Beintehaan 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 31st January 2014 Written Update

Surayya holds Aaliya hand and brings her outside the house. She gets a call from her friend. She says she has exhibition details and will give it to her now. She goes inside leaving Aaliya out. She gives evil smile standing at the door and goes in. ZAin comes to his room and sees it locked. He remembers Aaliya’s words that this room also belongs to him. He gets angry and calls Chand bibi. Aaliya is still outisde, she remembers how Zain threw her on bed and other incidents and starts crying.

Surayya comes with Shaziya and Nafisa till the main door. They give evil smile looking at Aaliya outside. Surayya says she left Aaliya till Barkath villa’s gate, soon she will be outside the gate. Nafisa sees Shaziya smiling. She tells in her mind that Shaziya will also be thrown out. Shaziya murmurs she knows what Nafisa is thinking, but it wont happen as Fahad is under her control. She should worry instead. Surayya asks for tea Bhopali tea. Nafisa says you don’t like Bhopali salty tea. She says it is for Aaliya and asks Chand bibi to serve Aaliya tea outisde, Shaziya asks Surayya she does not know what she is trying to do. Surayya says wait and watch.

Zain’s room door is opened and he comes in. He looks at the window and finds Aaliya outside. He calls her, but she does not listen. Aaliya phone rings. Zain picks it and speaks to Shabana. Shabana wants to speak to Aaliya. He says she has gone out and will let her speak once she comes. Nafisa says if dad comes he will be angry. Surayya says not to worry. Zain comes and says Surayya he is going out to give Aaliya’s phone as Shabana wants to talk to her. Surayya tries to stop him, but he does not listen. Surayya then says you don’t like her, then why are you going out. Just then Usman comes in angrily with Aaliya. He asks Zain why did he lock the room door.

Zain says he didn’t lock the room. Usman gets angry on him and says this room belongs to Aaliya also. Zain insists he didn’t lock the door and to ask Aaliya. Aaliya says he didn’t lock the door as she doesn’t the door keys. Surayya interrupts and says Zain was with her and he didn’t do it and asks Aaliya waht was she doing outside. She says I told you to go to guest room. AAliya says you told me to go be out. Surayya says I asked you to be in out house until your room door opens. She even says I had sent you tea and Chand bibi is coming from outhouse. Chand bibi comes and asks Aaliya where was she. Surayya says you mistook my words and asks Aaliya to go to her room. Usman says they have to go to orphanage today to serve sweets in the evening. Usman says Zain that he is married now and it is his responsibilty to take care of Aaliya.

Shaziya describes the incident to Fahad. Children disturb her. She asks them to go out and play. Fahad asks if dad scolded Zain more than me. She says yes. She then says Aaliya manipulated things and lied. She says she must be doing black magic on Usman. Fahad says he is getting late and goes out. Children listen what she says.

They ask if chachi is chudail. They say lets go and speak to chudail chachi and go out. Aaliya is praying namaz. Ali ali dam ali ali, mere maula song plays in the background. She prays Allah to help her and show her right path. Children come to Aaliya’s room and hide behind the door. Aaliya sees them from the mirror and hides. They come inside and discuss she does not look like chudail. Aaliya comes suddenly in front of her and children shout. Children discuss her teeth are good and even nails and legs are normal. They ask about the broom on which she travels. Aaliya asks surprisingly what groom. They say she doesn’t look like chudail. They say choti mummy told you are chudail. Aaliya says she has lots of stories about princess, chudails, super heroes, super vilians, etc. They asks if she will tell them stories. She says they have to become friend for that. They befriend her.

Zain is angry. Surayya comes and asks Zain to relax. Zain says small city girls are like that. You told her to go to guest house and she stood out until dad came and made a drama. He says he cannot tolerate her a bit. Surayya says even she cannot tolerate her seeing how she stood you wrong in front of Usman saheb. She knows Usman saheb will also know soon that she is very cunning and cruel. She asks him to go and get ready. He says he won’t go. She says Usman saheb made this program for you and Aaliya. He says this reason is enough for me to not go and goes. Surayya says that is she wanted, that you don’t agree to go to orphanage.

Precap: Zain tells Aaliya that he does not want to go to orphanage. She says it is mamu’s wish. He says happiness on the basis of wrong relationship always won’t be true happiness, it can’t be shared. Aaliya says if that lie is someone’s life’s truth? He says it is not his life’s truth and goes out…

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