Beintehaa 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkath hits Usman’s head from behind with a rod and he falls unconscious. She sees Meer Khan standing in front of her and goes into flashback where she is referred as Bobby Meer Khan and being arrested for forgery. She informs Meer Khan that Usman’s property’s 51% share is in her name now. She sees Fahad coming there with a security guard and asks Meer Khan to go from there. She gets herself injured by hitting the tree and starts acting. She shows Usman to Fahad and asks him to help abbu.

Zain goes to the hotel happily. Aaliya follows him and thinks he is very happy to meet Aaliya Bhatt, but she is the one who helped him when he was ill. Zain gets a call that Aaliya Bhatt has come. He starts preparing himself to greet Aaliya Bhatt. Aaliya covers her face with veil and meets Zain as Aaliya Bhat. Zain excitedly meets him and says he is her fan. Aaliya thinks he is so happy meeting Aaliya Bhatt and thinks he says same dialogues to every girl. He asks her why is she hiding her face in veil. She says it is because her fans follow her everywhere. He then identifies it is her wife and asks her to remove her veil again, but she does not. She thinks thank god kitkit did not identify her. He starts praising Aaliya Bhat and degrades Aaliya. He says he is living with her forcefully. She asks him to show his hotel and he takes her to show the hotel.

Doctor says Usman got a deep injury, gives medicine and leaves. Usman sees bandage on Barkath’s forehead and asks her how did she get injured. Barkath start acting and asks her to forgive for not saving him from Meer Khan. Fahad says he will get Meer Khan arrested.

Zain jokes with Aaliya that a snake has come and starts mimicring sound. Aaliya opens her veil and asks snake to go. She then realizes her veil being opened. Zain scolds her for trying to fool him. They both then go to a cold storage room seeing it open. Hotel staff comes and closes the door and they both get trapped inside.

Zain scolds Aaliya for coming with him instead of waiting at the door. They both start fighting with each other. Aaliya says she is feeling cold. He says it is cold storage room, he also starts feeling cold and starts sneezing. He gives his jacket to her and asks her to wear. She says he is sneezing and should wear it. He says nothing will happen to him and asks her to wear. She says she does not need it. He wraps his jacket over her. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho….. song plays in the background. She sees Zain shivering and getting unconscious. She wraps his jacket back and knocks the door, but nobody opens the door. She then hugs him and starts crying.

Precap: Aaliya prays god to save his husband Zain instead of her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So isn’t she Barkath then ?????

  2. No shes a fake, can’t believe it!

    1. i don’t think she’s fake.. but she’s the real with wicked nature !

      1. #tam im not sure cuz shes called Bobby?

  3. Cant wait for today’s epi live in England so its not guna be showing for another 4 hours:( but I know the frezzer scenes right at the end of the epi so we wont get to really see until tomorrow- thats jus my guess xx

  4. plz jaldi se barkat ka secret kholn.”I CAN,nt wait”

  5. zayaharshika

    plz…update faster!!!!!!

  6. Wonder where the real Barkath is

  7. Zain will say I love you to aliya in tomorrow’s episode.. can’t wait for it..

  8. hope 2days epi wil make zaya come closer towrds each othr.

  9. U missed a big bit out at he end of promo she does save his life but he starts to wake up and I think he says I love you aliya xx

  10. Sorry she says to god save his life

  11. Ya zain nae i love u aliya kar kae bola

    1. Can u translate that in english pls xxx

  12. Awwh Sweet epi!

  13.  “Zindagi aur maut ke kashma-kash mein Zain ke liye ladh rahi hai Aaliya. Kya Aaliya ki koshish bachaa payegi iss Beintehaa mohabbat ko?”.PLS CAN SOMEONE TRANSLATE THE LATEST PROMO OF BEINTEHAA I UNDERSTAND HINDI BUT THE PROMO IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND PLS TELL ME

  14. Also zain says I love you Aliya in promo

  15. Also zain says I love you Aliya in promo

  16. zayaharshika

    why arent they updating written update for 6th may?????

  17. plz update todays episode

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