Belan Wali Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa saves family from vastu failures

Belan Wali Bahu 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are sitting on terrace, he asks if she can do it? she says dont you trust me? he says no, she says I will not let them break it. Dada and family comes there. Roopa is sleeping on terrace plank. Lata says we have to break it, get down. roopa says no I sleep here. Shalini asks why do you have bed bugs? Roopa says its about vastu, his guru asked me to not break this terrace. Lata says Jimmy is our son in law and he asked us to break this terrace. Shalini comes on terrace and grabs Roopa, she tries to take her from there. Roopa says we should takes selfie. Shalini leaves her and tries to take selfie. Roopa takes her phone and says if you dont leave then I will throw your phone. Shalini leaves from there. Dada says we have to break this terrace. Roopa says if you try to break this terrace then I will jump from here and kill myself, what do you want Roopa or this terrace gone? Dada says we cant break this terrace for Roopa. Laddo’s ghost dances and says my terrace is saved. Roopa says I will save your tree too.

Dada calls Jimmy and says we couldnt break that terrace, he says its bad omen, just cut that tree now, he ends call. Dada says we have removed tank but couldnt break terrace so we should cut that tree. Jitendra says I can buy machine to cut it. Dada slaps him and says we dont need a machine of 25,000rs to cut a tree, just bring an axe, he asks Prem to sharpen axe.

In morning, Prem brings sharpen axe to tree. They are about to cut the tree but municipal officer comes there and says I got to know that you are cutting this tree and I was waiting here, you cant cut this tree with telling municipality otherwise you will go to jail for 2 years. Roopa recalls how she called municipal office yesterday so they cant cut tree. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to save them, they shouldnt be gone to jail. Roopa says to officer that you cant take them to jail as they didnt cut tree. Officer says but they have to pay fine as they were about to cut tree, fine is 100000rs, all are stunned. Dada says its too much. Officer says then go to jail. Dada says we will give you 70,000rs. Officer takes money and leaves. Laddo’s ghost thanks Roopa for saving his tree.

Scene 2
Dada says to family that Jimmy’s vastu was expansive for us, we had to pay the officer and had to pay to break tank too. Dada asks Roopa why didnt you let us break the terrace? Roopa says you will know soon. Many people come there shouting for Jimmy, one brings his cow too. Prem says Jimmy doesnt live here. Man says he gave us address of here. roopa says we can pay you as he is earning from Vastu. One man says Jimmy gave me vastu solution to get a cow but this cow doesnt give milk, my whole business destroyed because of him. Other man says Jimmy asked me to remove pillar from my house, my whole house broke down because of it. Other man says Jimmy asked me to remove car tyre and I got in accident because of it. All men say that we want our money back. Dada says Jimmy will give it back. Jitendra calls Jimmy, inspector takes call and says Jimmy is in lockup. He gave us vastu solution to make a window in police station and all criminals ran from this window. Dada ask men to go file case on him, all leave.

Dada says to family that we got saved from Jimmy’s vastu without too much money, Lata says thank you Roopa for saving our terrace. Laddo’s ghost says I saved it. Dada asks Jitendra to get tank back on terrace.

PRECAP- Dada asks Suzzi to go with him. Suzzi says no I wont go, you are dependent on me, I want you to become independent. Dada says okay I will go, he leaves. Suzzi calls her boyfriend and says come to me, he is gone.
Naren comes to Suzzi’s room, they lean in and share a kiss. Dada comes there and sees them kissing, he is shocked and hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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