Beintehaa 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliys sees Zain burning his hand in barbeque and writhing in pain. She gets emotional at first but then starts scolding him and asks who asked him to work in her dhaba. He says Bilquis kept him at work. She asks servants why did they allow him. They say he helped our dhaba and she even knows her well. Zain says he knows her well.

Rehan calls Habeeb and asks why did Aaliya’s parents came. Habeeb says they came with alliance for him and Aliya and says Aaliya is a nice girl and asks him to think and reply. Surayya on the othe side sees Zara and Kabeer and asks them about Aaliya/ammi. Zara says she is not their ammi and just takes care of them, stays with her parents. Surayya is surprised to hear that. Zara asks her not to send her son and trouble Aaliya as he is roaming around Aaliya’s house since 2 days.

Aaliya in her dhaba asks servants to kick Zain out of her dhaba.

Rehman who is teaching students gets a call repeatedly from Aaliya and refers him as chaachu/uncle. She asks him to send eggs and chicken. He gets angry on her firs for not meeting him. She says if he does not provide eggs and chicken, she will leave Hyderabad. He asks if she is fine. She says a shameless man forcefully has joined her dhaba and she hates his face. Zain tastes Aaliya’s food and thinks it is as tasty as it was 1 year ago. Ishq dua… song plays in the background. Chaachu asks her to send that man, he will teach him lesson and asks his name. She says Zain. He asks if he is her husband Zain. She says she will talk to him and cuts call. She then calls Zain and asks him to get eggs and chicken from Rehman chaachu.

Surayya says Zarina that Zain must be knowing that Aaliya is not remarried, so he is wandering around her house. Zarina asks her to calm down, she will handle everything. Bilal gives Surayya a parcel. She checks and gets afraid seeing it is her old car’s number. Zarina says someone is following you. Bilal asks Zarina why is she torturing Surayya with old memories when her accident case is already closed. She says case is closed, not her memories.

Rehan reminisces Habeeb words that Ghulam came with Aaliya’s alliance and cries.

Zain reaches Rehman’s farm and says he came to get eggs and chicken for Aaliya’s dhaba. Rehman asks him to catch chickens himself. Zain goes to catch birds but frees them instead. Choti ungli se… song plays in the background while he catches birds.

Bilal tastes Aaliya’s dhaba’s food and says Zarina that it is very tasty and says Zain was working there in barbeque/tandoor. Zarin says Zain has gone mad again behind Aaliya and they should do someting.

Shabana says Zain is just like Usman and is very determined. Ghulam says Rehan is right, we cannot force our decision on Aaliya.

Aaliya calls Rehman and asks if he kicked Zain out. He says Zain is more romantic than him and starts praising him. Zain gives him money of chicken, but he does not take it and says it is a tip for him. He says even he had a wife and she was very evil minded, but he did not divorce her as god does not like it, says he still hopes she will come back. Zain says his father’s poem. Rehman says opposite poem. Zain gets tensed.

Precap: Zain removes his shirt to work on barbeque. Aaliya asks him to wear it back. He asks if she checks only him and they both start arguing.

Update Credit to: MA

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