Beintehaa 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fahad, Zain and Surayya sit around Usman and cry. Zain remembers Usman being paralyzed in swimming pool and he helping Usman out. He kisses Usman’s hand and cries. Usman touches his forehead lovingly. Zain then remembers Aaliya slapping Barkath and then telling Surayya that Usman would have been killed if Zain would not have come on time. He then angrily goes out of room with Aaliya asking him to wait and listen him. Narkath sees them, smirks, and says a big drama is yet to happen.

Barkath meets Usman, cries and says she does not want to stay in his house as Aaliya alleged her for trying to kill Usman. Usman says Aaliya is very sensitive, then does not why she slapped Barkath. Surayya says Aaliya crossed her limit today. Usman says even he is confused, but she must have done it seeing me paralyzed. Surayya says Aaliya wants to prove she is very intelligent.

Zain and Aaliya reach a detective office. Zain says he has hired a detective to keep an eye on Barkath. He says he believes Aaliya a lot and now he is her slave after saving his dad’s life. Detective comes and says medicine lady is a fraud and Barkath must have given her money to shut her mouth. He will find out the truth.

Barkath is holding 2.5 lakhs in her hands. Shaziya takes money from her and says it is her next installment. She asks what is this issue about paralytic medicine. Barkath asks even she believes that she tried to kill Usman. Shaziya says if she finds out more truth about her, then she will have to pay 5 lakhs as installments. Barkath thinks now Shaziya is also troubling her with Aaliya, but she will kill Usman before he changes his “Will”

Aaliya sees money in Shaziya’s hand and asks how did she get so much money. Shaziya says Fahad gave it to her for shopping. Aaliya says she saw her coming from Barkath’s room though. Shaziya says went to Barkath’s room to ask if she also wants to come for shopping.

Barkath says Surayya that she wants to ask her something. Surayya asks what she wants. Barkath says let abbu change his property “will” and get her out of his property. She says Aaliya will not let her in this house too long and wants her to get out of it. She is alleging her of trying to kill Usman. Surayya assures until she is there, Aaliya will not harm her. Barkath hugs Surayya and smirks.

Aaliya sees Shaziya and starts acting like speaking to someone. She says Aaliya cannot do this and asks if he has proof, then come home. Shaziya asks whom she was talking to about her. Aaliya says she has hired a detective to find out who is trying to kill Usman. She says detective told Shaziya is with Barkath planning Usman’s murder and Barkath is giving Shaziya money. Shaziya gets afraid and reveals the incident where a dancer informs that Bobby/Barkath is a B grade dancer and has gone to jail many times. Zain comes there and says they have to meet detective. Aaliya says even she has to inform what Shaziya told and thanks Shaziya for her help. Shaziya thinks Aaliya fooled her.

Zain and Aaliya reach a burial ground and see a plaque of Barkat Adbullah on grave. Zain gets sad and starts crying Aaliya tries to console him, but she also cries.

Zain comes home and sees Surayya taking out nazar/protection from evil spirits on Usman and Barkath. Barkath sees Zain and says she was waiting for him. Zain shouts at her and asks her to shut up.

Precap: Zain drags Barkath out and says his family members that she is not our Barkath.

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  1. Wow….. Love d way zain stands for aaliya….

  2. Zaya u rock and hate u barkat in your face ha haha

  3. Wwwooowww.i think that zain will not belive aliya .

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