Belan Wali Bahu 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa makes a

Belan Wali Bahu 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Naren says to family what if we make water for ourselves? Prem says how can we make it? Naren says water’s formula is H2O. Dada says I have heard this name. Naren says its not a name, its a chemical formula of water, our group in college made a water generator, it can make so much water that we can give it to neighbors too, Dada says they dont give anything to us so we wont, Naren says machine will take 3 days to make.

Naren shows diagram of the machine that will make water, Roopa says yes this machine can make water, lets work on this. Dada says start it then.

Naren has made the machine. Jitendra gives speech that my brother have made us proud, I want to announce that today our water generator will start working. Dada breaks coconut infront of machine but cant break

it one go, he tries to break it again, it breaks. Prem asks Naren why his machine have his radio attached? Naren it will use frequency. Shalini takes selfie with machine. Dada says we will have water now. He switches on button, Naren tries to move the wheel. Naren says water will come, they all wait but it doesnt, Naren says I forgot to switch on the main button, he switches on the button.. and.. it blasts. whole machine blasts, all family members fall down. Scrap seller comes there and asks what happened? come Suzzi I will help you. Dada slaps him and asks him to go. Scrap seller asks what did they do? Lata says Naren have been making water generator for two days and it blasted in a minute. Scrap seller says water cameback two days ago only, you people didnt check taps. Suzzi you shouldnt stay with these people, come with me and I will show what life is. Dada slaps him and asks him to go, he leaves. Dada asks Naren to come forward, he tries to run away but Jitendra brings him to Dada. Dada slaps him and says swear on yourself that you will never make a machine, Naren says swear on you, I will never make a machine. Dada slaps him again and says swear on yourself for ten times that we will never make a machine like this. Naren swears that he will never make a machine like that.

In morning, Roopa comes to laddo’s ghost and says you are here? I was searching for you, what happened? did someone say something to you? Laddo’s ghost doesnt answer her and leaves. Roopa says what happened to him? She goes behind him in their room and asks what happened to you? talk to me. Laddo’s ghost says I can talk to you only, husband and wife can have talks finished, I want to talk to others, talk to Dada and others, I am getting in depression, I cant even talk to anyone, bring my kalash and free me from this world. Roopa says how can you say that? when you are with me, I have strength and will to live. Laddo’s ghost okay dont free me, he leaves.

Roopa looks at Laddo’s picture and says I want you to talk to others too, there were many times that you wanted to talk to family but they couldnt hear you. She is sad.

Laddo’s ghost says to himself that I can see my family but they cant even hear me, only once I could talk to them when I became Guddo, they felt me but couldnt recognize me, I wont get chance like that.

Roopa says when Laddo is worried then it pains me, what to do to ease his worry.

Roopa is sleeping. She sees a dream of Laddo eating parathas that she made, Laddo says they are so nice, you have made perfect parathas, how do you do that? you can never do a mistake, you are so perfect, you never broke a thing, never boiling and spilling milk, how do you do that? Roopa says all is God’s blessing, Laddo says mom is lucky, you are unique and made for you, Roopa says I will bring another one. Laddo’s ghost comes there, she says you? when did you come? He says when you were getting happy over your fake praises and you are getting praises from me in dream and thought that I wont come here? you think you never spilled anything? Roopa says sorry.. I was just.. you are scolding me in my dream, its my dream, I want to enjoy. He says you enjoy your fake praises. She asks him to eat parathas, Laddo’s ghost says they must be burnt and would have less salt… Roopa wakes up and says to Laddo’s ghost that I saw you in my dream too. He says if you look at my photo before sleeping then I would come in your dreams, he leaves. Roopa recalls how he said that he is tired of not being able to talk to anyone. She says I have an idea.

Scene 2
In morning, Dada says to Prem that nobody would give you work so you should do my work. Jitendra brings his medals and says I have won all these medals. Dada says you must have bought them from scrap seller. Jitendra says I won them in races and stuff. Roopa brings Laddo’s photos there. Prem says Roopa why you are doing this joke? Dada can have heart-attack. Dada says to roopa that you shouldnt do joke like this. Prem says why you made big photos of Laddo? Roopa says to put it in your rooms. Dada says why? did we do any mistake? roopa says it was Laddo’s last wish. Prem says till when his lat wishes will keep going on? Roopa says till all his last wishes are done, please do it. Dada says okay put it in our rooms, we will see what happens. Prem says put it in my room too. Jitendra says put in mine too. roopa thanks them and thinks when they sleep after seeing this photo then they will see him in their dreams and then he can talk to them as much as he wants.

In morning, Roopa wakes up Laddo’s ghost and asks how was your night? with whom did you talk? you must be tired, I will ask others. Laddo’s ghost says listen to me.

Roopa comes to Dada and asks how was his night? Dada says I couldnt sleep for one minute, Roopa asks why? Jitendra says seeing Laddo’s scary photo, we couldnt sleep and Shalini kept clicking selfies whole night. Dada says you should have atleast put some nice picture of Laddo. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says see what they think of me, they cant even look at my photo. Roopa brings another picture of Laddo which is a little colorful, she says to family that I will put this photo of Laddo in your rooms and then you people can sleep peacefully. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that you will be able to go in their dreams now.

At night, Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that now family can see you in their dreams, Laddo’s ghost says see if they are asleep unlike last night, Roopa says they are sleeping. She asks whom you want to see first in dreams? Laddo’s ghost says I want to hug Dada, i will talk to them. Roopa says all the best, he leaves.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Jitendra’s room who is sleeping. Laddo’s ghost says I will talk to Jitendra in his dream and hug him but he must be playing cop-thief in his dream too, I should go in Shalini’s dream, they both will be there. Shalini is seeing a dream of packing her stuff, Jitendra says dont leave me, Shalini says I cant stay anymore, I am leaving, Jitendra says dont do this with me. Shalini says you dont work, you are useless, I am not staying with you. Shalini is leaving house, Laddo’s ghost says Shalini you are leaving house over such a small thing? he will get job sometimes. She asks what he is doing in their dream? Laddo’s ghost says I just came to meet you all. Shalini asks him to leave, Laddo’s ghost says he loves you. Shalini says what you know about love? you never showed love to Roopa when you were alive, you made Roopa’s life hell, you made Jitendra useless. Laddo’s ghost says you dont work too. Shalini says this is our matter and you are fueling our fight, Jitendra says Shalini is right, she is my wife and I wont bear anyone pointing fingers at her, Shalini asks Laddo to get lost. Laddo’s ghost leaves. Jitendra asks Shalini to not leave, look love in my eyes, Shalini beats him. Jitendra says I will raise my hand, she says do it, I dare you, he begs her to stay, dream ends.

In morning, Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost what did Jitendra say in his dream? did you talk to him? Laddo’s ghost says I went to Shalini’s dream, Shalini just shows she loves him but there are problems in their lives, she even scolded me, he tells her whole dream of how Shalini wanted to leave house. Roopa says this is worrisome. Roopa says I have to talk to Jitendra, he leaves. Laddo’s ghost says she has no value for me, I talked to them but she doesnt trust me.

Scene 3
Shalini is packing her stuff, Roopa stops her and says all problems will be solved, you cant leave. Shalini says I have to make this bag fine, its broken, Roopa says what? Shalini says I am tired and leaves. Jitendra comes there. Roopa says to Jitendra that Shalini is going to leave, Jitendra says how do you know? Roopa says wives can leave when husbands dont have job, it can happen with you both, Jitendra says no, Shalini loves me. Roopa says yes but think how she must feel when people ask her what her husband does? till when she will keep getting taunts? Jitendra says I never thought it. Roopa says stop her, dont let her go. She leaves. Jitendra is tensed.

In morning, Jitendra makes tea for Shalini, she drinks it and says its bad, Jitendra says dont leave me, I will try again. Shalini says I will leave you when something big happens. Jitendra recalls Roopa’s words and is tensed.

PRECAP- Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that talk to me, Roopa says I am sleepy, we can talk tomorrow. Laddo’s ghost says what if I am not here tomorrow?
In morning, Roopa wakes up and sees Laddo’s ghost missing. She panics and comes to family, she says he left.. Prem asks who? Roopa says Laddo. She cries. Dada says he is gone before. Roopa says how do you think Laddo left this world? Dada says he died. Roopa says do you think he died just like that? he didnt, it was my mistake, he died from my balen, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    It is about time that this stupid sitcom was ended. That dim witted Roopa is in need of a good slapping. What human being(especially a woman) would want to spend the rest of her life with a ruddy ugly ghost. Furthermore, when he was alive he treated her with contempt and constantly criticized her. Either end the sitcom or kill off Roopa and let us have two ghosts in that house of unemployed and good for nothings.

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