Beintehaa 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 8th April 2014 Written Update

Surayya remembers Barkath playing with Usman and her smile. Usman says she was very mischievous. Their day used to start and end with her smile. Surayya says Meer did not want us to be happy. Usman helped him a lot, he brought him from Bhopal. Usman says he gave him work in his hotel, but he did illegal work and got arrested. Surayya then remembers Barkath’s birthday when Meer sees Zain and Barkath playing near the well and picks them up. Usman and Surayya come calling Zain and Barkath. They see Meer running with kids. Usman runs behind him. Meer drops Zain and runs with Barkath. Usman cathes Neer, but he overpowers and pushes Usman on the floor. They both start fighthing, but Meer stabs Usman and runs from there.

Usman opens trunk and shows Barkath’s clothes. Surayya says these clothes

are Barkath’s, but blood is Usman’s. They searched her a lot, but could not find Barkath. Usman says he did not want his family to know about their past. Fahad asks why did they hide their sorrows. Surayya says Meer is Aaliya’s uncle, Ghulam’s brother. Everyone is shocked to hear that. She says Meer ruined our life, so she hates Bhopal and everything related to it.

Zain sits sadly near the swimming pool remembering Barkath. Aaliya sees him from window. She remembers Surayya’s words and thinks that is the reason Surayya hates her and Bhopal. Fahad comes with Barkath’s toys. He goes into flashback playing with Barkath in their childhood. Zain says he is trying from a long time if he could remember Barkath. Fahad says he remembers playing with Barkath, but cannot remember her face. He even asked Surayya about her once, but she told they were neighbours and left house. Zain says if she would have been here now, she would have blackmailed us and we would have pampered her a lot. Zain says we will find her soon. Tum yahi ho……. song plays in the background. Surayya cries seeing her and Barkath’s pics. Even Fahad cries a lot and his wives see him cyring. Aaliya sees Zain crying. Surayya remembers playing with Barkath. Aaliya consoles Zain. Usman tries to console Surayya asks her to be courageous. Surayya says he allowed Aaliya to be their bahu easily. She says Aaliya reminds her of Meer. She says either Barkath will come or she will die.

Aroob and Sana are playing with Saif. Nafisa and Shaziya ask their kids to come and sleep. Saif requests to allow him to sleep with his sisters. Shaziya says she will slap him if he insists. Fahad gets angry and threatens her to touch Saif and see. Fahad lets Saif to play with his sisters and asks Shaziya and Nafisa to unite, but they don’t. He scolds them to misbehave with children. He commands children will stay together, else he will kick them out of his life. He asks his children to go and enjoy.

Zain says Aaliya he does not even remember how Barkath looks like, dunno if he will die before dying. He asks Aaliya what was Barkath’s mistake. She says it is Allah’s wish and says she is sure Barkath is beign protected by Allah. She says as they came to know about well’s secret, they will find Barkath.

Precap: Aaliya sees ZAin sleeping and goes near him. He catches her hand in sleep.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The episode was full of emotions. Barkat , she is just like an angle.

  2. fullborking

  3. It was too boring,with emotions,Missing zain and aliya conversation

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