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Beintehaa 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rehaan saying Zain that he married Aaliya to unite her with him, and he will try to give her divorce soon, but till it happens, he is Aaliya’s husband. He asks Zain to respect their marriage as he does not want people to make gossip. Rehaan asks Surayya to take Zain and leave. Zain says he wants to meet Aaliya. Surayya and Aaliya looks on. Zain asks Aaliya to come else he will go to her. Rehaan shouts no Zain, this is not the time. He says my kids are inside and I don’t want any scene to be created infront of neighbors, I told you to trust me. Zain says he can’t. Rehaan says you don’t have any option. Zain gets tears in his eyes.

Rehaan repeats his words. They both look at Aaliya. Rehaan goes. Surayya says lets go Zain, I told you it’s a big mistake to come here. Rehaan comes to his room and Aaliya asks why did you go downstairs. Rehaan says it was important to explain Zain. Aaliya says no need, what will he go through at this time, you can’t understand this. Zain says I have everyone with me, Aaliya is alone. I don’t know how she is bearing this, its worse than death for her to be with Rehaan. Surayya says no, I did not feel this, like she was standing at window and Rehaan coming behind her, it was love which happens between husband and wife. Zain says I completely trust Zain. Aaliya says I trust Zain, my love and Allah, and we both are living with this trust, this time is tough for us, we both know this.

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She says I want this time to pass soon, I pray to Allah. Zara and Kabeer come and hug her calling Ammi. They ask did you like our decoration. Aaliya says yes. Habeeb says sorry to disturb you this time, and wanted to know from Rehaan, did he make arrangements for tomorrow. Rehaan asks whats tomorrow. Surayya tells Zain that its Bakrid tomorrow, lets go home. Habeeb asks kids to let them rest and takes them out. Aaliya says sorry Rehaan, if I spoke badly. She cries. Rehaan looks at her.

He says till we get divorced, I will sleep on the sofa and you can sleep on the bed. She says Rehaan…… I don’t know how will Zain and I return your favor. Rehaan goes. He uses Aaliya’s dupatta as the Jaanimaaz and prays Namaz on it. Aaliya comes and sees him praying. Ali ali dum ali ali mere maula……………….prays……………. Rehaan says he offered Namaz on her dupatta as her Daaman is Paak(pure) and Inshallah it will always be pure, its his promise. She looks at him.

Its morning, Fajr’s Azaan sounds and Aaliya wakes up. She sees Rehaan sleeping. She thinks about Zain and their Ramzaan fasting moments. Zain likes Bakrid as it did not need fasting. The FB shows them planning to spend Bakrid together. She thinks its Bakrid today and on this day one year ago, Zain gave her second talaaq. At Barkat Villa, Shaziya and Zarina wish Eid Mubarak to Surayya and hug her. Fahad comes and tells Surayya that her 6 year old grandson has prayed Eid Namaz in Masjid. He asks about Zain, did he not go to offer Namaz.

Rahman comes with Zain and says he offered Namaz and greets them eid Mubarak. Zain hugs Surayya and wishing everyone. Surayya says he is looking good, come for breakfast now. Rahman asks about Bilal. Zarina says he is in police station. He is shocked and asks what did he do. Zarina says he did not do anything, what happened with him was wrong, Bilal could not reach for Nikaah, you all don’t know reason, he was kidnapped by the man who did not wish Bilal to marry Aaliya, we have to find out who is that man. Surayya asks Zarina not to talk about this in Eid day. Zain says actually I have sent Bilal there, as I want to know about the kidnappers.

Bilal makes the sketch at the police station. Zain calls Aaliya and greets Eid Mubarak. She asks did he offer Namaz. He says yes. She asks what did he pray. He says the prayers which is near his heart. Zara comes calling out Ammi and wishes eid Mubarak. Zain tells sorry to her for what happened yesterday. She asks but why did Bilal disappear. He says yes, I want to tell you about this and Rehaan. She asks what. Habeeb comes to her with greetings. Zain hears him. She ends the call saying she will talk later. Habeeb blesses Aaliya. Aaliya greets them Eid Mubarak. Rehaan asks you were going right. Habeeb says the Qurbani got over and you have to make Mutton Biryani this time.

He tells Aaliya about Rehaan making buryani and forgetting to put mutton in it. Aaliya laughs and says she will make biryani today with Mutton. She says she will get Bhopali masala from her mum. Habeeb asks Rehaan to go with her. She says she can manage alone. Habeeb asks her to come soon as guests are coming. Aaliya says I will come in 5 mins. Habeeb hugs Rehaan. She comes out and sees Zain standing.

Zain asks her to sit in the car. He says he wants to show her something. She sits in the car. They leave. He takes her to the place where Bilal was kidnapped. She asks where did you get me Zain. He says Bilal was kidnapped here. She is shocked. He says till I came there, Rehaan did Nikaah with you, it was all his plan. She says no, I can’t believe this, you are mistaken, Rehaan can’t do this, why will he do this. Zain says so that he marries you. She says Zain, he married me to give me divorce so that we can be together, he helped us, I can’t believe this, you are surely mistaken. She says she does not have time, guests are coming home, and she is getting later. He shows her Rehaan’s name on the board and says Bilal told me that kidnappers got call from R H Khan, Rehaan Habeeb Khan. She looks at him.

Rehaan tells Aaliya that if she goes out of home without his permission, he will never give her divorce and she can never marry Zain, its her decision now. Aaliya is shocked.

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