Beintehaa 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain says Aaliya that Rehan was behind Bilal’s kidnapping and shows the place where Bilal was kept hostage with Rehan’s nameplate on it. He gets a call from inspector who informs him about arresting kidnappers.

Aaliya reaches home and sees Rehan serving biryani on dining table. She asks him who prepared it. He says he prepared it and says he told her not to worry about food. He then gets a call from his junior who informs about 3 people getting arrested and asks him to get bail papers ready and he will get them signed from magistrate. Aaliya asks who phone was it. He says client’s call and asks her to taste biryani.

Shabana and Ghulam come to meet Aaliya and Rehan and call them, seeing them not in the hall. Aaliya sees them and gets happy. Shabana says since they did not come, they came to meet them. Rehan says he was about to come with biryani. Habib comes and greets Ghulam eid mubarak and says they were friends before and now are relatives. Aaliya says Rehan that she met Zain outside. Rehan says he did not ask her and asks her to warm food for her parents.

Zarina looks at video where someone is following Rehman and thinks who must be he is, maybe he is also the reason behind Bilal’s kidnap. Bilal comes there and asks her to give her eidi/eid gift. She says in bakrid, eidi is not given and asks him to get the video cleaned from his friend. He says he will get eidi from Shaziya. She asks him to be away from Shaziya. He runs from there saying he will get eidi from Shaziya. He meets Shaziya and asks her eidi. She gives him list and asks him to bring it. He asks her to give for what she called for. she realizes his intention, touches his cheek and asks him to bring grocery, He gets happy feeling her touch. Zarina takes list from him and sees Saif and Fahad’s undergarment list.

Zain reaches police station and asks inspector about kidnapper’s lawyer. He says lawyer name is PNM Mishra and his firm name is Khan and Mishra. Zarina and Bilal also reach police station. Inspector says Khan’s full name is Rehan Habib Khan. Zain is shocked to hear that.

Aaiya serves eid feast to her parents, Rehan and Habib. She gets a call from Zain. Shabana asks her to first have food and then pick phone. She says one minute, picks call and asks Zain if he got any info. Zain informs her that Rehan is kidnapper’s lawyer. She tensely remembers the incidents happened before he second nikah and things after that. Rehan sees her tensed and asks if everything is alright. She says she does not know and asks why is he tensed as if he is caught red-handed. He asks what does she mean. She says the goons he used to kidnap Bilal are arrested. Rehan surprisingly asks what is she talking about. Ghulam who hears this asks what does she mean. Aaliya says he heard it right and says Bilal’s kidnappers are caught and Rehan’s law firm bailed them. Rehan says they are my client and what is wrong in it. Shabana asks Rehan is a lawyer and anyone can come with a case. Aaliya says she is just telling the truth and asks her to ask Rehan if she is lying. Shabana asks why would Rehan kidnap anyone. Aaliya asks if she has to explain now. Ghulam says we were trying for 1 year in hyderabad to marry you to him and he denied repeatedly, then why would he do this. Shabana says god gave her second chance and she should happily accept it. She says Zain should be ashamed to allege Rehan who saved Aaliya’s dignity. Aaliya says she does not want to hear anything against Zain. Shabana says god gave you second chance and you want to ruin it, you think you parents as enemies. She lives with Ghulam.

Aaliya starts packing her bags. Rehan asks where is she going. She says she will leave his house. He says if she leaves without his permission, he will not divorce her.

Precap: Zain informs Surayya that all evidences point Rehan as Bilal’s kidnapper. Bilal identifies kidnappers and Rehan says they are his friends.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What is going on is rehaan behind all this or is he been set up it’s so confusing

  2. i agree wid u….. he s making al of us mad…

  3. Zarena will remind Suraiya about the car incident. Rehaan will tell Aaliya about Rida that she died in an accident. Zain will stand under the lamp post and will see Aaliya and Rehaan in the same room. Rehaan will promise Zain that he has married Aaliya just to help them out and he will leave Aaliya , but till the divorce does not happen, Zain should accord the marriage full sanctity and treat Aaliya as Rehaan’s wife: he does want to be the object of ridicule of a third man hovering around their domestic life…

    This is wat I got from the spoilers

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