Beintehaa 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya sees Barkath taking milk out and asks whom she is taking milk for. Barkath says it is for Usman. Aaliya insists she will give it to Usman and tries to take glass from her, but milk falls on the ground. Barkath gets angry. Aaliya says she will get another glass and thinks why did Barkath buy that medicine.

Aaliy and Zain are in their room. Aaliya asks Zain to switch off the lights. Zain gifts her a night gown and asks her to wear it She wears it and asks him to switch off the lighs again. Zain asks her to keep silent and removes the outer gown. Ishq ishq hai…. song plays in the background. Zain holds her romantically but falls on the bed. Aaliya laughs. Zain asks why is she laughing. Aaliya says he wanted to see her in that dress and she likes him seeing her like that and can spend the whole night like that. She then hugs him and says she wants to speak something about Zain. She says asks him to believe her. Zain says he believes her. Aliya informs him about the incidents happened, about the patel and patel law firm, Barkath trying to slit her wrist, and then buying a medicine which paralyses a person for 10 minutes. Zain asks why will she buy a paralysing medicine. Aaliya says even she is confused and asks him if he will help her finding Barkath;s truth. Zain agrees and says he will help her always and says let us ask Barkath directly. Aaliya says we will obverse and find out what Barkath wants to do.

Barkath says Usman what she wants to asks him something. Usman says she is his daughter and everything is hers and asks what she wants to ask. Aaliya comes there and asks Barkath what she wants to ask. Barkath thinks Aaliya is behind her like a dog and thinks to do something about Aaliya first. Usman asks again what she wants. Barkath says she will ask later. Zain comes there. Barkath hugs Zain and says she wants to talk to him. Zain says they will speak later and says he to ask dad first. Barkath says she wants to speak to Usman alone and says she wants to gift him on a father’s day. Usman says he should gift his children instead. Barkath insists and says she has selected some gifts on net and asks him to select. Usman agrees. Barkath then thinks Zain has changed after coming from Bhopal, but she has Surayya on her side.

Barkath gives 2 lakhs to Shaziya and says there is jewelry festival going on. Shaziya says she will go and asks who will pick Saif then. Barkath says Aaliya will pick Saif or she herself will pick them. Surayya comes there with a dish. Barkath praises her dish and tells her about the plan. Surayya goes to Aaliya’s room and sees her with Zubair. She asks Aaliya to pick Saif. Aaliya says Zubair will pick Saif. Surayya says Zubair does not know Mumbai’s roads and asks her to pick personally. Aaliya agrees. Aaliya informs Zain about the Surayya’s behaviour. Zain says mom is not like that and asks if she is keeping an eye on Barkath. Aaliya says she has asked Zubair to keep an eye on Barkath. Zubair calls Aaliya and says Barkath is around the swimming pool and speaking to someone, Usman is going towards swimming pool. Aaliya then realizes that Barkath has mixed paralyzing medicine in swimming pool.

Aaliya thinks of stopping Usman from swimming and calls Zubair, but Zubair’s phone is out of reach. She calls Usman, and even he does not pick the call. Barkath on the other side pours medicine in swimming, calls Mir Khan and informs him that she did her work. Aaliya calls Zain and informs about Barkat’s plan and asks him to come soon to stop Usman from swimming. Zain rushes home in his car. Aaliya calls Usman again,but he does not pick his call. Usman comes near the swimming pool to starts swimming.

Precap: Zain rushes near the swimming pool and sees Usman floating in water. Barkath smirks and thinks Usman should not have died by drowning in water.

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