Belan Wali Bahu 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa tries to find Dada

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Belan Wali Bahu 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jitendra comes to lounge. Prem slaps him. Jitendra says it was not me. Prem says kidnapper called, Jitendra asks what he said? Shalini says he asked to bring 1000rs and come near black tank. Jitendra says thats a dangerous place but I will bring our Dada back. Naren says we are giving them money. Jitendra says they can kidnap me too but I know how to deal with them since I was in police. Shalini says my hero, she takes selfie with him.

Shalini does Jitendra’a aarti as he is going to bring Dada back. Shalini gives him gun and says its for your safety. Jitendra thanks her. Shalini cries dramatically. Suzzi asks Jitendra to give medicine to Dada. Prem gives him 1000rs and says this hard earned money, give it to kidnapper and bring Dada back. Roopa says all the best, bring Dada back. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says to Roopa that you wont believe what Jitendra did. Lata slaps Jitendra and says its my blessing for you. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to listen to him, she asks him to wait. Shalini touches Jitendra’s feet and asks him to take pillow if he has to stay the night there, Prem says its not needed. Laddo’s ghost leaves. Roopa goes behind him. Jitendra leaves to bring Dada.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and asks what were you saying? He says Jitendra left so its useless, he is fooling you all. Roopa says what? Laddo’s ghost says no kidnapper called, it was Jitendra calling, Roopa says why would he do that? Laddo’s ghost says he wants to act hero, he knows where Dada is but pretended that he is bringing him from kidnappers, he will be slapped in the end. Roopa says but he is bringing Dada back, he says this is not the way.

Jitendra comes to orphanage and asks if they have his Dada? agent says no. Jitendra says I searched many orphanages but Dada is nowhere. Agent says there are many orphanages in this city, you wont be able to find him without name. Jitendra says Dada didnt tell name of orphanage he is in.

Jitendra comes home and tries to silently go to his room but all family members run to him. Prem asks where is Dada? Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that look at his face. Roopa asks Jitendra to tell truly where Dada is? Jitendra says I couldnt find Dada. Lata asks why? Shalini asks did kidnapper ask for more money? Prem says he must have done something wrong. Jitendra says kidnapper changed their place.. I mean when I reached black tank, there was a note there that they have changed their place and will tell us on call. Shalini says how will Dada live with them? Lata says dont know if they are giving him food. Prem says why did they change place? Shalini says they must be scared of my Jitendra. Suzzi says are you crazy? they scared of Jitendra? Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to talk to Jitendra, Jitendra leaves.

Jitendra is in his room and says I got saved today but can be slapped. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes there. Jitendra asks if she has some work? Roopa says go and say sorry to family. Jitendra says those kidnappers got saved today but I will catch them. Roopa says you cant hide what happened? Jitendra says I will catch that gang and will bring Dada back then this whole family know about my abilities. Roopa says they will all get to know that Dada was not kidnapped. Jitendra closes door and says how do you know that? Roopa says I heard you when you were being kidnapper. Jitendra says but you were with family. Roopa says my mom asks me to do things like thunderstorm. Jitendra sits on his knees and says dont tell this to anyone otherwise family wont spare me. Roopa says okay but I will help you to find Dada. He says that would be good, Dada is in some orphanage but I dont know its name. Roopa says we will both find Dada. Laddo’s ghost says they will find Dada? one keeps getting slapped and other keep saying sorry.

Scene 2
Roopa shows list of orphanages to Jitendra, she says we will ask in all orphanages if they have Dada. They keep calling in orphanages at night and asking about all oldies there. Prem comes there and asks whom you are calling? Jitendra says I am calling kidnapper.. Prem says how did you find his number? Jitendra says my friend gave me number of all kidnappers so I am calling them all to find where Dada is and what they want. Prem says okay let me know what happens, he leaves. Roopa says there are so many orphanages and so many old people, how will we find Dada? Laddo’s ghost says call them and ask them to tell you about old people who came in their orphanage in last two days. Roopa says great and tells it to Jitendra, he calls different orphanages, one orphanage says that they have someone names Rajnath(Dada’s name). Jitendra says to Roopa that I found Dada, we found them, they have hifive, Roopa gives thumbs up to Laddo. Jitendra says we will go and bring him.

Jitendra and Roopa comes to orphanage, they bring Rajnath but its other old man who was brought to their house earlier too. Jitendra says this is not our Dada, oldie ask them to adjust a little. Jitendra and Roopa sadly leaves from there.

Lata makes halwa for Prem, Shalini says we should wait for Dada to return. Jitendra and Roopa comes there. Jitendra says we should eat halwa in Dada’s memory, they all eat it.

Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that how will you find Dada? Roopa says we found some other oldie so we will find real Dada too. Laddo’s ghost says you and Jitendra cant find Dada, I will find him, what does Dada do on mangalwar? she says he brushes teeth, have food, goes out with Suzzi. Laddo’s ghost says you are useless, Dada always go to eat bondi laddo(sweet dish) as he eats them on every mangalwar, he will surely go tomorrow to have them. Roopa says okay we will go there tomorrow to have bondi Laddo, you are just plain Laddo, he says what?

Roopa, Laddo’s ghost and Jitendra comes to stall of bondi laddo, they are waiting for Dada to come or someone coming to buy bondi for Dada. One peon comes there and says give me bondi laddo, Rajnath have sent me, Roopa looks on.

PRECAP- Jitendra tells Dada’s getup to peon and says he is same Rajnath you were talking about right? peon says yes how do you know him? Jitendra says just call him here. Peon says he is here, let me take you to him. ,,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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