Belan Wali Bahu 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Katori fools whole family

Belan Wali Bahu 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Katori says to Roopa that you shouldnt put Laddo’s photo in your room, its scary, you should turn it away, I cant sleep with this photo here. Laddo’s ghost says what she is saying? Roopa says I wont take it off, you can turn away from it. Katori says I pitied you when Laddo was with you, why did your sister get you married to Laddo? if you want then I cant find a groom for you. Roopa says I dont want to marry. Katori says keep a night light and bring ajwain and water, also bring nuts for me, when I wake up then bring tea for me. Roopa says I will arrange everything. Katori says I have to go to washroom at night so dont sleep in my way.

In morning, Dada have brought many things for Katori’s breakfast, Dada says we have to do it for our guest. Jitendra says should

I taste the food? Dada says no first our guest will eat, we are doing for miracle in our house but Katori shouldnt know it. Katori comes there, all make her sit, Katori says this all food for me? Roopa says no we did all for you so miracle will happen in our house, we read in an article that guests bring miracles and positivity in house, all are stunned. Katori thinks oh this all was happening because they wanted a miracle, I will make serve me so much. Katori says I dont eat all this. Dada asks her to try something. Katori says I am health conscious and this is oily food. Prem says I saw you buying oily food many times. Katori says okay I will taste it, she eats a samosa and says its cold, I dont want to eat it. Prem says dont make me angry, Katori says I cant eat all this. Roopa says I will make tea for you. Katori says no not tea alone, I can taste few things. She asks where is chutney of house? Lata asks Roopa to make chutney, Roopa says okay and goes to make it. Katori starts eating food, she eats all food. Roopa brings chutney but Katori have eaten all food, she even drinks chutney alone. All look on. Katori gets dizzy eating all that. She stumbles around. Prem says she is having fits. Naren makes her smell shoes but Katori wakes up and says I was exercising. Shalini says I thought it was gastric, Katori says I could eat more, please send milk in my room, she leaves. Dada says she is our guest, give her milk if she wants.

Scene 2
Katori comes to Roopa’s room and dances around. She says I will make this family dance to my tunes, they made me guest to have a miracle but I will fool them. Laddo’s ghost hears all that and goes to tell Roopa. Roopa comes to Katori and asks what she wants in lunchtime? Katori tells many dishes and says I will eat them all. Roopa says you will eat all that? Katori says make kaju dish too. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says dont make anything for her. Roopa ignores him and asks what she wants in desert, Katori tells another list. Roopa tries to give milk glass to Katori but mistakenly throws milk on her, Katori says I cant go to my house, my house has water, I dont have any other clothes. Roopa says I will bring Lata’s clothes, she leaves. Katori says they are serving me so much, I will enjoy fooling them.

Prem comes home and says guest can be anyone but I didnt fight with Lata today so its a miracle. Katori is standing in lounge wearing Lata’s clothes. Prem thinks its Lata and doesnt see her face, he comes behind her. Prem thinks its Lata and says I never praised you but I want to praise you today, I have brought a gajra for you, I will make you wear it. Katori doesnt turn around to him. Lata comes behind Prem and sees him flirting with Katori. Lata shouts Prem? Prem says you here? Katori turns around, he is shocked. Lata says you are flirting with this woman? Prem says she is wearing your clothes so I thought it was you. Katori says you cant recognize your wife. Prem says shut up. Dada comes there and says sorry to Katori, she nods and leaves. Dada says we should respect our guest, what were you doing Prem? Lata says he misunderstood her for me. Dada leaves. Lata blushes and asks him to put gajra in her hair, he says to hell with it, he leaves. Lata says to hell with guest who is putting fire in our house, she leaves. Dada says positivity will come in our house.

Scene 3
Katori comes to Shalini and asks her to capture her selfie, take my old phone and give your new phone to me. Shalini says no I will take your selfies. Katori poses and Shalini captures her photos. Katori gets a call and takes it, she says what you want to bring Jitendra back on duty? no he is useless, dont give him job, I am his aunt, no problem commissioner, she ends call. Shalini is busy taking photos and doesnt hear it. Jitendra comes there. Katori says commissioner called, he wanted to give you job but I said no. Jitendra says what? Shalini why didnt you stop her? Shalini says I was taking selfies, Katori takes Shalini’s phone and leaves from there. Jitendra shouts at Shalini that you couldnt take phone from Katori? they argue, Jitendra says I will remain jobless because of you. They look away. Shalini comes to him and says this all happened because of Katori, enough, we have to do something about this Katori. Jitendra says yes.

Katori comes to Suzzi and asks if she has medicine which can make her younger, Suzzi says no. Katori says I took shalini’s phone happily. Dada says you do what you want, you are our guest, Katori says you serve me but till when Suzzi will stay here? she has to get married. Dada says she is my nurse. Katori says but she is ready to marry, she is like your grand daughter, have you thought about her marriage? I have many proposals. Dada gets angry but tries to remain calm. Katori says till when you will keep getting taunts, people taunt so much. Dada is about to attack her but Suzzi stops him, Katori says I will call priest for her, she leaves. Dada says I have to do something about her.

All family members come in lounge, Dada says enough of this Katori. Laddo’s ghost says Katori is doing this deliberately, she said that we want miracles so she will fool us. Roopa tells it to family. Lata says we are serving her and she is fooling us. Prem says we have to throw her out otherwise we will get more negativity. Jitendra says I have to confess, he recalls about how he had blasted Katori’s water tank. Prem stops Jitendra from telling family. Jitendra says I will throw Katori out of house, he leaves.

Jitendra says to Katori that I have cleaned your tank so you can go back your home. Dada gives her 11rs for gifts. Katori says just this? Dada gives her 10rs more. Katori says I am not going home today, its bad omen to go to home today. Roopa says you can go after 12PM. Katori says no I will leave after one-two months when bad omen passes. Jitendra says to Katori that you can stay here as much as you want but you should put a lock on your house. Katori goes to lock her house. Jitendra locks their house and says Katori cant come inside our home now. Prem says our useless son worked today. Katori knocks on door and asks to open it. Lata says we wont open it now. Katori comes in lounge from back door and asks if they are fine? all are shocked to see her inside house.

PRECAP- Prem asks Katori from where she cameback? katori says from kitchen’s window, you people cant throw me out like this, I am your guest, bring juice for me, she leaves.
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I have mixed double dose in this juice. Laddo’s ghost says she will runaway after drinking this juice. Jitendra comes there and takes that spiked juice from Roopa and drinks it. Roopa is stunned.
At night, Katori is in Roopa’s room and enjoying food, she sees Laddo’s ghost sitting there and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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