Beintehaa & Rang Rasiya 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa & Rang Rasiya 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zain and aaliya reaches Mumbai, they are in each others arms in car, Zain says it seems like time has start now, he kisses aaliya’s forehead, she smiles.

paro and rudra meets doctor, doctor says good news your hand can be fine, you have to meet rk joshi, rudra says major rk joshi, doctor says he is in bsd now, he will make you exercise and you will be fine in ten days, paro gets happy, rudra says so we can go back to chandnagarh, doc nods. rudra ask paro will you keep praying here or shall we leave.

aaliya says to Zain that it feels like my feet are on gorund, Zain keep looking at her, she says till when you will keep staring at me, he says for life time, he gets closer to her to kiss her… ishq song plays, aaliya get shy and says driver ali is seeing, Zain ask ali to go dad’s office, I will come after sometime, driver goes, Zain open door of car, aaliya smiles, he says today I will not make you put your feet on ground, she says you are too filmy, he lifts her in arms, they share an eyelock, beintehaa song plays… Zain takes her to front seat. he sits on driver seat. aaliya ask Zain to lets go, he says energy, she says what, he opens his fist and says without energy I cant take you home, aaliya holds his hand and says now shall we go, he says no and gets closer to kiss her, someone gives horn from behind, aaliya laughs and ask him to drive, he nods.

Scene 2
paro and rudra are also going in car, she recalls doctor saying that rudra will be fine, she smiles, rudra ask why are you laughing, paro says if you smile you will not lose anything,, rudra says I don’t laugh, paro says don’t lie remember you were laughing on floor, he recalls laughing because of paro, rudra says once my hand gets fine then I will put blue color then I will see who laughs. paro gets sad and recalls her promise to god that she will leave rudra when he will be fully fine, she starts crying, rudra says what happened, you were smiling, and now crying, I cant understand you, paro recalls Maithili words that lovers ask for love from god and you sacrificed it, rudra turns to paro and wipes her tears, paro rests her head on his chest.. saiyaan song plays.. other side aaliya lies her head on Zain’s shoulder, paro thinks why cant these moments stay here for whole life, suddenly their car stops, driver checks it, rudra says I will check it, rudra says to driver that we have train in half an hour, make your car repair fast, paro sees dargah and prays looking at it, aaliya is passing from there, she says to paro that baba gives blessing to all but if you go there then it will be great, paro says if I can go then I wouldn’t have been praying here, paro says I know he doesn’t let anyone go from his place empty handed, aaliya says then lets go, I am also going there, paro says I have train in half an hour, aaliya says is your prayer more important or train, paro says but major sahib.. aaliya ask who major sahib? paro says my husband. driver says to rudra that car is repaired, rudra sees paro missing from car and gets tensed. aaliya says if your husband get angry then you will make his mood, paro says you don’t know he is very strict, aaliya says wife also have to do what their heart says, if your husband loves then he will come behind you, rudra is frantically searching for paro, he is running here and there. paro says what if he doesn’t come? aaliya says we are at baba’s place so have faith, lets go now, rudra is screaming for paro. paro thinks that I am going to pray that this time stops here as I don’t know whether I have time with rudra in fate in future. aaliya ask paro’s name, she tells it, aaliya tells her name.

rudra bumps into Zain, he says to Zain that my wife is lost, he shows him paro’s pic, Zain says really my wife is also lost, rudra shouts that my wife is lost and you are joking, Zain says cool my wife is really lost, rudra says weird man your wife is lost and you are smiling, Zain says we are at dargah here lost people even meet, your wife will be found, this is love you will get her, rudra says you are making me learn love here are you teacher, Zain says when you will love, you will also know it.

Scene 3
aaliya brings to baba’s dargah, fiya kun sufi song plays.. they prays, aaliya feels something and turns to see Zain coming there, she smiles, he sees her and smiles, Zain runs towards her, aaliya says to paro that my husband is coming, paro says he is your husband, aaliya says he is not my husband but my everything, my answer of prayers, my life. Zain comes there, Zain says I got you not and you lost again, did you ask something from god, aaliya nods, he ask what? she says I cant tell you, he says you told me that you will not hide anything, aaliya says I am not hiding but not telling you, Zain ask for energy, aaliya gives him her hand, paro sees them. zain says I came at any dargah for 1st time so you have to show me everything, aaliya introduces him to paro, Zain recalls rudra showing her pic and says so you are paro, your husband is searching for you, showing your pic to everyone, paro says he doesn’t have my pic, Zain says he has I have seen it, paro is stunned, rudra comes there, searching for paro, he is going mad in her search, aaliya says see I told you that if he loves you he will come and see he is here, paro says he will be angry, aaliya says pacify him with love. yu see your hard husband and I will see my soft husband, they go from there.

Scene 4
aaliya says to Zain that for prayers you have to do wazoo (cleanliness before prayers). rudra finds paro and scolds her that this is new city, she can get lost, paro says I came here to ask something, rudra says what? she says I have to sorry baba and have to tie sacred thread, rudra says go there and tie, I thought you are asking something from me, paro says I need something from you too. paro says to rudra that give me this day, I wanna spent my day as life with you here today, rudra is stunned. Zain says to aaliya that you are my prayers and my blessing, they share an eyelock, she says let go and tie sacred thread, while tying thread she says to paro that baba listen to all the prayers which you ask or not, he gives you path that what is right decision, he directs you in right decision. paro recalls her promise to bhole nath, she says I think my decision is right, aaliya says then why these creases on your head, paro prays that I pray that rudra will remain happy after I leave him with whomever he spends life, aaliya prays that today I got everything, if this is the last day of my life even then this is beautiful. Zain and rudra comes there to place sacred sheet, Zain after showing it to aaliya places it, he ask rudra to be calm now as he found his wife, rudra says yes I found my wife, Zain calls him as major, rudra ask how he knows, Zain says your told me, actually my wife brought your wife here, they introduces themselves to each other, both the couples tie thread together and have romantic eyelock.

Scene 5
outside dargah, rudra ask paro where to go now? paro sees aaliya Zain coming and says I will ask ask her, rudra says she is same who brought you here, paro nods, he says is this enough to trust, paro says for me its enough, Zain comes to them and says I believe your train is lost now what, paro says we wish to see mumbai. aaliya ask them to come with them as they are also going to spend whole day together. Zain says we will make you see Mumbai, rudra nods in agreement, Zain says we have cottage, lets go there.

surayya calls chaand bibi and says I told you send electrician in cottage but you didn’t, chand bibi says I forgot in work, surayya says it can do short circuit so send him, she agrees.

Scene 6
paro rudra, Zain aaliya comes to cottage, paro says they are cute couple, they love each other, rudra says so they don’t have to do pda, they were close whole time while in car, paro says love is love, if you feel love towards anyone then show it =, you don’t know till when you are with your love. some people show love openly and some… hides picture in their phones, rudra gets shocked and thinks that Zain Abdullah must have told her. paro sees sea and says lets go there, rudra says I don’t wanna, paro runs towards it, rudra runs behind her. ishq bulava song plays.. paro enjoys on beach while rudra keep looking at her, in cottage Zain and aaliya gets close, Zain kisses aaliya’s forehead, and share intimate moments at poolside, Zain holds aaliya in his arms. paro comes to rudra and says this sea is very big but very calm, she ask do you know swimming, rudra says yes, paro says then you will save me when I will drown, paro runs and is about to fall but rudra hold her and scolds her, she says calm down I am not drowning and you are here to save me.

rudra and zain are standing in balcony, Zain says today I came to know that we like to roam in Mumbai. rudra says I also got to know that paro likes sea, Zain says you seem to be strict but you are not that much, rudra says you seem carefree but you are not that much, Zain says I was carefree but aaliya changed me, she changed my life, she is more beautiful from heart, Zain ask when did you say I love you to paro, rudra says what? Zain says means you didn’t tell her I love you, aaliya call Zain, Zain advise rudra to say it as its not that difficult.

in night, couples are sitting in garden, Zain and aaliya are lying at one couch close to each other, while rudra and paro are sitting at different chairs, Zain says some romantic poetry for aaliya,
tujhe paaya tu jana ishq kiya hai
( after getting you I got to know what is love)
kya naam doon kya muqamam doon
(what name what place should I give you)
sochta hoon zindagi adhori hai tere bina
( I think my life is incomplete without you)
jab meri zindagi zindagi hi nai tere bina
( when my life is not a life without you)

he then ask rudra to say something for paro, paro looks at rudra and says no need, rudra starts singing tum pas aaye song, paro laughs at his bad singing, he then sings emotionally while paro looks at him, paro recalls Zain asking aaliya to give him energy, and aaliya giving him her hand, paro sees rudra’s hand and holds it, rudra looks at her, paro says its aneeergy, he says what? aaliya interrupts and ask paro to let go and make dinner for them.

paro and aaliya comes in kitchen to prepare food, aaliya ask what rudra likes, paro says he likes potatoes along with veggies, paro ask about Zain, aaliya says he likes anything made by me. they smells some fire as there is short circuit, they come to see it, and gets caught in fire, outside rudra tells his and paro’s story to Zain and says she came in life but I feel she was always there in my life, they listens paro and aaliya screaming and goes to see it, they see paro and aaliya trapped in fire, they shouts fro them but the door is closed, Zain goes to call fire brigade while rudra finds it hard to pull his affected hand, he tries tries and with much pain he is able to pull it up, he breaks the door while Zain saves aaliya, rudra saves paro.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Dere is a twist in rangrasiya…. now dey vl reach dere home n den paro vl leave him….. i luv d twists in rangrasiya n also d pace of story. Dey dont drag it

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