit with you, he is putting tongue in food, roopa says this food is for him. Prem says you are putting tongue in his food then? Roopa says no, how to tell you. Prem says this dog should understand to not sit near when you are eating, dont worry, I will throw him out. He drags dog out. Laddo’s ghost Roopa stop him, Prem leaves with dog. Roopa is sad and blows off candle.

Prem makes dog sit in lounge and says dont you go in any room otherwise I will throw you out. Laddo’s ghost says they didnt let me sit with Roopa, lets sit with Dada.
Suzzi is doing Dada’s head massage, dog comes to his room. Suzzi screams. Dada says come in Daddo. Suzzi tries to shoo him away. Dog leaves. suzzi says I hate dogs. Dada says you dont like dogs? She says not at all, Dada says me too, I despise them. Suzzi does his head massage and asks him to relax.

dog sits in lounge, Laddo’s ghost says dont know till when I have to stay in this dog, if I stay for longer then I will get used to it. Katori comes there and says how is everyone? Laddo’s ghost says let me tell her how all are. Katori says wow, no one is here. Dog barks her, Katori gets scared and says you came here too? move away from my path, Laddo’s ghost says I wont let her take sugar, he keeps coming in her path and barks at her. Suzzi sees it and gets scared. Jitendra comes there and asks what happened? Katori says why did you bring this street dog in house, get him injections, what if he bites someone. Suzzi says she was right, what if he bites anyone? we have to give him rabies injection. Jitendra says you are right.

Suzzi makes big injection ready. Roopa says dont give it to dog, Laddo’s ghost says I am scared of injections, Roopa says he is scared. Suzzi says I will just give him injection fast. Dog barks, Laddo’s ghost says I wont let her inject me, he barks at Suzzi. He runs away. Naren and Jitendra catches Daddo. Suzzi tries to give him injection, she injects him and he bites her. Suzzi screams. Jitendra says Daddo bit Suzzi. Roopa says what did you do? Dada makes Suzzi sit on wheelchair and says someone do something for my Suzzi. He asks someone to do something. Lata goes to bring turmeric and applies it on her wound. Suzzi says throw this doggy out. Roopa says no. Suzzi says I told you he will bite someone, either this doggy will stay in this house or me. Dada glares at dog. Naren says but Daddo. Dada says Suzzi is right, this dog is not safe to be in house, throw him out, he leaves with Suzzi. Prem says throw this doggy out, we could have avoided it but he bit Suzzi. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to do something, they are throwing your husband out. Roopa asks Prem to not throw him out. Lata says you saw how angry Dada was, we dont have any choice. Jitendra says sorry, they start taking him away, Roopa says please dont take him away, please. Jitendra and Nare throws dog out of house. Roopa cries for him. Dog leaves. Roopa recalls how she promised to be with Laddo always. She cries.

Scene 2
At night, Roopa says dont know where he is. Lata comes there and asks why didnt you sleep? Roopa says dont know if he ate something or not, Lata says he is not Laddo, he is a dog, he will find some food. Roopa says I got emotionally attached to him, Lata says I know but Suzzi didnt get attached, Roopa says she scared him with big injection thats why he bit her, please bring him back. Lata says you know Dada doesnt listen to anyone when it comes to Suzzi, go to sleep.

In morning, Roopa says to Dog that do something, first he had to leave the world and now this house, please do something and bring him back. Roopa cries.

Doctor comes to house to check Suzzi, he says I am a vet, he checks Suzzi’s wounds and says she will get 14 injections. Doctor asks where is the dog? Roopa says his name is Daddo. Dada says I threw that dog out, he bit my Suzzi. Doctor says I have to observe dog to treat Suzzi, I have to keep him in observation to see if dog has any illness or infections, if he has then Suzzi’s life will be in danger, when dog is back then call me, he leaves. Prem says to Roopa that be happy, dog is coming back. Roopa gets happy. Suzzi says what if I die? Dada says you have to live with me for years. Dada calls everyone and says I want that Daddo back in house, bring him back in house with respect. Roopa thanks God.

PRECAP- Roopa and family searches for Daddo on streets. Scrap seller says municipal people came last night and took all dogs from street. Roopa and family comes to municipal office, roopa says you took our dog, he was wearing pink T-shirt. She calls out to Daddo. Laddo’s ghost says I am here. They see two black dogs in a cage, Roopa says left one is Daddo. Dada says I think right one is Daddo. Roopa says no left one, Dada says no right one, they argue about it. Jitendra says enough.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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