Belan Wali Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa tries to find Dada

Belan Wali Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa, Laddo’s ghost and Jitendra are waiting at sweets shop, a peon comes there and says Rajnath sent me to get sweets. Laddo’s ghost says Dada sent him, go behind him. Roopa asks Jitendra to follow this peon, he must be going to Dada. Laddo’s ghost, Roopa and Jitendra follow peon, peon goes in jungle, they miss him. Laddo’s ghost runs and finds him, he comes to Roopa and says he went to right side. Jitendra says I think he went to left side. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that Jitendra was in police so he might be right. Laddo’s ghost says I saw him going to right side, you both search him, I am leaving. Roopa asks him to not get miffed. Roopa asks Jitendra to go on left side. They search for peon and finally find him, Roopa says you are taking sweets to Rajnath? we know him, take us to him. Peon says follow me.

Peon brings them to a Rajnath, its same old man who police brought to them. Jitendra says he is not our Dada, old man says you can adjust with me. Jitendra says to peon that dont let this old man leave from here.
Dada is doing laughing therapy with other oldies in orphanage, he thinks where I am stuck? he thinks if Suzzi gets here then it will be great. Dada says to manager that I am usually ill so can I call my private nurse here? One male nurse says I am here Dada. Dada says I am not your Dada, nurse says I can take less money, Dada says she knows my health, she can give me injections, can I call my personal nurse here? Manager says okay call her, he asks assistant to call his nurse. Another oldie asks whats her name? Dada says her name is Suzzi, Deepika is nothing infront of her. Oldie says who is Deepika? Dada mutters they dont know anything, he says she is prettier than Mina Kumari. Oldie says then call her fast to bring colors in our life. Dada thinks they are more impatient than me, I have to do something.

Suzzi is sitting in Dada’s room. Lata comes to her and gives her brochures, she says we dont know when Dada will be back so you should apply to these jobs. Suzzi says you are throwing me out of house? Lata says apply fast, she leaves. Suzzi gets a call, she asks who is it? Dada says I am Rajnath. Suzzi says you? how are you calling from kidnappers? Dada says I am not kidnapped, I am in DanDan oldage home. Suzzi says how could you do that with me? I am so worried. Dada says I know you are worried. Suzzi says yes, you know you took cupboard’s key and I needed some files from there. Dada says you are worried about that? come here, you can stay with me, she says okay I am coming. Dada says dont come like that, only oldies can stay here so you have to get oldies getup and then come here, Suzzi says okay.

Roopa is home and sees Suzzi leaving, she thinks I knew Dada would call Suzzi, I would follow her and find Dada. Roopa follows Suzzi who goes to a beauty parlour. Laddo’s ghost says you want to go to a parlour when Dada is missing? Roopa says I am following Suzzi to know if Dada called her. They wait for her to come out. Laddo’s ghost says is Dada and she getting married? Roopa says how can you say that about Suzzi? Suzzi comes out of parlour in old aunty getup, she bumps into Roopa but Roopa is busy arguing with Laddo’s ghost and doesnt notice her, Suzzi leaves from there. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost he is your Dada and you are talking about his marriage? He says I am sorry. They wait for Suzzi to come out. Time pass, parlour owner starts closing it down. Roopa says there is a girl inside, she says no we had only one customer today and she wanted to look old too. Roopa asks where did she go? owner says she left. Roopa says it was Suzzi in oldie’s avatar? Laddo’s ghost says she took that getup so no one can follow her. Roopa says we have to tell family.

Scene 2
Roopa comes to family, she says to Lata that I have to tell you that Dada is not kidnapped and Jitendra and me knew about it. Roopa sees Prem beating Jitendra. Lata says Jitendra already told us everything. Prem says to Roopa that you took this Jitendra’s side too, why? Roopa says so he wont get beaten, Prem beats him and says how we will find Dada now? Roopa says Suzzi have gone to Dada, we can follow her and find Dada. Jitendra says I kept telling them to keep an eye on Dada.

Dada is watering plants in oldage and says all oldies are here. Suzzi comes there in old woman avatar, she says to him that I am Suzzi, he gets happy to see her, she says you didnt recognize me? Dada says I can recognize you from your scent. Oldies come there and says this is your Mina kumari? they laugh and leave. Suzzi says why you asked me to get oldie avatar? Dada says because oldies are allowed here only. Suzzi says why didnt you tell family you are here? Dada says they dont care about me.

Jitendra slaps himself and says I miss Dada and his slaps, where are you? I am worried about him. Shalini asks him to not punish himself. Jitendra says dont know where he is, I miss his slaps. Shalini slaps him, Jitendra says yes Dada used to slap me like this, slap me more, she is reluctant but keeps slapping him, he says enough, she says I cant stop now, she makes his face red with slaps. Jitendra says Dada didnt slap me this much in whole year. Shalini says take them.
Roopa says to teddy bear that Dada we are missing you.Laddo’s ghost says stop it and think how we will find Dada. Roopa says he might have left city. Laddo’s ghost says he wont leave without Suzzi. Roopa says we can give ad in newspaper. Laddo’s ghost great idea.. Dada reads newspaper, he will have to comeback.

PRECAP- Roopa says to family that Dada reads newspaper, we have give an ad in it and it should be emotional for Dada to comeback. Lata says then we have to do something. they make Prem have drip and look like he is ill. Lata asks Roopa to take pictures in which they look sad and ill. Roopa takes their pictures with family posing weirdly for newspaper.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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