Beintehaa…Qubool Hai episode 6

Episode 6:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I also added one new character in my story and the other characters are coming, I hope you all don’t mind.

Mahaepisode – Kya ho ga?


Today’s episode starts with Asad letting go, just then someone comes and opens the door, it happens to be Aaliya,
Aaliya: What happened?
Zoya: See… It worked… I’ll tell you outside, come lets go…
Aaliya and Zoya leave, a smile appears on Asads face and he shakes his head, Ayaan and Sunehri happen to see this.
Sunehri: Achcha… Yeh baat hai?
Ayaan: Haa… Now mission Zoya bhabhi start…
Sunehri and Ayaan smile.

Zain is on the balcony talking on the phone,
Zain: Yes Shoaib… Speak… I’m coming Mumbai after two days…
Zain then disconnects the call and smirks.
Zain: He has come back…

2 days later:
It’s 1:20am in the morning in Bhopal. Aaliya wakes up and heads out, she sees Zoya, Shazia, Nafeesa, Aayat and Surraiya in the kitchen, she also sees Asad, Fahad and Ayaan in the sitting room but Asad is sitting far from them with Ayaan. Sunehri also comes down, Nusz starts eating. Aaliya goes to Zain’s room, she knocks and enter, she sees Rizwaan and Zain sleeping. Aaliya turns the light on,
Aaliya: Zain… Rizwaan! Wake up!
Aaliya goes near,
Aaliya: Zain… Rizwaan?!
Rizwaan moans,
Rizwaan: What?
Aaliya: It’s time for to start eating, we have to fast today.
Rizwaan sits up and widens his eyes open,
Rizwaan: Zain has a fever…
Aaliya: What?
Rizwaan stands up and heads down,
Aaliya feels Zain’s forehead and thinks that he doesn’t have a fever, Zain (in his sleep) holds Aaliyas hand, Aaliya frees it,
Aaliya: Zain…. Zain!
Zain opens his eyes,
Zain: What is it?
Aaliya: Are you fasting?
Zain: Haa…
Zain opens his eyes and sits up, he then stands up and goes out with Aaliya.
All sit down, Zoya gives Asad his plate and he starts eating, Ayaan also eats,
Osmaan: You can join us here…
Ayaan: Really?
Asad looks at Ayaan while eating.
Ayaan: Well I can’t eat without Bhaijaan, so sorry uncle…
Ayaan then starts eating also, all start eating. Then after a while the Azaan is heard, Surraiya feels uneasy, she then goes to her room, men pray in a different room and the women pray in the different. Aaliya makes a dua, “Ya Allah… Help us in Ramadan… And guide us…” Zain makes a dua “Ya Allah… My first time praying so I’m sorry if I get it wrong but… All I want is Aaliya to stay happy…” Then Asad makes a Dua “Ya Allah… Forgive me for my sins, ya Rahem… Help me win this deal…” Then Zoya makes a dua “Ya Allah… Help us stay strong in this month… Anyways the Shaytaan gets locked up and all the bad things we do is us… Ya Allah… Help us stay pure and clean and sinless…” All finish making dua. Then Surraiya is seen making a dua and crying, “Ya Allah… Whatever happened that day wrong… I will never forgive Aaliya… Or Bhopal… I.. I lost my…” Surraiya starts crying.

11:00pm in the morning,
Osmaan: Inshallah you will win this deal…
Fahad: Thanks Dad… I will leave now.
Osmaan nods and Fahad leaves,
Osmaan: Where’s Asad? He’s getting late for his meeting?
Zoya: I think he’s gone… I saw him leave at 9:30am.
Osmaan nods,
Osmaan: Where’s Aaliya?
Aaliya comes: I’m here Mamu…
Osmaan: After today’s meeting is over, we are going Mumbai…
Aaliya: But Mamu…
Nusz comes there with Sunehri.
Osmaa: I asked Khalid and Shabana and they permitted you all to go Mumbai…
Aaliya nods and Zoya and Aayat smile, Nusz gets happy.
Nusz: Mumbai…? Yes!
Surraiya hears this and gets angry, Zain also hears and he gets happy. Nafeesa gets annoyed and Shazia looks on.
Nusz, Aaliya, Sunehri, Aayat and Zoya start packing,
Sunehri: Why are you so happy Nusz?
Nusz: Because… I didn’t come back alone, Kriya and Zaara came back with me.
Sunehri: Who are they?
Nusz: My friends… Don’t you remember Kriya? And Zaara is Sanju… Her first name is Zaara…
Sunehri smiles: Sanju and Kriya?
Nusz: I just can’t wait till we get there… I’ll message them.
Sunehri: But for me she will remain Sanju…
Aaliya smiles and shakes her head. Nusz sends a message.

Meeting room:
Asad is seen sitting down, Fahad enters and takes his seat. All the others arrive, just the a man is shown walking down, all the girls blush seeing him. He is shown shutting his blazer, he then enters the room and his face is shown, he smiles at everyone, “Come in Sir…” A voice is heard, the guy comes in and says “Hello everybody… I’m Aarav Qureshi” They all smile at him, Aarav sits down (played by Vatsal Sheth),
Asad: I’m sorry but wasn’t Mr Zuhaib Qureshi handling this meeting…?
Aara gets a little angry but forces a smile out,
Aarav: You see. Bhai isn’t feeling well so I had to take this meeting… Anyways the details will be sent off to him.
Asad nods and they start the meetings.

After a while the meeting finished, they shake hands and go head out, after everyone are gone, a smile disappears from Aarav’s face. He then gets angry and remembers his brother appreciating someone else more than him and gets angry.

Fahad and Asad come back, they see the family ready to go,
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, how was the meeting?
Asad: Alhamdulillah, Anyways are you ready?
Ayaan: I am always ready, let’s go…
Asad nods and they leave, the rest also leave, Aaliya locks the key and gives it to Zoya, Nusz is happy and cannot wait.

After a while they reach the airport and surprisingly Aarav is there too,
Fahad: Dad, that’s Aarav Qureshi, Zuhaib’s brother, he’s the one who handled the meeting.
Asad sees them and shakes his head and goes, Osmaan and Fahad walk up to him, Aarav sees Fahad and gets shocked,
Aarav in his head: Oh no… Why are they approaching me?
Aarav then fake smiles, Nusz and the rest go inside,
Osmaan: Asalamualaykum, my name is Osmaan Abdullah.
Aarav: Walaykumaslaam, I’m Aarav Qureshi and this is my wife, Mrs Shamsa Aarav Qureshi…”
Shamsa comes there, she is looking down and is wearing a baby blue snark all suit. Osmaan and Fahad greet her, Aarav looks a little to the side and sees someone standing there and smirks. That someone is pained,
Aarav in his head: Now you suffer too Bhai… The way you made me suffer, I will make you suffer twice than that, the pain you gave me… I will double it and give it to you!
Shamsa looks there and is also a little sad, it happens to be Zuhaib Qureshi, Aarav’s elder brother, (played by Ravi Dubey) Zuhaib leaves from there.
Aarav: Are you also travelling to Mumbai today?
Osmaan nods, they then go in and board the flight. All of them are in business class. Nusz sits near Aaliya, Aayat and Sunehri sit together, Zoya is searching for her seat, Fahad sits near Zoya, Shazia and Nafeesa sit together and they roll their eyes, Osmaan and Surraiya sit together and Zain and Rizwaan. Asad and Ayaan sit near each other. They all are in Cabin 1, Aarav and Shamsa are in Cabin 2, Zuhaib is in 1.

Asad and Ayaan look forward and sees a girls entering,
Ayaan: Halina? Azraa? What are they doing here?
Azraa is wearing a hijab that only covers her hair, with blue jeans and a knee length does
Azraa (a little loud): Oh god… The toilet was so small…
Halina: Shh…
All hear and Alina comes there,
Alina: Tell me about it!
Alina then huffs and sits down,
Zuha also comes there, Halina and Zuha sit together while Alina and Azraa.
Zuha then looks behind and sees Zuhaib.
Zuha: Bhaijaan?
Zuhaib is in deep thinking.
Ayaan: Halina…
Halina doesn’t hear him,
Ayaan: Miss Halina Ahmed Khan!
All look there, Halina gets surprised, so does Azraa.
Halina: Bhaijaan…?
Alina then happens to see Zuhaib and gets shocked,
Nusz thinks: They’re so loud, there’s literally us here and they think we can’t hear.
Halina sees Asad too, she is wearing jeans with shirt and has her hijab on.

Then after a while the plain is shown landing, they come out of the airport, Azraa comes out and then she bumps in to Zain,
Zain: Sorry…
Azraa takes her sunglasses off and looks at him,
Azraa: Zain…?
Zain: Yes…?
Azraa gets excited and hugs him, Aaliya comes out and sees this, Zain is shocked,
All look there,
Nusz: She should control, everyone’s watching and she has no shame, Astaghfirullah! Azraa then breaks the hug, Alina hears what Nusz says but doesn’t say anything, Ayaan and Asad look on.
Azraa: Don’t tell me you forgot me…? Moti? Bandar… Kala?
Zain the remembers and gets happy,
Zain: Hey…!
Zain hugs her back.
Alina walks there,
Alina: Azraa… Your Roza will go Makrooh!
Azraa: Oh Fish! I forgot…
She pushes Zain,
Zain: I forgot too,
But both laugh,
Alina: Anyways in Ramadan, you should be nice to people!
Aarav then comes out with Shamsa, Zuha comes.
Zuha: Alina… Are you ready?
Alina: Yeah, I’m ready… Azraa, I’ll text you…
Azraa: Bye…

Alina goes with Zuha, Aarav and Shamsa,
Azraa: I’ll catch you after Ramadan…
Zain smiles and nods, Azraa then goes to Ayaan,
Ayaan: What was that?
Azraa: Chill… Let’s go
Ayaan, Asad, Azraa and Halina leave.

Nusz is walking at texting, she then bumps into somebody,
Nusz: Sorry…
He bends down to pick up his coat,
Zuhaib: I’m sorry…
Nusz looks at him and he leaves,
Nusz: Is he okay? He sounds like he’s in pain… His voice…
Just then Sunehri shouts “Nusz… Come!” Nusz then leaves.

Zain, Zoya, Aaliya, Aayat, Nusz, Sunehri, Shazia, Nafisa, Osmaan, Fahad and Surraiya leave too.

Finally they reach Barkat (the name of their mansion) Osmaan owns everyone the room they will be staying in…
Iftari time:
All are seen eating.

Asads mansion:
Asad is in his room thinking, then Dilshad comes with food,
Dilshad: Have some food…
Asad: Thanks Ammi…
Dilshad leaves and Asad starts eating.

All open their fast.

Nusz wakes up, she then realises she’s not in her home, Nusz then checks her phone and smiles.

Just then a mansion is shown, inside that mansion a girl is sleeping on her bed, just then someone comes running and shouts “Wake up….omg she’s here!” The girl wakes up and says “What Kriya yar?, you disturbed my sleep…” Yes the girl who was screaming and shouting was Kriya.
Kriya: Sanju… Guess what… Nusz is here with Sunehri…
Sanju sits up and a smile appears on her face,
Sanju: Where?
Kriya: She messaged me…
Kriya shows Sanju the message and Sanju smiles.

After a while Sanju and Kriya get dressed, they head downstairs.
Kriya: Mum… When is the fast going to finish?
Zarine: At the end of the month, don’t worry beta, they will go quickly…

Nusz, Kriya, Sanju and Sunehri meet up talk….
After Ramadan, on EID. Everyone are happy.

The Siddiqui family are happy as their daughter Humeira comes back, Ayaan goes to Asads house for EID,
Ayaan knocks on the door, Dilshad opens it and gets surprised,
Dilshad: Ayaan…?
Ayaan: Badi Ammi, is Bhaijaan there?
Dilshad: He’s inside and is about to go office,
Ayaan: Bhaijaan is amazing, I mean who goes work on EID?
Dilshad: I’ve been stopping him but he seems not to be listening. Anyways come in…
Ayaan: This is for you…
Dilshad: What was the need…
Then from behind Halina and Humeira come.
Halina: How can you say no Badi Ammi, anyways this is from us for you to keep…
Dilshad smiles.
Ayaan: Where did you two come out from?
Halina: Bhaijaan… We were behind you.
Humeira: Sometimes it’s better if you use your brain…
Ayaan: I was Humeira Ji but you see you were uninvited…
Dilshad: Come in…
Ayaan, Humeira and Halina come in,
Halina: EID Mubarak Badi Ammi…
Dilshad: Khair Mubarak
Humeira: EID Mubarak.
Ayaan: EID Mubarak…
Dilshad: Khair Mubarak.
Halina goes up to Najma,
Halina: EID Mubarak…
Najma: Khair Mubarak.
Asad comes there and gets surprised to see Ayaan and Halina,
Halina: Eid Mubarak Asad Bhaijaan..!
Asad: Khair Mubarak…
Ayaan: That was cheating, just because i was looking the other way and…
Humeira: Excuses… She won, now you have to give her what she wants…!
Ayaan looks on sad…

Barkat Mansion/ Villa:
Aaliya is seen coming out in pink Anarkali suit, Zoya comes out wearing a light green Anarkali suit.
Aayat is wearing a light blue one.
Osmaan: EID Mubarak.
Zoya: Khair Mubarak.
Aaliya: Khair Mubarak
Aayat: Khair Mubarak.
Zain then comes out in blue sherwani, Rizwaan is wearing cream.
Zain: Finally… My friend Shoaib is coming to meet me…
Surraiya: Who is he?
Zain: Mom, he’s Shoaib… Shoaib Qureshi.
Fahad: Qureshi…?
Zain: Haa.

Nusz comes out wearing a Orange anarkali suit, Sunheri comes out wearing red Anarkali suit.
Nusz: Can I go around Kriya and Sanju’s for EID?
Aaliya nods yes,
Aayat: I’m coming too…
Nusz nods,
Zoya: Come back soon…
Sunehri, Aayat and Nusz then leave.

Sunehri: I left my phone in there, you guys walk ahead, I’ll come there.
Nusz and Aayat nod and walk, Sunehri goes back inside to look for her phone, her phone happens to be with Zain. He holds it up and smiles,
Zain: Sorry Ayesha… I had to do this.
He then places the phone quietly and walks away, she turns around and sees it and smiles, Sunehri then head out but clashes into someone, she looks up and to say sorry but gets shocked,
Sunehri: Namish…?
Shoaib: It’s Shoaib… EID Mubarak!
Shoaib (Namish Taneja) goes past her and hugs Zain,
Shoaib: EID Mubarak bro…
Zain: Khair Mubarak.
Sunehri is in shock, but then Nusz message gets he out off it, she then heads out.
Zain: Thank god you’re back…
Shoaib: If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t have done it…

It then goes into a flashback of when Sunehri slapped him, he goes off, Zain finds him,
Zain: Do one thing, go Saudi Arabia…
Namish thinks,
Namish: Not a bad idea actually…
Then Namish has been in Saudi for a year.
End of flashback.

Shoaib: If it wasn’t for Zuhaib Bahijaan then I wouldn’t have been here or anywhere… Now I feel like I have embraced Islam for the Allah and not for a girl…
Zain: That’s good dude…
It goes into a flashback of when a year later Zuahib comes Saudi for Hajj, he meets Namish there and decides to adopt him as their brother as he had lost his brother Shoaib when Shoaib was young… Around 4-5 years old and never seen or heard of him again. Then from Namish, he had become Shoaib Qureshi and is loved by Zuhaib more as he reminds him of his younger brother. Then Shoaib has been handling business and had just been back from Kerala.
End of FB.

Qureshi mansion:
Alina comes out wearing a brown Anarkali suit, she then sees her brother Armaan and Sulaimaan. She smiles and rushes to them,
Alina: You’re here..? Yay… What did you buy me?
Sulaimaan: Uh… We…we kinda ran out of money…
Alina: What?! How? It always happens at my time!
Alina gets angry,
Armaan: How can I not get Alina anything?
Sulaimaan: Bro…
Armaan: It’s Eid, at least stop bothering her now…
Sulaimaan: She’s acting… She knows we brought her something…
Just then Aarav comes there,
Aarav: Hey… You two are back? How was Thailand?
Sulaimaan: Amazing dude, you should’ve went with us…
Armaan: We has so much fun, it was worth it…
Alina then gets a text, she then reads it.
Alina: You know what… I don’t need your cheap and filthy gifts! I’m going…!
Sulaimaan: Where?
Alina: None of your business!
Alina then goes out.
Armaan: You’re not going alone…!
Alina leaves,
Sulaimaan: Anyways forget her, you tell me, how’s your wife? I heard you got married… Where’s Bhabhi?
Aarav: Wait I’ll call her…
But before Aarav could call her, she comes,
Armaan: Why did she come out of a separate room? I swear your room is all the way down there…
Aarav is speechless,
Shamsa: I was cleaning the rooms that’s why…
Sulaimaan: Cool, anyways thanks Bhabhi… Where’s Bhaijaan?
Shamsa looks at Aarav,
Armaan: He must be in his room…
Sulaimaan and Armaan head to Zuhaib’s room.
Aarav looks at Shamsa,
Aarav: Good… Keep up the work…
Aarav then leaves. Tears roll down Shamsas eyes, it goes into a flashback of how Zuhaib had loved her, then Aarav took the advantage and forced her to marry him, just to trouble and torture Zuhaib. End of flashback.
Shamsa wipes her tears and walks off.

Nusz, Kriya, Sunehri, Aayat and Sanju meet up,
Nusz: Guyz, this is Aayat and Aayat this is Sanju and Kriya…
Aayat: Hi, Eid Mubarak.
Both Sanju and Kriya: Khair Mubarak.
Sanju: There’s Zuha… Shall we ask her to join us? She knows us cause she’s our neighbour.
Nusz: Yeah… I’ll go get her…
Nusz goes to Zuha, who is see buying ice cream, just then her brother comes there,
Zuhaib: Are you done?
Nusz: Him?
Zuha: Haa Bhaijaan…
Nusz: Zuha…?
Zuha looks there and so does Zuhaib…
Nusz: Kriya and Sanju was wondering if you could join us…
Zuha: Sure, at my house… Okay?
Nusz: I’m not sure about that but I’ll ask them.
Zuha: Bhaijaan I will be back…
Zuha goes with Nusz,
Zuha: Hi guys… Eid Mubarak…
All: Khair Mubarak.
Zuha: Come hang around mine…
Sanju: But…
Zuha: Please don’t say no… Come. At least I will have company.

All think and the nod, just then they see some people harassing Alina and Azraa,
Azraa: How dare you?! Go away…
Alina: Listen it’s Eid so I guess you want a bruise?
Nusz: Shall we help them?
Sanju: Azraa? Omg, not her… She’s our neighbour… Well she lives 3 houses down the right…
Zuha: And my cousin… Alina…
Azraa then punches the goon and he starts bleeding,
Azraa: Listen…
Alina also punches a goon, just then Zuhaib comes there, the goons run away,
Alina: Well done Azraa,
Azraa: Thanks, you too.
Sanju: See how she took the whole credit to to herself when it was Zuhas brother who helped them.
Zuha: Anyways down mine?
Kriya: Sorry, if Azraas there then no…
Azraa: Alina, come around mine…
Alina: I went yours now your turn… Come mine.
Azraa: Okay, let’s go…
Zuha: Please…
Nusz: Okay…
Kriya: Fine… You all go, I’ll just come.
They all had okay and go, Kriya goes to the ice cream man,
Kriya: Two boxes of Ice cream please.
Just then someone else comes there too, the man gives Kriya two boxes and she pays him and starts walking,
Guy: 1 box chocolate and 1 box vanilla please…
Man: Sorry sir, that Madam too the last chocolate…
Guy: What?
The guy then runs near Kriya and then stands in front of her to stop her,
Kriya: Do you mind?
Guy: Sorry, can I have that box of ice cream?
Kriya: You can buy it.
Guy: But you took the last one.
Kriya: Which flavour?
Guy: Chocolate…
Kriya: Chocolate? Okay…
Guy: Thank you so much.
The guy takes the chocolate box and goes back to the ice cream man.. He buys a box of Strawberry and gives it to Kriya.
Kriya: Thanks…
Guy: In fact I should say thanks to you because you saved my life… By the way I’m Rahul…
Kriya: Kriya…
Rahul (played by Parth Samthaan) then smiles at her, she leaves.

Barkat Villa:
Shoaib leaves and Zain goes to Aaliya, they start talking,
Osmaan smiles seeing them two, Surraiya sees this,
Surraiya: Osmaan saab, please… I can’t allow that…
Osmaan: Surraiya Begum… You never know what is is written in their destiny…
Surraiya: They’re never destined…
Surraiya looks on at Zain and Aaliya and Osmaan smiles at them.

Zoya is walking down, she the finds a room but it is locked, she goes near it and touches it, Shazia comes there,
Shazia: What are you doing?
Zoya moves back,
Shazia: Everyone are forbidden to come near this room… Anyways never mind, you’re new that’s why, in fact a guest so I’ll let you off…
Zoya: Why…?
Shazia: How will I know? Only Mom knows…
Shazia then leaves and Zoya is thinking and walking.

Then somebody is at the door, Zoya attends it,
Zoya: Yeah?
CM: Is Mr Asad Ahmed Khan here?
Zoya: No… This is Barkat Villa… Wait let me see the address….
She sees the address,
Zoya: I think this is down that street…
Nafeesa comes there,
Nafeesa: What happened?
CM: I think I got the wrong address…
Nafeesa: Show me…
Nafeesa sees the Address,
Nafeesa: Oh, this is Dilsahd Khalas address… You go straight down and turn right then the third one with a grey car and white bungalow is theirs, it’s very separated out, so you can notice….
CM: Thank you Ma’am and sorry for the confusion…

Qureshi mansion:
Zuha takes Sanju, Nusz, Sunehri, Kriya and Aayat to her room while Alina takes Azraa to hers.
Zuha’s room:
Nusz: I love your room
Kriya: Me too.
Sanju: Same, it’s better than mine.
Zuha: Thank you… Do you want anything to eat?
Nusz: Naa…
Zuha: You shouldn’t say no to food…
Just then they hear Alina shouting, they go out to see.
Alina: What the hell Bhabhi?! Aarav Bhai had gifted me this dress and you spoils it? You ruined my was dress…
Zuha: Alina…
Alina: No Zuha, stay out of it…!
Nusz: Excuse me…?
Alina: Excused…! Anyways you know what, I’m going to complain to Aarav Bhai.
Armaan: Chill…
Sanju sees him and a smile appears on her face.
Alina: What chill? Couldn’t she see while walking?!
Armaan: You’re crossing your limits now…
Zuhaib comes out,
Zuhaib: What happened.
Alina: Bhaijaan, she spilt juice on my Eid dress!
Zuhaib looks at Shamsa and she looks down,
Zuhaib: It must have been an accident…
Alina: No! No one gets it, I swear if she did something to you then it wouldn’t be an accident for you! You all don’t get it! Just allow all of you!

Alina and Azraa go in Alina’s room and she locks the door.
Armaan: Alina…
Alina shouts: Go away!
Sulaimaan comes out,
Sulaimaan: Now what new drama did ‘queen’ Alina do?
Zuha: Sorry guys, you all go in the room and I will get you all some food…
Sulaimaan: Bhai…
Sulaimaan and Zuhaib hug.
Alina: I have ears you know!
Sulaimaan rolls his eyes,
Armaan: Open the door!
Alina: Why?
Armaan: I want to talk to you…
Alina: Not unless she apologises…!
Shamsa: I’ll just apologise and…
Sulaimaan: You’re not apologising, she is for her rude behaviour…
Alina then opens the door, she is seen wearing black leggings with black and orange Kurti and a scarf around her neck,
Alina: What do you want to say?
Armaan: That you…
Alina: One second.
She looks at Nusz, Sunehri, Kriya, Aayat and Sanju,
Alina: Do you guys mind?
Zuha: Come lets go…
Sulaimaan: Stop being rude… You’re the one who’s causing the drama… If you make loud noise then even our neighbours dogs and cats will come…
Alina: What the hell?! You’re being rude…
Sulaimaan: Tit for tat!
Alina folds her arms and rolls her eyes.
Shamsa: I’m sorry, I admit it was my fault…
Alina looks at her,
Alina: It’s okay…
Sulaimaan: And…?
Alina: And what?
Sulaimaan: What about your rude behaviour?
Alina: My rude behaviour was justified…
Sulaimaan: No it wasn’t…
Kriya whispers: They’re going to argue like that all day… Let’s go.

Sulaimaan: What’s your friends name? Azure…?
Alina: Pronounce it right! It’s Azraa.
Sulaimaan: Tell her I’m telling her brother…
Alina: She doesn’t have a brother…
Armaan: I’m telling Ayaan…
Alina: Of what?
Zuhaib: Enough! We will talk about this later!
Sulaimaan: Sorry Bhaijaan…
Alina: Sorry Bhaijaan… Now if you mind… I’m going to my friend.
Sulaimaan: Alina said Sorry? Wow…
Alina angrily goes inside.
Zuhaib: Sulaimaan!
Sulaimaan smiles.

Zuha, Sunehri, Nusz, Sanju, Kriya and Aayat go to Zuhas room.
Zuha: Sorry about that.
Nusz: No… It happens, it’s okay and you don’t need to apologies.
Sanju: Nusz is right… Don’t worry.
Nusz: Anyways are they like that?
Zuha: They are mean but not actual from the heart.
Kriya: Don’t ask about Azraa, she… Allah… She is annoying, mean and I think she spoilt Alina…
Sunehri: Guys… Forget about them, shall we go?
Zuha: You haven’t ate and I wouldn’t let you go without eating…
Just then two trolleys with food come up.
Zuha: Thank you…

Asad’s mansion:
Ayaan: Badi Ammi, give us the permission to leave…
Asad: Stay for a bit…
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, why don’t you tag along?
Asad: No…
Halina: Najma… You can come…
Najma: Sorry, I don’t want to…
Ayaan, Humeira and Halina leave.

After a while the door bell rings, Najma opens it and sees Zoya.
Najma: Yes?
Zoya: EID Mubarak…
Najma: Khair Mubarak…
Zoya: I’m Zoya Haider… The Abdullah family sent this…
Zoya in her head: Mission Abdullahs and Asad unite…
Dilshad comes out,
Dilshad: What happened Najma?
Najma: Ammi…
Asad then comes out,
Najma: Come in…
Zoya comes in and Asad gets surprised seeing her.
Zoya: Asalamualykum, EID Mubarak.
Dilshad: Walaykumasalaam, Khair Mubarak.
Zoya: Uh… The Abdullahs sent this for you…
She forwards a bowl.
Asad: We don’t need it!
Dilshad: No need and the Abdullahs sent it? How did Surraiya suddenly remember me?
Zoya: It’s EID today, everyone remembers everyone… See how they remembered you and you still remembered Surraiya…?
Dilshad: But I still can’t believe the Abdullahs sent it…
Zoya: Just accept it please…
Dilshad thinks,
Dilshad: Najma…
Najma nods and takes it in.
Dilshad: What is your name?
Zoya: Zoya…
Dilshad: It’s a nice name.
Zoya smiles.

Barkat Villa:
Zain is walking past and bumps into Aaliya,
Zain: Sorry, anyways do you want to go out?
Aaliya: What?
Zain: I mean out to eat or roam around..?
Aaliya: No…
Zain (to tease Aaliya): But in actual I will go out with Azraa… The queens of my dream…
Aaliya looks at him,
Aaliya: Good for you…
Aaliya leaves and he smiles.

Qureshi mansion:
Alinas room:
Alina is sitting down,
Alina: They’re all unfair on me… But I will take revenge… I’m here anyways to take revenge off them. I will never let them rest in peace… I will ruin every and each one of them! Whatever they did that day was wrong!
Azraa: And if you want my support them I’m with you but… I want Zain!
Alina looks at her,
Azraa: I want Zain Osmaan Abdullah and I will get him at any cost!
Alina smiles: Then I’m with you in this…
Azraa smiles too.
Alina: You see… If they don’t have a villain in their story then how can it feel good? Aarav Bhai has done his part by ruining Zuhaib’s life… Now, the rest….
Both laugh.

Barkat Villa:
Zoya comes back,
Aaliya: Where have you been?
Zoya: I went for a walk…
Aaliya: Okay…
Zoya: Do you know where Surraiya Maami is?
Aaliya: In her room, or upstairs.
Zoya: Thanks.
Zoya then heads there,
Aaliya: Weird… She never talked to her and now…?

Zoya reaches Surraiyas room, she looks around but can’t see her, she was about to go when she sees a picture lying on the floor. She picks it up and gets shocked seeing it.

Qureshi Mansion:
Shoaib comes inside, he smiles at Zuhaib and hugs him, Aarav comes too,
Zuhaib: I missed you…
Shoaib: I did too Bhaijaan…
Aarav gets angry and thinks: He’s coming back to normal… Before he plans to gives the whole property to Shoaib… I need to do something!
Shoaib: EID Mubarak…
Zuhaib: Khair Mubarak.
They break the hug,
Zuhaib: I’m proud of you… You aced that deal… Well done.
Shoaib: Thanks Bhaijaan, it was all Allahs blessings.

Alina is watching from upstairs and gets irked,
Azraa: Look who else is getting irked?
Alina looks at Aarav,
Alina: Now the cracker is ready to burst, it just needs someone to light it…
Alina smirks. Sunehri was behind them and happens to hear, she then goes.

After a while Nusz walks out, she sees something moving on the floor and she suddenly lets out a shriek, she realises it’s a feather and gets relieved and touches her chest.
Nusz: Allah… This feather scared me.
Just then she looks opposite her and sees Zuhaib, he lets out a laugh and turns around.
Nusz: Why was he laughing? Was he laughing at me?
Nusz walks forward,
Nusz: Why were you laughing…?
Zuhaib doesn’t say anything,
Nusz: Hello…? I’m not scared of anything okay… It was just moving too fast for me to see… And I was about to fall that’s why…
Zuhaib turns around and nods,
Zuhaib: Sure…
Nusz: Yeah… What else would it have been?
Zuhaib: Okay.
Zuhaib lets out a laugh again,
Nusz: Stop laughing! At me…
Zuhaib then leaves and Nusz looks on angrily,
Nusz: Soon it will be my turn to laugh..!
Nusz leaves, Alina and Azraa happens to see it from one side and Shamsa sees it from the other, both Alina and Shamsa fume.
Azraa: Oh… That was unexpected.
Alina: Let’s go to Aarav…

Sanju comes out, she then bumps into Armaan and was about to fall but is also caught by him. They share an eye-lock.
Alina sees this and even fumes more,
Alina: Wow… Ruined my love story and started his? Never!
Alina: Ahem!!
They compose themselves and Armaan looks there,
Alina: You helped her Na? No need to stay in the same position!
Alina then leaves,
Armaan: What’s wrong with her? Her attitude is growing day by day… Allah… What should I do with this girl?
Sanju: If you don’t mind then can I help you?
Armaan: In what?
Sanju: In finding out what’s wrong with her and all that…
Armaan: That would be a massive help… Please.
Sanju: So Mission Alina starts…
Armaan smiles and nods…

Barkat Villa:
Surraiya comes in and sees Zoya,
Surraiya: What do you want?!
Surraiya then sees the photo,
Surraiya: How did you get the photo?
Zoya: I.. I found it on the floor.
It happens to be a picture of young Zain and Fahad with a girl.
Surraiya snatches it off her, while snatching, Surraiya sees a mark on Zoyas arm and gets surprised.
Zoya: S…sorry…
Zoya then leaves and Surraiya gets suspicious.

Zoya is walking and thinking, she then hears Osmaan talking on the phone,
Osmaan: I’m happy… Asad, don’t worry…
Zoya thinks: He’s talking to Asad?… Zoya, there must be other Asads here…
Osmaan: So Mr Asad Ahmed Khan… Deal Pakki?
Osmaan then laughs and Zoya looks on shocked and smiles,
Zoya: Oh… Without me doing much work, Abdullahs have reunited with Asad…
Osmaan: Do mind Surraiya… Whatever happened wasn’t any of our fault… She still blames you and Aaliya…
Asad: Don’t worry uncle…
Osmaan: Call me Mamu… Or Chacha…
Asad: Allah hafiz…
Osmaan: Allah hafiz… Take care and EID Mubarak.
Asad: Khair Mubarak.
Zoya thinks: What’s happening? They were meant to be enemies but they’re friends, then why this and why does him and Aaliya get blamed and what for?
Loads of question popped in Zoyas head. Then someone taps her shoulder and she looks behind. It happens to be Zain,
Zain: What happened?
Zoya: Nothing…
Zain: Why is your face gone pale? Did you see a ghost?
Zoya: No! I saw a Jinn!
Zain: Where?
Zoya: There (pointing at Zain)
Funny tune plays…
Zain: What? Me?

Nusz, Aayat, Sunehri, Kriya and Sanjana step out of the room,
Kriya: We need to go…
Sanju: Musa’s coming back…
Zuha: Musa?
Kriya: Our brother…
Nusz: We need to go as well, anyways it was nice nice meeting you… Maybe we can hang out sometimes…
Zuha: We will… Soon.
Kriya: Bye…
Sanju: Bye…
Kriya and Sanju leave,
Nusz: Thank you for having us…
Zuha: No thank you or sorry in friendship…
Nusz smiles,
Zuha: Friends?
Aayat, Nusz and Sunehri: Friends…!
Zuha then sees Shoaib and runs to him and hugs him,
Zuha: Bhaijaan! You’re back, yay!
Sunehri and Nusz get shocked seeing him.

Alina and Azraa reach Aarav’s room, they see him sitting angry on the bed,
Aarav: That day her choice him over me and now too… He hugged him first after coming back…
Alina: And soon the whole property will go on Shoaibs names and we wouldn’t get anything…
Aarav looks there,
Alina: Forget us, we’re just his cousins but you’re his real brother and that Shoaib… Is not even related to us… He just found him and named him Shoaib…
Aarav: I don’t know what that Shoaib has done on Bhaijaan? Zuhaib always favours him and choses him… over me!
Alina: Well I guess marrying his crush didn’t work out… We need to do something else.
Azraa: Well, we can team up…?
Aarav thinks: What do you mean?
Azraa: Make a plan together, I’ll help you and you’ll help me?
Aarav thinks, just then they hear a knock, they turn around and see Zuhaib standing there with Shamsa,
Zuhaib: Can I come in?
Aarav nods,
Zuhaib: I want you to go out for few days…
Aarav: What?
Zuhaib hands the tickets to him,
Aarav sees.
Zuhaib: I hope you wouldn’t say no… Go out with Shamsa for a bit, you’re flights tonight…
Zuhaib leaves,
Alina: Wow… He already wants to kick you out?
Aarav gets angry, Alina and Azraa leave while smirking.

Rashids mansion:
Ayaan comes home with Halina and Humeira,
Razia: Where have you been?
Humeira: Ammi, we went to our friends house.
Razia: Who?
Ayaan: Asad Bhaijaan…
Razia and Shireen get shocked.
Shireen: What was the need to go there?
Rashid: There was nothing wrong in that…
Shireen: Please Rashid… They don’t come around ours…
Halina: Mom…
Shireen: Enough! I didn’t expect anything from him but you… You disappointed me. I’m sending you to USA…
Halina: What?!
Razia: Bhabhi… Calm down… You all go to your room.
Razia and Shireen talk.

Aarav and Shamsa had to leave forcibly so they are gone, Alina and Azraa get angry.
Alina: There’s only one person that can help us…
Azraa: Call her…
Episode ends on Alina and Azraas smirky face.

Precap: Sulaimaan falls for Aaliya… Azraa meets Zain… Surraiya and Osmaan find out one shocking news… Zoya finds out the reason behind the rivalry between Abdullahs and Dilshad, Osmaan thinks about Zain and Aaliyas Nikah. Zuha and Musa argue… Fatarajo (Fatima (Fata) ) enters to help Alina and Azraa. Zuhaib to have an accident. (Was the accident planned??) Sunehri and Shoaib argue… (Will Shohaibs feelings change?) Sanju shocked to find out Alinas intentions… Tanveer to make entry in Dilshads house.

Shamsa and Aarav have exited the story for a while, they will be back later… Halina will also not be seen much… So I hope it doesn’t get confusing….

So Aarav, Zuha and Zuhaib are brothers and sisters, (same mum and same dad) Shoaib is adopted by Zuhaib and Zuhaib has given his lost brothers name to Namish… Who is now Shoaib.
Farhaan, Imraan, Armaan, Sulaimaan and Alina are brother and sisters and they are Zuhaib, Aarav and Zuhas cousins.
(Dads are brothers) both their parents past away. Zuhaib handled everyone and loves them equal.

Kriya and Sanju are half sisters, Musa is Sanju’s real brother and Kriyas half (their mother had passed away) Kriya is Zarines daughter… (Their dad got married to Zarine)

Azraa is Humeiras sister and Razias daughter. Father died… She’s Alinas best friend and second cousin… (Alinas mum is Azraas dads cousin sister)
Fatima (Fata (Fatarajo)) is Alinas mums sisters daughter, she is also Azraas second cousin. She is the only daughter and is currently living with her mum in Scotland.

Zain’s cousin will be also arriving and he will start liking Zoya.
A little spoiler:
Surraiya to team up with Fata, Azraa and Alina… Sulaimaan too… Asad to start liking Zoya…?
Zain is friends with Sulaimaan and doesn’t like him coming too close to Aaliya… ?
Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhaan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Ravi Dubey

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth


I hope it doesn’t get confusing and all of you continue liking…

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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I will also read more and if you have any then do mention in the comments so that I can read them, thank you.

I think I made this episode too long and boring, sorry ?

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