Beintehaan 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Rizwan is talking to his sister Nafisa. He says this nikah should not happen. He knows Zain. He couldn’t make a stable girl friend till now. He does not like committment. Nafisa asks Rizwan to stay away from this. Rizwan says Zain is his friend and nikah is like a suicide for him. Nafisa again asks Rizwan to stay out of it.

Zain is getting ready for the nikah. He remembers how Usman slapped him and forced him accept nikah with Aaliya. Usman comes and buttons his sherwani. Aaliya is sitting mum sadly. She remembers how she promised Zain to reject the nikah. Usman dorns sehrah to Zain. Aaliya is remembering how Ghulam got happy hearing her acceptance for nikah. Shabana comes and kisses Aaliya’s forhead and takes her for nikah.

Zain comes wearing sehra for nikah ceremony. Even Aaliya comes with her sisters and mom. Ghulam sees her and gets happy. Nafisa, Surayya, and Shaziya get angry seeing this. Aaliya rembers howmuch Ghulam got ill after the stroke and wished her to accept the nikah. He asks her if she agreed for the nikah, she says yes. He asks about Zain, she says both Zain and she accepted for the nikah.

Kazi saheb starts nikah ceremony. He asks Aaliya if she accepts nikah with Zain. Everybody looks at her. She says yes. Everybody gets happy and say Subhan Allah.

She thinks to save abbu’s life, she can accept any punishment. Kazi saheb asks Zain if he accepts nikah with Aaliya. He does not speak anything. Everybody get tensed. He says qubool hain then. Everybody get happy. Zain thinks in his mind, he wont accept nikah which was forced on him. Kazi saheb announces nikah is complete now. Ghulam and Usman hug in happiness and so their family. Zain thinks in his mind, Aaliya broke the promise and he will broke his promise of not troubling her. He will trouble her everyday for accepting the nikah.

Jalwa ceremony (where bride and groom see each other in mirror) starts. Phupi asks to bring Aaliya and Zain. A veil is worn on bride and groom and mirror is given for them to watch each other. Kise poochun, hai aisa kyun, bezuban sa ye jahan hain song plays in the background. Zain and Aaliya see each other in mirror. Both are very sad. Zain drops the mirror and it breaks. He removes the veil from his head and goes. Aaliya just sees him sadly and then herself in a mirror. She thinks if anybody sees this mirror, they will get worried as it is a bad luck to break the mirror. She thinks whatever wrong has to be happen, it has to be to her and not her parents.

Precap: Surayya speaks to Shabana. She says she does not know if Zain will accept this nikah or not. He was not ready for nikah yet. She even does not know if Zain will forgive Bhopal and Aaliya for this misdeed. If anything happens with your daughter, don’t blame me. Shabana holds Zain’s hands and asks him to take care of Aaliya.

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