Beintehaa 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocket asks Zarina howmuch money she can give to get her work done. She asks howmuch he needs. He says 10 lakhs. She says okay. He gets greedy and says 10 lakhs is less. She says 50 lakhs and says deal done. She gives Zain’s other family member’s pics and asks him to remember everyone clealry. She tries to walk out saying she will inform him next plan tomorrow. Rocket stops her and asks if she knows ufool/usool/rule. Bilal asks what is ufool. Zarina asks if he means usool. He says yes and says before taking any work, he will test people’s loyalty. Bilal says she will lose it for sure. Rocket says he knows Zarina will pass his test easily. He pours alcohol and asks them to drink. Bilal says Zarina she is expert bewdi/drunkard and will pass test easily. Zarina drinks

whole bottle and starts talking weirdly under alcohol’s influence.

Bilal says Rocket this was a very easy test. Rocket says his mother has to shoot well, if bullet hits, deal is final, else cancel. He drags her over him and gives her gun. She asks whom to shoot. He shows apple on Bilal’s head. Bilal gets afraid and asks her not to. She says it is matter of crores. Rocket holds her hand and shoots at under his pants. Bilal falls down, then gets up and says he is still alive. Zarina tries to get romantic with Rocket and asks him to give one more chance. Rocket says he gives only 1 chance. Bilal drags Zarina from there.

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Bilal brings Zarina home. She scolds him for losing the chance. He says why did she drink whole bottle and asks what if he would have died. She says it is good if he would have died. Bilal says Rocket is not a good guy and eyes on other’s women, he was even eyeing on you, I will inform abbu about. He says let us go to Hyderabad with Abbu. She takes out slippers and starts beating him. He runs from there.
Zain wakes up in the morning and does not find Aaliya next to her. Aaliya comes and says she is going on important work. He says even he will accompany her. She says it is surprise for him and will come back soon.

Fahad says Nafisa that she has a surprise for her and gifts her necklace. Once she wears it, he says she is looking beautiful. Shaziya gets irked seeing that, calls Fahad and acts as stumbling down. Fahad calls doctor and everyone gathers around her. Doc checks her. Bilal gets worried and asks if everything is fine. Zarina says she must be pregnant and you are becoming maamu. Bilal gets irked hearing that as he is in one-sided love with Shaziya. Nafisa also stumbles and falls down. Doc checks also. Zarina asks if there is a good news and congratulates Shaziya. Doc says Nafisa is pregnant instead. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Fahad says doc that Nafisa had complications in her previous pregnancy and doc told she cannot be pregnant. Doc says miracles happen and now he has to take care of Nafisa now. Fahad happily hugs Nafisa. Zain thinks why is Aaliya not yet back home.

Rocket’s friend asks him why did he come Mumbai and till when he will do his forgery business. He says he will get his lady love here soon, till then he will continue it. He says he will hear both church’s bell and masjid’s azaan when he will see his lady love. Aaliya walks from there. Heavy wind blows and Rcoket’s hat falls down. He hears both bell and azaan and sees Aaliya walking in front of him. He gets mesmerizes with her beauty and subconciously continues watching her. Haule haule hojayega pyaar… plays in the back. He starts following her wherever she goes and looks at her from behind. Aaliya is still talking to Zain over phone. He touches her and she turns back, but his face gets covered with umbrella. She walks from there. He starts searching her, but does not find her. His friend comes and asks where was he. Rocket says he heard both bell and azaan when he saw that girl. Friend says that girl is gone now. He says he will find her at any cost.

Precap: Rocket looks at Zain and Aaliya’s pic, calls Zarina and tells her that he accepts her deal of becoming Zain Abdulla.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nw since ntgin ‘z lft in dis serial so dey r jst draggin by bringin hamshakals!! :@

  2. Wow..!! exciting track

  3. Jyoti Chotrani

    You all guys watch the show or only read the written update

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