Belan Wali Bahu 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ghost takes revenge from Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahesh thinks that I saved Laddo’s ghost and Roopa got the credit, I have to do something.
All family members are waiting for Roopa to bring breakfast. Lata asks Shalini to bring it. Shalini says ghost is not letting me. Roopa comes there. Lata says breakfast? Roopa says I didnt make it, why should I make it always? this useless Shalini can make it sometime. She takes apple and says my breakfast is done. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to bring breakfast for them. Katori comes there and says I need sugar for my kids. Roopa says you didnt ask to give birth to kids, I wont let you take anymore sugar, she twists her hand and throws her out of house. She leaves. Lata says what has happened to Roopa?

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and asks if she has gone mad? Roopa ignores him.

Jitendra says to family that I am confused, should what happened with Katori should have happened? Dada says think about us. Prem says she had been working for years, she is not a cow that will keep working without any noise. Lata says you are right, she is not a machine that wont say anything and keep working. Prem says Lata go talk to her and calm her down.

Lata comes to Roopa and says I will massage your head. Roopa sits down. Lata says you are a nice daughter in law, she massages her head and gets tired. Lata starts to leave. Roopa asks her to massage her hands too, Lata does it, Roopa presents other hand. Lata turns to leave but Roopa points at her feet, Lata rubs her feet and is totally tired but Roopa asks her to give full body massage.

All are waiting for Lata to return. Lata comes back tired and whimpering, she says Roopa got full body massage from me, we have to call her mother. Prem says this is mother and daughter in law fight, I will pacify Roopa, he leaves.

Prem comes to Roopa and says I have brought something for you, your favorite. He shows her pastries.

Prem comes out of Roopa’s room with pastries smeared on his face, he recalls how Roopa said she doesnt want to eat it and threw it on his face. Jitendra asks what happened? Prem says pastries slipped from my hands. Dada says I will talk and pacify her, he leaves. Suddenly only empty wheelchair of Dada comes out and then Dada stumbling out of room, he says something has happened with Roopa. Roopa comes there and says you people are conspiring about me? I just took time and all came behind me to make me work, she leaves.

Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa what is all this? you have no manners to talk to elders. Roopa says shut up Laddo.. Roopa takes Mahesh’s body. Laddo’s ghost says Mahesh you? Mahesh says yes I was doing all this in Roopa’s facade, I went in her body to do all this. Laddo’s ghost says why? Mahes says your wife is thankless, I saved you but she took all credit and didnt even thank me, I want my credit for everything I do. Laddo’s ghost says i am sorry on Roopa’s behalf. Mahesh says no, she will pay, your family will throw her out. Laddo’s ghost says no I know my family, they love her and will never throw her out. Mahesh says I will go in Roopa’s body and do so much antics that your family will throw her out. Laddo’s ghost says I challenge you that they wont. Naren comes there and says Roopa bhabhi.. Roopa slaps him and asks him to get lost, Naren leaves. Mahesh in Roopa’s body says to Laddo’s ghost that see this.

Roopa comes to Lata and Shalini and asks what they are cooking? Lata says what do you want? Roopa says you never tried to know my favorites, my friends are coming for party here. Lata says yes call them. Roopa says I am not asking your permission. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says she is not Roopa, she is Mahesh. Lata cant see him. Mahesh smirks at Laddo’s ghost and says I will make them throw Roopa out.

PRECAP- Mahesh is in Roopa’s body. She is playing card with her friends in sleeveless dress. shalini says she have started playing cards too. Prem says its good that she is not drinking wine. Roopa says cheers to her friends and plays wine with them, all are stunned.
Lata slaps Roopa, Roopa slaps her back.
Roopa says all will drink coldrink today, Lata says we will drink tea. Roopa and Lata start fighting and pull at each others hair.
Family is having pooja. Roopa throws water in havan and says stop this pooja paat. Dada gets angry and says stop it Roopa, get lost from my house in this moment. Roopa smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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