Beintehaa 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya says Zain that she wants to tell him something. He asks her to tell. She says if he is not busy and if something is going in his mind. He says that is what she wanted to tell. She says Usman said that we both feel like…. Zain keeps his finger on her slips and stops her. He asks her to take a deep breath and release and then tell what she wants to tell. Aaliya says she wanted to tell him that….. Before she could tell further, inspector calls him and informs that Ghulam bailed Meer Khan. Aaliya informs it to Zain. Zain says he will inform Fahad.

Meer looks at Ghulam and his hugging pic and says Barkath took this pic and she planned an idea to trap him. Barkath says him if she would not have taken a pic, he would not have been bailed today and asks him to go from there for some days.

Shaziya tries to lure Fahad with her erotic dance on song chala chala mera jadooo chala…. She tries to romance Fahad forcefully. Fahad gets up and runs from there. He goes to Nafisa’s room. Even she tries to lure him with her erotic dance. Fahad pushes her also and comes out of her room. They both come together and try to lure Fahad, but the goes from there. They both think they have to thik something.

Saif gives a hand-made greeting card and says her happy mother’s day. Shaziya gets happy and says it means he loves his mother a lot. She sees another card in his hand and asks about it. Saif says it is for Nafisa. Shaziya tears the card angrily. Nafisa on the other side scolds her daughters and asks them not to wish happy mother’s day to Shaziya.

Barkath tries to brainwash Shaziya and says Fahad is too innocent and wants to share his property with Barkath and Zain. She informs the same to Nafisa and gives her the idea of partition for her and her children’s future. Shaziya also thinks she will have to do something before Fahad shares his property with Zain and Barkath.

Barkath gives Meer Khan money and says she will go back to Barkath Villa. Meer says he is not getting happy with small amount and wants to see a big amount. She asks him to go from here before somebody sees him. Meer Khan says okay and asks her to go from the back door. As soon as Barkath leaves, Aaliya comes there and says she does not know who bailed him, but wants to know why Ghulam’s name is in the police records, what conspiracy he is planning. Meer says he did not expect any help from him and says he took his friend’s help. He calls his friend and says he is Ghulam Haider and he bailed him. He asks her to inform her abbu that he got his brother now and does not need his help. Aaliya leaves from there and thanks god that her abbu did not help Meer.

Shaziya calls Gauhar and says Nafisa wants Barkath married to Barkath. She turns back and sees Barkath standing there. Barkath says Nafisa is so sweet to think of her marriage with Rizwan, but she wants to marry her parent’s choice guy. Shaziya says Nafisa is eyeing on Barkath’s 51% share, so she wants her brother to marry Barkath. Barkath says she is not happy with the property distribution deal and tells her something. She tells the same to Nafisa and says she will marry soon and her husband will take care of her property, she thinks Nafisa needs property more as she has 2 daughters, she informed it to abbu also, but he did not agree and wanted to execute the “will” soon. Nafisa and Shaziya think they should talk about this to Fahad.

Aaliya prepares cake or Surayya as a mother’s day gift. Surayya likes the cake. Her all 3 kids wish her happy mother’s day. Zain gifts her diamond ring. Fahad gives his gift. Barkath asks sorry for not bringing any gift. Surayya says she is her biggest gift. Aaliya asks Surayya to cut the cake. Usman says Aaliya prepared this cake for her. Surayya says it must be very tasty and cuts the cake. She feeds cake to whole family. Shaziya and Nafisa think neither they are getting property, nor Fahad’s togetherness. Shaziya says Aaliya that it is good that she prepared this cake, don’t know next year she can prepare it or not. She asks about the property parition and asks why Barkath is given 51% share. She says she needs parition of house and property and even Nafisa thinks the same. Barkath smirks and says this is her gift for Surayya on mother’s day.

Precap: Aaliya asks Barkath why did she tell Nafisa and Shaziya that she will divide her share between them and asks if she is trying to stop the partition or trying to do it. Barkath says Zain that Aaliya is alleging that she is trying to do paritition. Zain asks Aaliya to ask sorry to his sister.

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  1. Plz update fast….

    1. Ikr, but its k, I’ll wait for a bit…

  2. Zaldi se update kardije… I’m not trying to be rude, but it wud be better if u cud update fast, thx…

  3. I agree with divya
    I’m not being rude but telly updates take sooo long these days….

  4. Aare yaar! Iss Bobby aka Bak Bak is becominggg very boring aur kabh ZaYa ILU confess karega… <Intezar kar rahi hoon <..

  5. oh god why cant hindi soaps be normal…. with a positive storyline …. when zain and aliya’s story is progressing they get barkhat as a villain her!! it gets on my nerves….. 🙁

    1. Same here! 🙁

  6. jaldi ere plzzzzz

  7. Kavitha venkat

    What happen update fast please

  8. Plz update fast

  9. Ammu santhosh

    Jaldi karo aur kitnae vakth ham indsar karoomga

  10. I just don’t like what meer khan is doing with his brother
    Stupid meer khan and his daughter
    But how does he have a daughter? I mean I don’t think he’s married. Unless he kidnapped someone elses daughter too

    1. Sahee yaar.. Does dis mean Bobby (Barkat) cud be Usman’s daughter but she’s not aware of it??! } Nahi I dnt wnt Bakbak! ; P

      1. Hmm, yes mayby.
        But I hope its not her. I want zain and aalya to find reaal barkath

      2. i want some new face as barkath

      3. I agree I wnt ZaYa 2 find out but wat if Zain dnt believe her, dat wud be sad cuz bechari Aaliya will hav 2 find out all alone nd find evidence 4 Zain. .. 🙂

  11. Plzz update faster….

    1. Hi nish

  12. plz update fast……………………….

  13. Kavitha venkat

    What happen please update fast please

  14. Why is it taking so long today?? You usually update faster!!!

  15. why the update is soo late on all fridays..?

  16. update it fast plz…

  17. Aur kitna vakht lagega? – Abhi bhi mai intezar kar rahi hoon… 🙁 #Patience



  19. what happened? Is there any problem in updating?

  20. thank you for this much…..

  21. Maybe Aayath could be Barkat ….


    2. LOOOOOOOOOOL I don’t think so… Ghulam and shabana would have told usman ages ago

      1. Same, it cnt be buhh u never knw miracles cud happen…. ;P

  22. its taking very long time:(

  23. *SiGh* Cme on! It’s nearly an hour I agree wiv Shradha, mai bhi intezaar karrahi hoon.. Accha hoga aap shahed zaldi se kar sakte ho..

    1. Aap saheeh bol rahi ho Ayeshah, mujhe bhi lagta hai shahed acche hoga if it was faster. ..

  24. or kitna vakht lage ga update hone

  25. arey yaar my patience is falling down….

  26. waiting….waiting…waiting

  27. Barkath is really a twisted b*t*h in this! Why does she need to break them up? why??

    1. (Tears forming) I knw ryt, y? But whtevaa she does ZaYa will alwayz remain together…. -JootiBakBak

  28. Still waiting, my patience is going looooooooow…

  29. Aaaaah! I h8 u BakBak y r u doing dis??? Hai Aaliya tum aab kya karugi? Iss Bobby ke bacche jooti intezaam laga ri hai..

  30. Der is something wrong wid update cos after barkat brainwashing shazia n nafisa both go to lure fahad. Tude copy paste is haywire.

  31. i want to kill this barkat creating gaps between zaya…i completely hate her…;(

  32. Serial is moving very slow. Compare to aaliya, barkat looks cute.

  33. serioslly yrrr this nasty bobby / bak bak is such a boring twist in this romntc luv stry.
    Cant wait 4 her exposure!!!!
    I hav also heard that aaliya is the real barkat!! Is it true???? Or just a rumor??

    1. I’m guessing it’s just a rumour Lisa cuz it can’t be..

  34. The same i dont know why they expanding the thing too long. every time a call come between the romantic scenes. .the pigeon nd letter technique was better for communication, atleast this wud nt happen. Huh!

  35. aliya can never be barkat…she is zains wife,maybe aayat is barkat

  36. Maybe Shanaya Punk but it can’t be…

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