Belan Wali Bahu 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa brings bomb attached equipment in house

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Belan Wali Bahu 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are miffed. All family members wake up at 10AM and says gym must be closed now, they go back to sleep.
Next morning, Roopa tries to wake up family again at 6AM but they keep sleeping. Roopa and laddo’s ghost wait for them and go to sleep. Next day Roopa tries to wake them again but they locked their rooms.

Next morning, all family members are eating breakfast. Roopa says wow, we can never exercise like this. Prem says how to go to gym. Laddo’s ghost says they are acting like gym should come to them. Roopa says I have an idea.

Next morning, family wakes up at 10AM, Roopa says gym is closed, Dada says we will go tomorrow. Roopa says its not needed, she shows them gym equipment which she bought and says I thought if we cant go to gym then gym can come here. Laddo’s ghost says wow its so nice. He starts running on tread mill, Jitendra tries to stand on it. Laddo’s ghost gets down. Dada says it must be expansive. Roopa says no I bought from scrap shop and we can return it. Laddo’s ghost says I cant exercise, she says you can do PT, she does it with him. Dada tries to stand and hold waits, he lifts them. Shalini is taking selfies with equipment. Prem is running on tread mill without starting it.

all family members eat breakfast after gym. Family says we will do it three times a day.

Next morning, Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost to wake up, all family members must be exercising. They come in lounge and see everyone in pain. Roopa says its time for gym, Shalini says we cant do it, Naren says whole body is aching. Roopa says to Jitendra that you have done gym before, first time body have pain but if you do it continuously then it will go away, lets start. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that do PT with her, he says no, I look like a fool.

Scene 2
Laddo’ ghost comes out in street. One man asks scrapper that they gave him a treadmill, he says I sold it. Man says to his friend that the one who bought it dont know that it has bomb, if speed goes above 6 then it cant go down otherwise bomb will blast. Man says if someone is standing on treadmill then he cant get down otherwise it will blast. Laddo’s ghost hears it and says the treadmill in our house has bomb? he runs to house.

Jitendra is running on treadmill, he goes above 6. Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa that this treadmill has bomb, if speed goes above 6 then it cant go down otherwise bomb will blast. Roopa is shocked and tells family about bomb, she says to Jitendra that you cant get down from treadmill, it will blast. They start checking treadmill, Roopa sees it below treadmill. Roopa sees warning on bomb, she asks Jitendra to keep speed above 6. Roopa calls police and tells them about bomb, and ask them to come to their house.

Jitendra is still running on treadmill. Bomb disposal squad comes there. Roopa shows them bomb. Security man checks it. He says bomb cant be diffused without making Jitendra get down but then bomb will blast so there is no way, he has to keep running like this.

PRECAP- Naren takes Jitendra’s place on treadmill, they all change places and keeps speed of 6. They put treadmill with Roopa running on cart, bomb is about to blast in 4 minutes. Roopa takes treadmill away on cart. Bomb blast, all family members are worried about Roopa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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