Belan Wali Bahu 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa tells family about Laddo’s ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Scene 1
Shalini says what are you thinking? Jatindra says you should feel bad right that your husband doesn’t work? She says yes i do but then I think that I don’t work either. He says but ghosts stop you. No one stops me. Can you ever leave me? She says if you don’t stop sayng that I will leave. What happened to your tea? He says I will make the tea but don’t ever leave me. She says if you don’t make good tea I will actually leave you.
Jatindra says I will have to ask for the job from commissioner sir. He calls on a number says sir for your wife please give me.. I am sorry i forgot that your wife passed away. For your mom please give me a job. If not as an inspector then as a constable or driver please sir. My wife will leave me please. Commissioner

hangs up.

Jatindra comes to room and says I wont let my shalu go. I will get a job. Shalu says shut up and sleep or I will actually leave. she sleeps. Jatindra says what if I sleep and she leaves?
Roopa turns on candle. Laddo’s ghost says why are you doing this? She says this candle repels mosquitoes. Laddo says there are none. Roopa says they bite me you are ghost they can’t bite you.
Jatindra comes and says bhabhi I need sleeping pill. Please I can’t sleep. and this Laddo’s photo it always scares people. Roopa says yes we was in real scary too. Laddo says what you saying Roopa. she says but he was cute. Jatindra says he wasn’t cure he was scary. People used to scare their kids with him. And now his photo scares me. Laddo says see he is my brother ask him to take off my photo. Roopa says you can remove his photo.
Laddo says you called me scary too roopa. Roopa gives Jatindra pills.

Jatindra comes to his room and takes four pills. He sleeps next to Shalini.
Laddo says to Roopa I can’t sleep. Roopa says don’t worry for Jatindra. He will be okay. She says sleep. He says I am not worried for him. I am worried for myself. I am pretty useless. You called me scary too. she says I called you cute too. I was just kidding. everyone really loves you. They were just worried. He says please lets talk. She says let me sleep. There will be a lot of work. He says what if I caan’t see you tomorrow? She says I took special permission from yamraj. He can’t take you. I have kept your kalash safe. He says how does kalash matter to yamraj? Roopa says don’t worry and sleep. I love you. She sleeps.

In morning, Roopa wakes and sees Laddo’s ghost missing. Roopa looks around in her room and says where is he? he doesnt go out this early. Roopa asks Jitendra have you seen him? he asks who? Roopa says I mean Dada.. Jitendra says he is in his room. She leaves.

Roopa is searching for Laddo’s ghost here and there, she says he is nowhere seen, where can he be? Did he take his kalash. She comes to her room and sees kalash there. She says did Yamraj take him? she recalls how Laddo’s ghost said that yamraj could take him. She recalls how he said he could go away. She gets emotional and looks around.

Roopa cries and comes to family. She says he left. they ask who? Roopa says Laddo didnt die on his own, he died from my balen. She tells them how that day Laddo asked for parathas but scolded her for not making them nicely then how she went to kitchen to make mores, Laddo came there. Roopa flicked her balen and he died. Roopa says the truth is that I still see him, all are stunned. Jitendra says how? Roopa says I asked yamraj to not take Laddo’s ghost. Lata says Yamraj? Roopa says Yam came here. Lata recalls it. Roopa tells them how Yamraj came here then how he was taking Laddo’s ghost but Roopa asked for wardan and he left him with Roopa. Jitendra says I dont believe you, why we dont see him? Roopa says you saw him, Jitendra recalls how he started seeing Laddo’s ghost and had to get electric shocks. Lata says how could I not see Laddo’s ghost? I blessed him so much. Prem says you used to slap him so much because of blessing that he could not see you. Lata says you wont understand, my motherly love was in those blessings but why I couldnt see him? Dada says why I couldnt see him? Prem says why not me too? Lata says you people so much bad words for him, Prem says I used to joke but I love Laddo a lot. Dada says only he was sensible and earning person in this house. Suzzi says yes Dada love Laddo a lot, he was a nice man. Jitendra says yes I love Laddo. Shalini says yes he was nice. Naren says yes he was the best. Lata says why we couldnt miss him? Roopa says he came to meet you, he took wardan from Yamraj and came here as a sardar Guddo. All recall their encounters with Laddo as Guddo. Dada says I accept it was Laddo. He even saved my life. Dada says we couldnt know that you were seeing him all the time. Roopa says when I used to say help came from God, it was actually Laddo’s ghost helping me. Dada says to Roopa that I accept Laddo was here but dont blame yourself that Laddo left because of you. Lata says anything can happen in this world, what you did for Laddo, no wife could have done it. Roopa says I am not finding him anywhere, he was worried last night and I am worried now. Prem says he must be wandering around. Dada says he has wandered a lot, he should get freedom now. He says we poured his ashes then how he didnt get freedom? Roopa tells them how bomb blasted at river site and she saved Laddo’s kalash. Lata says its time for Laddo to get his freedom, go and bring his kalash. Roopa is tensed.

Scene 2
Roopa comes to her room and looks at Laddo’s kalash. Her hands are shaking. Roopa hugs it and says you were here, you were here but now you are not, I kept you with me, its time for you to leave, you have to get freedom and get what you deserve.

Roopa brings Laddo’s kalash and says I kept him safe till now but.. Dada takes kalash from him and says we miss you so much Laddo, they hug his kalash and cries. Prem hugs it and says you were my nice son. Lata says we miss you so much. Jitendra hugs his kalash and says you always helped us, you made this house run. Shalini says sorry Laddo, I couldnt be your real sister. Naren says we are sorry to not take care of you Laddo. Dada says we will have 2 minutes silence for Laddo. They all silently pray. Laddo’s ghost comes back home. He asks Roopa what is going on? why they are praying? Roopa is stunned to see him and asks where were you? he says I was watching a movie. Roopa says you know what I did? she shows him kalash and says I told everyone about you, they are going to free you. Laddo’s ghost says what are you saying? I am not going anywhere. Roopa says yes. Roopa says to family that we will not pour kalash in river, he is back. Family asks where? They all look around and try to see Laddo’s ghost. Lata shouts that train is coming, all go to hold things down, Roopa takes Laddo’s ghost kalash and smiles at him. Roopa hugs his kalash and smiles.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is it last episode?

    1. Muje b batana pata hua tho

  2. Is it last episode?

  3. Yeh last episode hein

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Is this last episode…???? Really confused… But according to wikipedia of show it was last…
    But show had so many loop holes-
    1. Why Roopa married Laddo?
    2. How Roopa sister died?
    3. How come everyone believe all incident easily that laddo was present?

    Actually show was commedy, and it was nice comedy but had too many loops, which cannot make it successful.. But going to miss show…

    1. I totally agree.i loved the show.The ending didn’t make much sense. I wish the series had gone on.This is the first series i ever took an interest in.

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