Beintehaa 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain drags Barkath to the hall and informs his family that this girl is not their Barkath. Surayya shockingly drops thali from her hand and asks Zain if he is in senses. Zain says she is Mir Khan’s daughter, Bobby Mir Khan. Barkath says he must have mistaken. Zain asks her to shut up and says he is not mistaken. Fahad asks what happened suddenly. Zain says he will tell everything with proof. Aaliya comes there with a file and camera. Zain says Barkath that she lied that Mir Khan’s daughter is studying in Delhi, but the proof says Mir Khan’s daughter is not studying and she is Mir Khan’s daughter. He says she used to meet Mir Khan repeatedly and gives him money. She switches on a tape recorder in which Mir Khan informs his friend that he sent his daughter to get money from Usman. Surayya says she does not believe in those papers and evidences and knows this is her daughter Barkath. Zain says Barkath is dead and he saw it. He informs about hiring a detective and seeing a grave with Barkath Abdulla’s name and says this Barkath is fake. Surayya shockingly sits on a sofa. Bobby pleads Surayya and Usman to believe her that she is real Barkath. Usman says he cannot believe that she betrayed him after bringing her to his house and giving her so much love. He asks Fahad to get this girl out of his house. Bobby says he is telling truth. Fahad asks her to get out. Both Zain and Fahad hold her hands and take her out. Bobby angrily looks at Aaliya and thinks one day she will make Aaliya kicked out of the house soon.

Aaliya says we brought Barkath with so much faith, but now because of her, she is out of this house now. Zain says she in fact protected this house and praises Aaliya. They both hug each other emotionally.

Surayya emotionally asks Usman she believes Bobby is her real Barkath. Usman says they got evidence against her. Surayya says she does not believe in evidences and believes Barakth as a mother. Zain comes there and says he knows it is difficult for her to believe that she is not her daughter and had just come for money. Surayya asks Zain to shut up.

Aaliya calls her whole family and asks Usman if she can keep quran recitation ceremony for Barkath’s soul’s peace. Surayya says her daughter is alive and she will not let them pray for her daughter’s soul. She asks them to pray, but she will not involve with them.

Surayya meets Barkath in a hotel. Barkath starts acting and says it is good she called her and now she believes that her mom is with her. She says Surayya that she could not tell the truth in front of everyone as nobody would believe her. She says Aaliya kicked her out as she had told and says Aaliya is biggest enemy now. Surayya asks why is Aaliya her biggest enemy now. Barkath says Aaliya does not like coming near Zubair as she is having an affair with Zubair. Surayya goes into flashback where Zubair and Aaliya laugh together.

Usman greets his guests present for quran recitation ceremony and informs that it is for his daughter’s soul’s peace. Everyone start reciting quran. Aaliya looks at Zain and smiles. Zubair sees Aaliya finishing her recitation and sitting idle. He gives his book and asks her to complete it. Aaliya sees them talking and smiling and gets angry remembering Barkat’s words that Zubair and Aaliya are having an affair.

Zain hears Zubair and Aaliya speaking and gets angry. Surayya also hears their conversation and gets angry.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Plzzzzzzzz pUpdate fast

  2. shehrozali37

    Update fast

  3. Thankyou 🙂
    Update faster if possible please 😉
    Ur doing a fab job
    Welldone 😉

  4. wo… dhamekadar epi
    ..finally the Bobby is out .. oh .. i wished if barkat was alive ..

  5. MA .. hope u didnt forget to update the rest 😀

  6. she might be alive u now

  7. i think bobby is barkath but she doesnt now her self

    1. That’s what I thought….but how would u explain the grave? I mean! The child was said to be lost by mir khan, so how did the person that buried her know her name and her date of birth…? BI sometimes just doesn’t make sense…honestly!

  8. Dunno bout u lot but I am cirtainly am starting to hate the twists and turns of BI, I prefer the old ones.. Honestly! What r the producers even doing? 🙁

  9. yeah ..y zubair and aliya r best friends ..

  10. I totally agree. BI is losing charm. . It was nice till the bawdi thing . Also i enjoyed Zain and Aliya s love confession after the riots. But today I missed the episode and after reading the update, i Don t feel bad. . The twists and turns are nt really keeping me interested. Each time Zain and Aliya come close , its either Barkat or Zubair. Honestly, I am tired. I hope it doesn’t become like kasauti zindagi ki where lovers unite in heaven . Bi was popular as it was going very fast. But now its actually a drag.

  11. What a show seroserly

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