Beintehaa 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkath smirks and sprinkles paralytic medicine in swimming pool water. Aaliya calls Zain and informs about Barkath sprinkling medicine in water and Usman going for swimming. Zain rushes towards home in his car. Barkath calls Mir Khan and informs him that she did her work and Usman will be dead today.

Usman goes for swimming and dives into water. Barkath takes juice for Usman and thinks she has added some paralytic medicine in juice and some in swimming pool. She gives juice to Usman who thanks her and drinks the juice. He then goes back swimming. Zain reaches home and runs towards swimming pool. Usman gets paralysis and starts floating in water. Barkath sees that and smirks. Zain comes near swimming pool and sees Usman floating. He jumps into water and saves Usman on time. Barkath sees that and gets angry. Zain calls Surayya and Fahad for help. Zubair comes and helps Zain. Barkath comes and starts acting and cries. Zain and Zubair take Usman inside the house.

Zain and whole family are trying to revive Usman. Surayya asks Usman what happened to him. Usman says he was swimming and got a paralytic attack. He says if Zain and Zubair were not there, he would have died. Surayya asks Zain to call doctor. Aaliya comes there and says there is no need to call doctor, it was 10 minute’s attack and Usman is fine now. She refers Barkath as Bobby and asks if she is telling true. Barkath asks what is she telling. Aaliya slaps Barkath. Surayya gets angry on Aaliya and asks her how dare she to slap her daughter. Aaliya says she is not Barkath as she tried to kill her abbu Usman. She informs Usman that Barkath mixed paralytic medicine in swimming pool so that Usman drowns and dies. Surayya asks Aaliya if she has gone mad to allege murder on her daughter. Aaliya says murder would have happened if Zain would not have come on time. Barkath says she does not what Aaliya is talking about. Zain says Aaliya herself saw you buying medicine and she has proof. Aaliya calls the lady who sold her that medicine. Lady comes and Barkath gets tensed seeing it. Aaliya asks lady to inform who bought medicine from her shop. Lady says she prepares medicine with which a person gets paralyzed for 10 minutes. Aaliya says Barkath bought that medicine. Lady points at Barkath and then says she was not that girl. Aaliya is shocked to hear that and asks the lady to check Barkath properly and says she herself saw Barakth in her shop and spoke to the lady. Lady says her memory is sharp and Aaliya came to the shop and not Barkath. Aaliya says lady is telling lie. Surayya says she is alleging wrongly on her daughter. Aaliya says someone had added medicine in swimming pool then. Barkath says if she would have added medicine, everyone would have known.

Barkath asks Surayya to investigate about the medicine and asks her what she should do to prove herself. Surayya says she does not have to do anything and she and Usman believe her. Usman says though he got paralytic attack, he believes his daughter. He asks Zubair to drop the lady and says Aaliya that Barkath is his daughter like Aaliya is his daughter-in-law. Nafisa thinks she will enjoy the tussle between Aaliya and Barkath. Barkath thinks she will kill Usman at any cost. Aaliya thinks it is good Usman is safe, but she has to show Barkath’s real face to everyone.

Precap: Zain goes out of his room angrily. Aaliya runs behind him trying to convince him. Barkath is seen smirking and saying she will break Zain and Aaliya’s relationship.

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