Belan Wali Bahu 13th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dada comes back home

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Belan Wali Bahu 13th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suzzi says to Dada that what has happened to your family? they are calling someone else as Dada. Dada says they cant make metal as gold, they will beg me to comeback. Suzzi gets another video. She plays it. New Dada brings food for family, all family members are happy and say that you are the best Dada. Suzzi says to Dada that they have replaced you with someone else and they wont call you back ever. Dada is tensed.

Suzzi shows newspaper to Dada. Dada reads notice that Prem is officially changing his father, they will hold a ceremony to announce that they have no relation with Rajnath, new Dada Khandelwal will be announced as their head. Dada is tensed. Oldie says now you have to live here. Dada asks Suzzi to take him home.

Prem talks to guests in ceremony, he says this is a nice day, we have left arrogant, angry Dada and have brought a nice and innocent Dada. Please officially make new Dada as our Dada.
Dada and Suzzi comes home, Dada sees Khandelwal’s name plate and says how dare they do it? Guard comes there and says you cant go inside. Dada says this is my house. Guard says this is Khandelwal house, Dada says move away, I have to go inside, they cant make anyone their Dada. Guard asks him to get lost. They gets scared. Dada and Suzzi leaves.
In ceremony, Prem says this Dada is so fresh and that old Dada was stale, always used to use wheelchair, this new Dada brings food for us like a mother, all clap. Jitendra says that Dada used to slap us but he doesnt. Prem says this new Dada raise hand only to bless.
Dada and Suzzi are trying to throw rope in house to jump in house. Guard comes there and says leave otherwise I will throw you out.
In ceremony, Prem says that Dada never sat with us but this Dada sits with all young people. Dada and Suzzi spies on them from window. New Dada sign on papers, Dada says this oldie is taking all my things and family. Prem says we have signed official papers, I Prem announce him as head of house. He is about to make him wear garland but Dada beats guard and comes in house. He says to family that what is all this? you people are doing this? cant I be miffed with you all? Roopa says dont cry Dada, this was all a drama to bring you back, she says to Khandelwal that we requested this man to help us bring you home so he agreed to help us, she thanks him. Jitendra says there is no official here, we brought scrap seller as government official. Dada says to Prem that why did you say I am arrogant? Prem says I just said it to bring you back. Khandelwal says to him that you have got a nice family, they love you, I know the pain of losing family so spend your time with them. Dada says you are right, people leave their parents in oldage homes but my family brought me back by working hard but the one who took my side most was.. Suzzi. Lata mutters that he started it again. Lata shouts train is coming, they all run to hold things down, Dada is still busy praising Suzzi. Dada says no one is like Suzzi. Jitendra says Dada is saying that no one can replace me for him, he can even leave Suzzi for me. Dada slaps him. Jitendra says wow, I missed your slaps, slap again. Prem says slap me too. Khandelwal leaves. Dada hugs everyone. Laddo’s ghost smiles.

Scene 2
All family members are enjoying life. Dada reads a newspaper and says one man of my age got married. Shalini comes there and says I had a get together with my friends, we enjoyed so much. Lata asks Shalini to bring knife, Roopa says I will bring it. Lata says no Roopa let her work. Shalini acts like she is vomiting and runs from there. Jitendra says what happened to her? Lata says this must be her new drama. Jitendra goes to check on her.
Shalini is on call with her mother and says yes I ate sour things, no I wont tell good news right now. Jitendra comes there and hears it. Shalini says I will tell everyone together, she ends call. Jitendra asks her to rest, what is the good news? Shalini says a new guest is going to come to our house and you will be most happy, Jitendra says okay and goes.
Jitendra says to Lata that Shalini have been vomiting and she said that she has good news. Lata says a new guest is coming, we are going to become grand parents. Prem says Jitendra is going to have baby, Jitendra says I am going to be father? Dada says I am going to be great grandfather. All are happy. Laddo’s ghost is dancing too. Shalini comes there. Jitendra hugs her, they all surround her. Shalini says a new guest is coming house, Lata says we kno, Roopa says you just take rest, we will do everything. Shalini pukes and runs away. Dada says Suzzi give her medicine. Lata says no medicine will work, dont worry, we have to take care of her and prepare for new baby. Dada says I will give them factory. Prem says thats a nice thought.

PRECAP- Dada says to Suzzi that you have to take care of Shalini more than me now, she nods.
Prem says I will play with baby, he will make me horse. Lata makes Shalini eat laddos. Roopa says so cute, she takes selfie with her.
Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that when Shalini’s baby girl is born, I will run with her, jump with her, play with her, Roopa says when she poops then? he glares at her.
Shalini says on call that yes pineapple tasted bad, I think that made my stomach upset.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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