Belan Wali Bahu 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa confesses that she killed her husband with balen

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Belan Wali Bahu 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I saved your kalash. Flashback shows when bomb blasted and Jitendra threw Laddo’s kalash in river, Roopa ran and caught it before it fell in water, flashback ends. Roopa says you were right, I did a big mistake but I dont want you to be free from the world without peace, I need peace too which I will get when you forgive me so I wont let you leave this world till you free me, lets go home. Laddo’s ghost is stunned and leaves with her and his kalash.

At night, Laddo’s ghost is sleeping on tree, dog is sitting under tree and barking at him, he recalls how Roopa killed him.
Roopa is lying in bed and looks at Laddo’s photo, she cant sleep.. kiya se kiya hogya plays. Roopa is restless, he looks at his photo in tears.

In morning, Roopa does aarti. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says you dont even get stunned seeing me anywhere, everything is normal, nobody remembers me now. Roopa says all miss you.

Laddo’s ghost comes to lounge. Roopa gives aarti to everyong, Dada blesses her. Laddo’s ghost says she killed me and you are blessing her. Suzzi says to Dada I want two days off, he says I can die in two days, Suzzi says you keep saying that and kept me here for 7 years. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that when you will tell them that you killed me? you are acting like good daughter in law. Police comes there and says who is Roopa? Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I called them here, let me handle it, I will tell them truth. Roopa says to inspector that I called you here, I am Roopa, I killed my husband, I killed him with my own hands. Laddo’s ghost is happy. All family members are stunned, Dada says what are you saying? Roopa says I killed him, Lata says you are not like Nirupa but you cant do this. Roopa says I did it with my own hands, Dada says what? Roopa says yes I killed him, try to forgive me. Roopa says to inspector that take me to police station, inspector have hearing problem and says take you for khaane?(eat), she says no take me to police station, he tries to arrest her but Ramnath says dont you dare arrest my daughter in law, if my son died then I am responsible for his head, I killed him, Ramnath says I gave him expired medicine so I am the real criminal so arrest me. Jitendra says no one minute, I am the real criminal, I tried to drag Laddo from kitchen, his head hit at floor and that might killed him. Suzzi says I might have killed Laddo, I thought dada was sitting on wheelchair, I gave him high dose of diabetes injection and it was Laddo on wheelchair so I killed him. Dada says one minute, I am the real killer, I take all blames of Suzzi on me so leave her and arrest me. Lata starts crying and says no one but me killed Laddo.. Laddo’s ghost is bored seeing all this. Lata says I told Laddo that I dont want to see his face because I thought he drunk so he might have died because of heartbreak, I killed him. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa tell them when I reached them all, I was already dead and you killed me. Roopa says I killed him, he was already dead when he reached to other people of house, inspector says who killed Laddo exactly? all try say me me me.. Roopa says enough, I killed Laddo with balen, inspector says no one dies with balen, Laddo’s ghost says I died with balen, your wife shows balen for scaring you but my wife sent me out of world with balen. Inspector says to Roopa that if you really killed him with balen then bring that balen, its murder weapon.
Roopa comes to kitchen and tries to search for the balen but recalls how Laddo’s ghost threw it in porch in anger. She comes to inspector and says I threw it in the garden, I will bring it. Inspector says are you joking? you will go to garden and then say balen left to watch movie, find balen and then call us and think before you call. Dada says we will also think who gave you this job. Laddo’s ghost says dont leave her, Roopa killed me,take her, Roopa hears him sadly. Inspector leaves. Dada says to Roopa that we are all sad that Laddo left, nobody killed Laddo, it was an accident, nobody will take blame now, Roopa looks on.

Roopa searches for Balen in porch, swhe doesnt find it there. She looks in trashcan too but cant find it, scrap collector comes there, Roopa asks if he saw balen here? he says yes I found, red thread was tied on it, Roopa says I want it back, please, please. He says I sold it to trash store, Roopa looks on.

Jitendra comes to kitchen and Roopa killed Laddo and threw balen out of window, he throws his wallet out to check how she threw in porch, he says it must be in porch. Shalini says you are intelligent, he says let me solve the case.
Jitendra comes to porch, he says where is Balen and my wallet? Shalini comes there. Jitendra says I found your ring which I gifted you, he shows her the ring, she throws it away and says it was cheap.

Roopa comes to trash shop and asks about the balen? seller says I bought it but there is a festival happening in the city so they bought all the kitchen things from me, Roopa takes address for the festival.

Roopa comes to festival and sees many balens on table, she looks around for her balen, she finds her balen which have red thread on it. Host says you cant take this balen, this is for balen competition, it will happen tomorrow and then you can win this balen, Roopa dejectedly leaves.

Roopa informs Laddo’s ghost about the competition to get the balen, he says you will never win that contest as you dont want to be arrested. Roopa says I did everything to get arrested, I confessed, I brought police too, I will bring that balen, I swear on you. He says will you killed me and still swearing on my name? want to kill me again? he leaves. Roopa says I couldnt fulfill promises of our marriage but I will definitely fulfill this promise.

PRECAP- Balen contest starts, all women of Laddo’s house are there. Shalini sees Roopa there and says what are you doing here? Lata sees Shalini and says what are you doing here? Suzzi sees Lata and says what are doing here? Roopa says what are you all doing here? Host says balen winning contest is starting, its a tough test and this this is the contest about winning balen, the girl which wins this balen will be called balen wali bahu(daughter in law with balen). All get ready for contest. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you have to win this contest, you have to win this balen, you will not leave without this balen, this balen is the proof. Roopa looks determined.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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